Friday, 24 December 2010


A group of junior police officers I was speaking to once mentioned how their senior officer, somewhat sexually disoriented, invited them round to coffee at his place.

They had to go of course.

"It was awful" one said.  Well, as Jeff Maynard pointed out, it takes great skill to make good coffee.

With the number of senior officers very fond of their fresh faced juniors, ACPO really needs to produce some guidelines on making good coffee.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Gay Mafia Godfather

The ideology behind homosexual legal supremacy goes back to the infamous Dr Weinberg, a self confessed pervert.

Weinberg shocked his peers by claiming normal heterosexuality is a mental illness - not homosexuality as his peers held.

He used the term 'homophobia' to mean the mental illness of being averse to homosexuality and the thought of faecal sex between men.

Today the Law incorporates the ideology that normal heterosexuality is an aberration - particularly notoriously in adoption law where normal attitudes towards children are considered criminal.

Weinberg introduced the term 'homophobia' in his book 'Homosexuality and the Healthy Society' published in 1972. It had the desired effect for him. He became a godlike figure amongst extremist homosexuals.

It was certainly genius marketing for himself.

He taught homosexuals that ordinary heterosexuals were the cause of their problems just as Germans were taught Jews were the cause of their problems.

This resulted in a tide of sociopathological rant and campaigns of vilification for decades, particularly in the States, as strong as any Nazi rally.

Any who they felt opposing them in public positions got the mass harassment treatment until Society learned who was Boss.

Today the word 'homophobia' is used freely within the Establishment and judges have been given guidance fully in tune with the extremist homosexual paradigm for law, individuals, and society - normal judges being seen as bigoted or ignorant idiots in the guidance.

Weinberg also claimed homosexuals seeking to 'go straight' suffered from the illness of homophobia.
Today, homosexuals who oppose extremism are considered not 'real' homosexuals or simply dismissed by the Sexual Nazi movement.

In Britain the heterosexual paradigm for the country was replaced by the extremist homosexual paradigm, through centralised European Directives when Mandelson was a Commissioner.

However, it is Weinberg who can truly be considered the Godfather (or perhaps one might say Satanfather) of the death of Western Law.

Fascination with faeces is still considered a mental illness, and homosexuality may reasonably be considered related to this illness.

The homosexual act as a parody of the procreative act, and which gave birth not to life, but to the worst deadly plague ever, should leave no room for confusion as to the true nature and spiritual nihilism of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is also intimately linked to pederasty or paedophilia. It has been at least since the time of Plato - today most teenage boys have an experience of being preyed upon by an older homosexual. This is why organised perverts seek to make homosexuality 'respectable' by banging on about those who have formed couples. That is, those exhibiting the heterosexual impulse but in a disordered form.

Only a mental patient or sexual nazi could expect anyone to have no issue with homosexuality. Only these use the word 'homophobia'.

Truly the lunatics have taken over the asylum. The most dangerous lunatics of all.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Britain - A Rogue Illegitimate State ?

"Can 'Modern' Britain be truly regarded as a legitimate State?"
There was a time when the Law was more than just a jumble of statutes.

"It's the Law" was a moral imperative.  Children were taught to obey the Law not just because of its penalties.

The moral authority of the Law came about because it reflected much moral thinking.

In Nazi Germany the Law was hijacked to reflect the immoral thinking of the Nazis. The Law there lost all respect of the civilised world.  Decent people in Nazi Germany were pushed to the fringes and intimidated into silence.

In Britain the Law has been also hijacked to reflect immoral thinking and assorted loony ideologies. 
Police investigate reports of moral assertions brought to their attention and record them as 'hate incidents'. Any unpopular Sunday sermon could bring 'the terror' down onto the Parish.

The Law has lost the respect of decent people who are pushed to the fringes and intimidated into silence.

Under previous British standards and international law Britain has become a Rogue State, in the same qualitative manner as Nazi Germany became.


To make it an offence NOT to allow a man to go into the woman's changing room and expose his penis, if the man wished he were a woman,  is a sign that Britain is hardly a legitimate State in any normal understanding of the term.  Britain is in fact a Lunatic State, divorced from reality.

Under the Gender Recognition Act you just have to tell your doctor that you wish you were a member of the opposite sex and hey presto!  You'd then be able to get your sex changed on all official documents - even if you looked like Sylvester Stallone!  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SEX CHANGE.

Even Common Law is under attack.

Common Law reflects moral thinking even more than Statute Law did. 

The rogue charity, Stonewall, named after criminal events in America (*) has complained that Common Law was not developed by homosexuals and therefore does not reflect the thinking of homosexuals (ie revolutionary homosexuals). 

Well, morality certainly doesn't reflect the thinking of Stonewall.  Stonewall was forefront in the campaign for the abolition of fundamental rights of children, and for adoption charities to be made criminal unless they accepted thinking more deviant than has ever occurred in history -  and history is hardly short of evil.

Morality doesn't fit the thinking of any homosexual nazi. Peter Tatchell openly defends paedophilia with impunity (** ) claiming sex with willing children is fine and proper.


Britain has all the trappings of a Rogue State.  

It is an island State in more ways than one.  Under Ofcom,  whose corruption is widely recognised, and ignored by corrupt/bumbling politicians, it is simply not possible for anyone abroad to phone many public bodies or even relatives in hospital, because of anonymous location, shark rate telephone prefixes.  Where it is possible only the super rich can afford the hyper priced cost of phoning shark rate numbers from abroad.  

It is run  like a Police State with ACPO who makes up the law as they go along. 

Institutionalised corruption of purposes and ignoring of objects represents the normal standard of 'regulation'.

Its citizens are forced to accept every kind of absurdity in a free for all dance ...


Now the concept of charity, of doing good to one's neighbour, used to be reflected in legal Charities.  That also has been swept aside since the hijacked Charity Commissioners started to allow organisations such as Stonewall and other extremist organisations seeking to corrupt the morals of minors, and havens for paedophiles to harass schools, to parade as Charities.


The concept of 'social medicine', that is the killing of millions of unborn babies, mostly for convenience, makes it somewhat difficult to assert Britain is spiritually  healthier than Nazi Germany or King Herod. Probably most men know a woman with deep regret and guilt about an abortion.


Sexual oppression in Britain is not just targeted at children, from the stripping of human rights of orphans to be looked after by normal people and normal adoption agencies, to the sexualisation of children.  Normal adults are intimidated against expressing normal views.   Sexual disorders are considered normal by the State, forcing adults to behave as if such disorders are normal, and to accept pornography in the home via the Media.  


Certainly no Christian can regard Britain as a legitimate State since absolutely corrupt men have converted  "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" to "Give EVERYTHING to Caesar, even what belongs to God ".


The Law has not simply lost moral authority.

It allows the question "Can 'Modern' Britain be truly regarded as a legitimate State?"

(*)  The myth is that Police kept raiding the mafia run Stonewall pub because it was used by homosexuals.  The truth is that it was because it had no licence - raids took place at 'straight' pubs too at the same time.  The attacks on Police at ridiculous hours in the night by drunken deviants are praised now in extremist Britain.

(**) A citizens arrest is probably the only avenue left in this instance.

Monday, 27 September 2010


What strange necromancy is afoot? 

Surely dispensing with satan can't be that big a deal.    He's all wind isn't he?

Yet creepy visions, well, from the compliant shape TV keep haunting my mind.

Pictures of people with staring eyes who I can't tell apart, called millipedes or something.

Millibanks, Milibads?  Well whatever, my skin is reacting...what creatures of the dark do we have here in human form?

Tonight I sleep with garlic, the whole works....

It didn't work!!  I awoke with images of faces with an unnatural sheen, like Bin Laden, but these had staring eyes like black orbs.  They were images from yesterday's TV news !

Without even dressing or brushing my teeth I went straight to a dusty copy of 'Okkulte Phanomene Im Lichte der Theologie' (*)  by the little known devil hunter Abbot Weisinger. 

Nowhere could I see any references to this new brand of unearthliness.

I then turned to the older 'Personality and History of Satan' by the Englishman, Robert Brown, no relation to Dan Brown. 

Pages fell out, and as I put one back I was drawn to the Children of Belial - " they knew not Jehovah".  Well, the millipedes were brought up by a godless Marxist, with no allegiance to the faith of their race, let alone to the faith central to the British Constitution.  Also Belial could refer to both human and devil beings.

It awaits then, it would seem, for them to give themselves up to every species of abomination and wickedness.

Don't forget to make a punt if odds appear on Betfair! Well, already you'd get a blank stare if you asked them about reinstating Children's Human Rights, or stopping unwanted homosexual porn channels being automatically downloaded with freeview into normal people's homes, or ads for them popping up when looking up the weather on ITV teletext.

Luckily, the spirit of Belial hasn't had much success, at least on YouTube - most YouTube videos get more hits than millipede videos!!!

(*) Occult Phenonomen in the Light of Theology

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My CD has No Reverse Gear

There's this belief amongst pagans that CDs are better than cassettes which were better than records.

They're not.  Each has advantages and disadvantages which the others don't have.
When records were replaced by audio cassettes, you couldn’t go right to the song you wanted to which you could do before.

You also lost the glossy record covers. The satisfying feel of holding the black shiny disk.  Romantic evenings were also more romantic with records.

If you're listening to someone on a CD it's tough if you missed something, you can't rewind a little bit on most machines.

As for DVDs at least new video cassettes worked - trying to get some Tesco value DVDs to run on my laptop is not relaxing.

CDs aren’t better than cassettes which are better than records and DVDs better than video cassettes.

They’re all different or parallel technologies.

Once upon a time technology progressed. Now it keeps starting from the beginning.

The only progress is that you’re poorer - having had the record, you  had to then buy the cassette and then buy the CD to listen to the same thing. Of course, with recordable DVDs, you have to buy different makes in bulk to find out which one works on your machine. You then need several recordings on different DVD makes for the same film to ensure you can watch it on other players.
Some people  even replace their entire collection of music by an identical collection of music every time the factory wants more money.  Particularly it seems amongst opinion formers who are treated as thinkers.

What we need is for all these technologies to co-exist together - it would boost the economy, and I'd be able to buy a twin cassette player again!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Pope, Journalists, and that "illness"

Only the global village idiot, Peter Tatchell, could dismiss the Catholic Church by suddenly presenting himself as a champion of Islamic 'leaders'.

On TV he claimed that the Pope’s visit was an insult to the many Islamic ‘leaders’ who weren’t each given the same formal invitation - Islamic theology accepts that there are no formal Islamic leaders, meaning those who set themselves up as religious leaders of Islam are usurping Mohammed's authority over Muslims, under the Islamic paradigm.

He also claimed that the Vatican isn’t much of an independent State, so the Queen as Head of State shouldn’t have invited him here!!!

In his attempt at formal reasoning, he seemed to have nothing to say about the Queen as Head of the English Church - thus charged with safeguarding Christianity and the Christian country of Britain (presumably from people like Mr Tatchell). 

The Pope’s visit has, however, highlighted the puzzling claim that we live in a 'secular democracy', despite 74% of people describing themselves as Christian rather than godless (Census figure)!

What do proponents of the 'secular democracy' claim say when presented with the '74 % democracy' argument?  They say that the 74% aren't very good Christians so they don't count, so the country belongs to the godless, ie themselves!   

Britain is a Christian country under British Constitution even without the 74% figure!

It seemed about only 2% of those who turned out were protesters - presenting themselves as 'champions of children' but who support the abolition of the most basic of Human Rights - the right for an orphan to be found a new mummy and daddy, a task made easier in Britain by the banning of any normal person from adoption work in the interests of  satanic justice.

As for the Catholic Church, it is one of the biggest global health care providers, providing nearly a quarter of health care in Africa, running 5,246 hospitals, 17,520 dispensaries, 577 leprosy clinics, and 15,208 houses for the elderly and chronically ill etc. not to mention the central role the Catholic Church and the closely allied Church of England has played over the lifetime of the Realm.

Also, Catholic convents have produced the most exciting and desirable women – Anne Robinson is the exception that proves the rule.

Most importantly, I had a fine education under a Catholic teaching order.  I learnt right from wrong. In particular, that it’s wrong to sexually bully people - like criminalising us if we don’t let anyone into our homes to engage in rather unhygienic, not to mention unspeakably depraved, sexual acts if we do a bit of B&B.

At this point, I’d also like to remind Dr G,  the only person who’s reading this probably, and who keeps suggesting he’s fitter than me, that at school I coxed the rowing team in such a fit manner that our main opponent turned back without even having gone half way. The team from Bovington Army camp had left in humiliation before we’d finished the course and returned!

Also, the Catholic Church has given me great support in my belief that the Modern Cult of Sexual Deviancy and Faecal Sex is not a good thing. My belief stems from the Cult’s production of a global plague that predominantly kills members of the Cult (*), whilst the Cult’s unnatural beliefs and practices have rendered most of the Cult members who are still alive, suicidal or with mental health or personality problems.

If this real life satanic cult’s stranglehold on the West is to be loosened, the Catholic Church has a role.

The Catholic Church has also given me great support in my belief that if King Herod’s massacre of a few hundred babies for political reasons was wrong, then putting millions whilst still alive, topping the Holocaust, through a meat grinder as a retroactive method of contraception can’t be right either – however “hateful” the 'champions of children' above describe this belief.

So what am I leading up to?

Sadness. Sadness that I must criticise the Church.

I was saddened at Benedict telling journalists on his plane that “we know that this [paedophilia] is an illness, that free will does not function where this illness exists”.

Aside from travelling with dodgy company (that also forgot their job was to ask questions) it meant that Benedict can’t accept that priestly power can be corrupted into evil by priests.

The Vatican seems rusty on its theology. It’s true that the completely insane who speak gibberish all the time  are deemed by secular law and theology not to be responsible for their actions.   However, fallen priests were fully aware of the difference between right and wrong. Hell, they’re specially trained to!  They only seemed to think they needed help with the ‘illness’ after they were caught.

Evil comes first. It's a free will choice.  After evil is chosen comes the inability to control. 

Priests have the most real power in the Church because they deal directly with the people. 
They have more power than the Pope to inflict direct personal harm. 

The Church must apply or amend Canon Law to remove all such fallen priests from the priesthood if the Church is to regain the respect of many.   Ideally their conscience should prompt them to ask to be  laicized, as penance to help the reputation of the Church.

It's not as bad as excommunication!

However I believe what the Church really needs is Vatican 3. 

After Vatican 2 we had priests going on sociology courses!!  Social 'Science' is why student loans were introduced! Now it seems to be all about how normal people oppress satan's children!   Like bringing up the subject of personal responsibility.  

Under Vatican 2 even Tony Blair, Champion of Sodomites Abolishing Children's Human Rights, was admitted into the church, without even a "sorry about the past, chaps".

Not only that, I was threatened with excommunication, albeit in a gentle manner, by a Archbishop I shall not name, just because I fancied attending masses like we had at school - with the priest with his back to me so he couldn't see me having a quick snooze.  In fact the IRA got off much better than me from my letter, which was largely asking for them and their supporters to be excommunicated on Canon Law grounds of scandal, so that I wouldn't have to watch Gerry Adams, on TV taking Holy Communion, whilst my ears were throbbing with the pain of that awful noise they play at the start of  TV news..

(*) Apart from in Africa, because of the slave trade, according to some AIDS writers who regard the usual explanations as insults.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A NEW BRITAIN - from scratch !!!

A tremendous opportunity awaits.

Like the pioneers of America, we face a blank sheet.

Like the owner of a gutted out house, we can build a new interior.

Britain is finished.   Barely a vestige is left. 

We can build anew !!!

Mind you, if the 'Big Society' is to be a part of it then the Charity Commissioners need to be replaced.

Replaced by people who are in tune with the idea of the 'Big Society'!!

The Charity Commissioners thinking is that  "promoting moral and spiritual welfare of the community and religious harmony" means allowing fanatical political organisations like Stonewall, naming themselves after criminal events in America, disowned by many they claim to represent, setting themselves up as charities, to sit on the Government’s face to criminalise real charities whose objects only included children – not themselves!

Dr Who and Parallel Universes and God

Parallel universes are great misery for Dr Who who lost his girl in one.

It doesn't mean they exist though!!

Now it’s been realized for some time that if some values in physics (physical constants) were even just slightly out, the universe would be completely out and we certainly would be out of it, as atoms couldn’t form.

Some 'leading' scientists have claimed that this obviously means that there must obviously be an infinite number of parallel and totally different universes - each with the same laws but different physical constants!!.  And we obviously happen to be in the right one for us in an infinite to one chance. If you want to be really technical that’s actually a transfinite number to one chance.  Transfinite means infinity to a power.  The claim of course doesn’t even include the number of transfinite universes that have different laws anyway ignoring the constants.

They say the reason parallel universes exist is that firstly we're here. No argument about that of course. The second reason however is that it’s obviously easier to believe in an infinite times infinite number of different parallel universes, which we’ll never be able to prove exist, than just to believe in the one we’re in!  

The problem, they say, in believing in just the one universe is that it leads to things like the 'anthropic principle'
(google it, I'm only writing this as I can't sleep and am ready to go back to bed..) and the danger that it could lead to people believing in God (like all the great scientists did in the past, unlike ego trip charlatans of today).

Whether or not the 'anthropic principle' is an argument for the existence of God, the desperation of some to argue the totally absurd as serious science, shows to me how terrified some scientists are that God might exist contrary to their belief. They are ready to sacrifice all integrity just to stop people talking about God. Why?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Christian's Shouldn't Burn the Koran - Muslims Should

"It would have been most constructive if a Cathedral were in the building plans for Ground Zero"       
Any spiritual value in the koran was lifted from the bible by Mohammed. Any moral attitude comes from the bible. The power of the koran comes from the Bible. The koran however contains much harm, which is why Muslims should burn it themselves.

To the credit of many Muslims, however, they have left their faith after actually reading the koran.

They've left their faith even after it's been strenuously defended by Western politicians who haven't actually read the koran!

One Muslim on a forum said he left the Faith after reading of the Warlord Mohammed's promises of sexual rewards - part of the carrot and stick approach to deal with reluctant killers.


- Those who stayed at home instead of following him into battle to massacre Christians and Jews would go to Hell. (Chapter 8, Koran)

- Those who followed him and died in battle would have wonderful Palaces in heaven full of virgins to bonk.

(This was the cause of 9/11 - the few real journalists on the Guardian even reported terrorists in Iraq explaining this motivation of theirs.  This also explains of course why terrorists are so ugly - handsome arabs can get girls without having to rely on Mohammed's promises.)

- Those who followed him and lived would share the earthly glory of the victors of battle.

-  Christians and Jews are the vilest people on Earth according to God BECAUSE they are sticking to the Old and New Testaments rather than updating to Mohammed's plagiarising of the Bible, so are eminently killable (Chapter 98 Koran).

(Mohammed's bible puts the humble Warlord as Head of Mankind, God's Second in Command, anyone not believing he's the most special person in creation being human garbage in the eyes of God .)

Surely other decent Muslims should start to hate their faith in Mohammed too?  Those who genuinely follow Islam for spiritual principles and love of good could start their own church, based on the original principles in the bible and anything constructive in the koran, assuming any of them have actually read all the koran.  This church could adapt customs Muslims are comfortable with.

Al 'quaeda represents the real Mohammed.  Everyone knows this.  Only a few people in America are demonstrating about it - such is the fear and intimidation Islam installs.  In fact Islam and the Gay Mafia are the two great pillars of terrorism in society.  No mainstream politician in UK or America would dare attack either Islam or homosexuality.  Terror Lives.

'Moderate' Muslims have created and keep going the infrastructure of Islam.  They are the servants of Al Quaeda.  Technically, in fact, the term 'moderate Muslim' is a contradiction.  All Muslims believe the koran is the speech of God, or else they are not Muslims.  All Muslims are fundamentalists.  Certainly on youtube few Muslims seem to have any problems with the core message of the koran - Islamic Supremacy, religious and political. Expressing shame over 9/11, rather than contempt towards protesters, is not the rule.

Attempts to produce a Modern Islamic Theology explaining away embarrassing bits in the Koran  are generally dismissed amongst Muslims.  This is in sharp contrast to the Catholic Church dismissing embarrassing bits in the Bible as not part of the central message and not relevant to today.

It would have been most constructive if a Cathedral had been fitted into the building plans for Ground Zero.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

How to be a famous Scientist

Physics once meant British Physics – Newton, Faraday etc. Upright geniuses!!

This was before godless foreigners, including the Americans, turned Physics into science fiction.

Germans of course were the start of the problem. As a booby prize for losing the war (officially at least), well, the one before that as well (officially at least), everyone took seriously their claim that a cat in a box is neither alive nor dead until you look at it. This is quantum physics, invented by Germans.

The booby prize was made ultra special by getting everyone outside Germany to accept that the reason that doesn’t make sense to them, is because they’re dumb, and not intelligent like the Germans.

Then there’s Einstein, cocky wolf in humble sheep’s clothing.  He said you shouldn’t believe anything unless you can explain it to a child. Well, try telling this to a seven year old child “Hi, did you know that if your twin brother were shot off to space in a rocket, which then turned round, and came back twenty years later, when he comes out of the spaceship, he’d be eight years old and you’d be twenty. It’s all because of the acceleration he went through at each end – even if it was slower than you can take off on your bike.”.

If the seven year old then humours you and asks “How do you know?” try explaining to him that we know this is true because waves which are not waves and particles which are not particles have not done what people, who think that a shot cat isn’t dead until you look at it, think the waves, well, not waves, and particles, well, not particles, would do in a jam jar.

Unsurprisingly, physicists can’t actually agree on what theory says should happen in the simplest of thought experiments.

Take the case of the rod shooting over a slit in the table, where the rod and the slit are the same length if placed stationary side by side.  According to the genius Einstein, the rod would think the slit is shorter (so you'd think it wouldn't drop through), and the slit would think the rod is shorter (so you'd think it would drop through).

Hardly surprising then that some scientists say the rod wouldn't fall through and others say it would - some university physicists would tell you the rod bends into the hole .  Hardly surprising, when you have a paradox, that people argue different things.  Most importantly, when you can argue anything it’s hardly surprising that the theory fits the observations!!

From a paradox anything can be argued (as Aristotle famously pointed out).

As Professor Herbert Dingle, Bernard Levin's hero pointed out, "relativity has been accepted for so long despite its clear untenability.".

Now the reason foreigners were able to come up with such stuff is that Physics hit an impasse over a hundred years ago.  Suddenly everything stopped making sense where the very fast or the very small was concerned. It became a complete mystery as to what is really really going on in the universe or in the atom.

As we didn’t know what is really going on, this meant that British Physics, a serious subject, became stuck.  After all, it might even be impossible to encompass all physical laws using mathematics, or a finite number of mathematical sentences. In fact, why should it be?  All the upright, honest, British scientists who believed in God came out and said  "We're stuck".  

Foreigners and Americans of course had no qualms about making it all up as they go along. In fact you can’t get anywhere in Britain unless you joined them.

You’ll know this is true if you did ‘O’ Level Physics. You’ll remember you were told that if you were solving a quadratic expression to find the mass of a billiard ball, then you’ll get two solutions and you reject the negative one. You don’t say you’ve just discovered negative mass and apply for a Nobel Prize!

Well, not until you become a ‘real’ scientist. For example in ‘The large scale structure of space-time’ Stephen Hawking co-wrote, there is an example of several solutions to an equation. Each solution happens to be a universe! The book then suggests that we might be able to travel to other universes! If you wrote in your ‘O’ Level exam that the billiard ball has a sibling of negative mass and as we can't see it, it must be in another universe, you’d fail. If you were a real scientist, however, you’d get away with it.

You’d be famous !

NB This post is not to say that we can't use mathematical systems, however unaesthetic (developed by foreigners you see), to make successful predictions we couldn't before.  That is, as long as we don't act like mental patients who think maths and the physical world are the same thing and we restrict ourselves to the testable rather than the SF.  But being able to make predictions in this manner just shows further that we haven't the clue what is really going on.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tax or Axe pervdom!

There was a time when a chap could go his doctor, and see nothing on the waiting room walls but the odd poster of a granny sipping a cup of tea, with advice to drink lots during a flu. Then he could stroll to his Club, and in the gentlemen's washroom maybe see the odd black and white or sepia picture of a damsel in her undergarments, slightly out of focus.  Everything in it's place. A World in order.

Now, NHS waiting rooms are full of porn posters in perfect focus, facing mothers with their children waiting.  One in my doctor's has a naked woman contortionist bending over to put her face up her, er to look up her, er, well..  Now that's a specific porn category about bendy people according to Doctor G, more worldly wise than myself.  The rest all have 'Sex' in large letters scrawled over them.

There was also a time when you could take your aunt to hospital and pass nothing but posters dealing with other people's health problems.  Now, there's Sex Weeks and  Masters of Sex Charities telling us to get involved with the sex lives of unattractive ethnic people with learning difficulties whom we've never even met! 

The NHS has been taken over by the pervs.  This must start at the top, where BMA pimps expect some of the most angelic lady doctors just out of medical school to handle on demand the private parts of men - even foreigners - about the average age of those running the BMA.

It's as safe to take your aunt to any NHS establishment as it is to watch BBC pioneered televison with her, unless you're a family of deviants.

As for the Police, the only criminals being portrayed in Police Station posters now are your granny or aunt, looking unhappy at two coppers kissing each other.  Some posters are adverts for Deviant Sex for This week and Deviant Sex Knows No Bounds for that Week whilst other posters - inspired by ACPO's Zero Tolerance Policy for any criticism of Satan - exhort the Public to report anyone promoting morality, considered to be a hate crime against Satan.

Two ways to handle the endemic Perv Problem in the country would be the Finance Act or a Public Decency Act.

Tax or Axe them!   Whoever they are!!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Let there be Oil Paintings ...

In the beginning, TVs were items of furniture.  The more select ones (like ours) had doors.

Then they popped out of the cabinets - but were still all different with attempts of design.

Now they're all the same!! 
  Black screens all with the same shape plastic frames!

I can't help thinking ol' demon eyes is behind this monstrous imposition of conformity.

Let there be oil paintings instead!! The flat screen could have proper picture frames with roll out paintings when not in use.

Then TVs would have moved from being items of furniture to decorative art hung on the wall!

The more select ones of course could have old masters rolling out when not in use, and nice carved gold frames.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Rebrand the Arts!

The best ideas are the most obvious - which no-one has thought of because they're so obvious!

Like rebranding the Arts.

The Arts have got a terrible brand reputation. Not because the Arts are considered elitist - many would say no real art ever gets into elitist exhibitions.

But to the average taxpayer the word 'Art' conjures up images of dead sheep or litter or poems about used loo paper.

Rebrand the Arts as functional rather than spiritual or aesthetic and they can pay for themselves!!

- For example there is a wonderful symbiosis between the resident artist of the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth and the hotel's accountant.

Outside the hotel guest restaurant area are pictures which, although being difficult to view as spiritual in the current paradigm, are pretty good realist expressions of mass removal of bodily organs prior to incineration. Everybody loses their appetite, less food to serve, profits rise!

- Then there's medical research. Modern Art provides a fount of finished projects, projects which used to be initiated in mental hospitals to get a visual representation of what is going on in the patient's mind. Split images in these projects indicating schizophrenia, are fairly common. Adult and child porn images are not uncommon also. Many of these projects are by homosexuals who tend to have more interesting madness. So by examining these extreme examples it may be possible one day for these projects to lead to a cure for homosexuality - think of the money that would be worth.

- Or how about alternatives to prison that government is always seeking? The next best thing to flogging could be requiring offenders to sit through some of the worst modern plays (or some of the best depending on the critic - that mystical priest of the modern world whose mission is to merge the subjective and objective to provide new dimensions to the concept of truth).
Art offers great deterrents if used in the right way!

- Now much effort goes into many exhibits. These are often scorned simply because they're presented as Art.
Rebrand and market them as novelties, say, and they could attract a much larger appreciative audience. You could have NOVELTY CIRCUSES for example. They could tour the country!

The Arts are dead, long live the Arts!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Solving the National Debt Problem - easy when you know how

So it's not around £1 'trillion' pounds it's around £4 'trillion' pounds debt according to the Office of National statistics.

Satan's economists are now busy saying everyone needs to pay more taxes!  Why should we listen to those who have made a living spouting mumbo-jumbo without being right once with any real world statement? 

The real solution is this:

FIRSTbefore anything else we all need to start speaking proper English.  Or go back to school to learn arithmetic and power series.  Politicians, journalists and economists are all getting their billions and trillions mixed up!


1 Million = Thousand x Thousand

1 Billion = Million x Million  ( Million squared)  = 1,000,000,000,000

1 Trillion = Million x Million x Million   (Million cubed) = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

1 Quadrillion = Million x Million x Million x Million   (Million to the power 4)

1 Quintillion =  Million x Million x Million x Million x Million  (Million to the power 5)

1 Sexillion  = Million x Million x Million x Million x Million x Million (Million to the power 6)

1 Septillion = Million to the power 7

1 Octillion  =   Million to the power 8

1 Nonillion  =  Million to the power 9

1 Decillion  = Million to the power 10

1 Centillion = Million to the power 100

SECOND,  the government should stop spending money on anyone whose job it is to work out the most stupid things for a government to spend money on and then spend it on those stupid things.   That should shrink the upper echelons of  national and local government to about 0, saving lots of money.
THIRD, in the unlikely event saving money on stupid things doesn't provide enough to pay off the debt, well, go to step three. That is, this step. In this step the true meaning of 'taxing sin' is finally implemented.   Tax or criminalise real sin !  Indeed, anyone promoting sin in great self-righteousness could have their entire assets confiscated in criminal penalties.  There should be enough people in various Sin Liberation Movements to get to pay for the national debt! 

FOURTH there's always Johnny Foreigner we can get some money from.  Cars have to be taxed to be out in public, why shouldn't Johnny Foreigner have to be licensed to be out and about?

We could do this if we left EUgh and abandoned the Home Rule policy!

Good news though is that we are told is that assets exceed liabilities.

Time therefore to be also selling off assets that are a liability!
Gatsos can go under the hammer. So could Chief Constables' uniforms !

America however is in a worse state. Their Saviour is steering the country into 'superdebt' where debts exceed everything ie bankruptcy. The Saviour's Party were the first cause of the 'credit crunch' in the nineties - that was their first trick.  They demanded banks don't discriminate against loaning money to peope likely to default on mortgages, as that's, well, discrimination.

Obama must be trying to outdo Nelson Mandela - who managed to wreck an economy and once fine shopping centres, even when selling arms to genocidal regimes, whilst satan's disciples across the globe were all naming their goldfish after him.  No wonder he's always smiling.


Monday, 7 June 2010

Solving the Middle East Problem - easy when you know how

To solve a problem look at its real cause.  The real cause is its first cause.

What's the first cause of the Middle East problem?  Germany!  Well, Nazi Germany to be precise.

So give the Jews Germany.  East Germany at least - the Jews are good at building things up.
Then give the Holy Land to the only people who believe in it - the Christians.
They can then let in the Arabs and convert them away from their false Prophet into Christian gentlemen.  There's nothing like a gentleman Arab - look at Omar Sharif.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Rule Britannia (with the Germans)

A Tale of Two Empires   

'Empire, Empire' is the key to understanding Britain.

Here's some real history :

   Seen as a golden period by the True Brit, when you could just shoot foreigners if they became annoying.

(If you're not a True Brit, just imagine shooting East Europeans speaking at high volume in discordant tones all night when you're trying to get to sleep and you soon will be.)

HOME RULE, n.   The policy of bringing the natives back home to rule.

This policy certainly taught the upstarts a lesson when they demanded Independence.

First, Home Rule taught the upstart natives that their people really did want to be ruled by the British.   Ghandi for example, who believed that God wanted him to rule over half the world because he was a Saint, was certainly taught a lesson. Most of  'his' people left him to be still ruled by the British after 'Independence' whilst those who stayed behind shot him!

Second, Home Rule made DAMN sure that the upstarts never really became Independent by

-    Creating an eternal identity crisis - 'Er, are we a new nation or are we British as most of us seem to be?'

-    Encouraging anyone with money or entrepreneurial flair to ditch their country by coming here.  That way they'd never get on their own two feet and have to apply for international dole money, thus showing what bums they really are.

It was only the incredible ego of  trouble making foreigners that made them believe that they could challenge the British Empire AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

The Home Rule policy was so successful that it was applied to many who had never been ruled over in the first place.

The Home Rule policy was costly of course.  Still, only the British people had to pay - but they're trained to so that's alright.

NEO-COLONIALISM, n.    British Empire Part 2 or The Second British Empire. That is, the Home Rule phase of the British Empire with the natives being brought back home to rule, coupled with the Fourth Reich (see below).

The new thinking is that it is right to have wanted Britain out of Africa and Asia but wrong to want Africa and Asia out of  Britain, and that it was right to have wanted old Germany out of Poland but wrong to want, er, new Germany out of Poland.

It is considered bad form, though, to sing "Rule Us, Britannia" in Indian restaurants or "Auschwitz is dead, long live Germany" on any BBC programme..

FOURTH REICH,  n.    After the war Germany told Britain "Don't be so cocky.  We've lost our third Empire or Reich but you're losing yours you bunch of losers too.  Look, we've both lost our Girls. We're turning to self abuse by turning Europe itself into an Empire with our people as the natives.  We've got to use them for something now that we've stopped getting them to kill each other.
Other countries thought this was brilliant too. "How do we sell it to our natives?" one asked.

"Easy" said Germany "We'll tell them how naughty we've all been".

Friday, 21 May 2010

No Spending Cuts for Satan!!

You're not going to hear this from satan's appointed ones:

"So sorry, we just can't afford EU anymore and will be leaving next week.
We'll still keep existing programmes for UK, however daft, but will be saving a fortune on the commissions being charged by the Germans and French for dreaming them up.  By leaving we'll also be encouraging East Europe to build itself up rather than relocating here."

After all, Satan has good reason to be pleased with his Fourth Reich or EU.

The Fourth Reich really is much more polished than his Third Reich.

The seediness of Berlin under the Nazis was quite an amateur affair.

In the Fourth Reich sexual normality is now a crime against the State!

Sunday, 4 April 2010


The Lord of Darkness (and that's just what his friends call him) delivered his first Easter message today.

Lord Peter Mandelson, father of Satanic Britain, today rose from the tomb of silence.

His face was radiant, his voice supremely confident - although to some it may have come across as a bit cocky for a venerable member of the Upper House.

His message was simple - 


That is, if they don't want to give up their marital bed to a couple of off duty ACPO policemen in club leisure wear (doubling up as work uniform) carrying a packet of enemas.   His cry was triumphant - he couldn't have done it better if he'd got his manhood out and swung it around the studio.   There was nothing anyone could do now.  His eyes looking down to his Lord Satan, he smarmily cried out this Easter 'It's the Law'. 

It's the Law.  It's the Law.   It's the Law.  It's the Law.  It's the Law.  It's the Law.   It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the

Law. It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the

Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law.

Just one teeny problem.  There IS no law.  Once it may have been an Ass.  Today it is an Ass carcass, that died of HIV - too many personal relationships with it.  A jumbled dead carcass of inconsistent sentences that can produce anything you like.  In fact the Police and other 'authorities' don't even bother to appeal to it half the time.  They just make it up as they go along, such confidence has satan instilled into his disciples. 

Today's Sex Laws declare the superiority of those into bottoms over those into shoes, corpses or washing machines - Rose Cottage proprietors would be perfectly entitled to turn away an ACPO copper with his rubber doll or sheep.

Today's Gay Laws therefore are as valid as the Nazi Race Laws were - which they seem to have replaced in the Fourth Reich that rose phoenix like in such spectacular fashion from the ashes of the Third Reich (*).

They also seem to breach article 5 of the UN Declaration of Human rights. In fact, Britain has breached all of its articles under the guidance of the Lord Mandelson (or Lord Dandelion according my spell checker).

The gay nazi movement has also really miffed the traditional homosexual who always had a kind word for a heterosexual and whose gay only hotels have been criminalised by the gay nazis.

Having managed to p*ss off virtually everyone and with the law in complete disrepute, Lord Dandelion and his sexual bully boys need to give thanks for the sixth commandment (fifth if you're a Catholic)!

May the Good Lord grant Lord Mandelson sexual clarity and the Establishment understanding and acceptance of why the rectum was created.

(*) No-one remembers the first and second Reich as they weren't as spectacular as the third and current one (reich means big german important thing like EU).

Friday, 2 April 2010

Stalin vs Lizardman vs Porn King

The election sounds like an American all in wrestling match.

In training all contenders managed to eat hundreds of orphans before breakfast, as the hapless souls came to them with their bowl, empty of rights, and said:

"Please Sir, can we see someone who just wants to find us a mummy and a daddy? We want to be treated like real children, not ready made lifestyle accessories for those who feel having a baby themselves is distasteful to their manly sexuality.

Also seeing men kiss each other gives us tummy ache".

A child given to homosexuals who grows up to reject homosexuality and the deviant domestic environment is clearly at risk of lifelong mental problems.

Only monsters are needed to work in adoption in Sexual Nazi Britain - where normal heterosexuals are the Jews.

As for the Lib Dem's push at a conference for 16 year old schoolchildren to have the 'human right' to appear in hard core porn films it shows how popular Satan is in their Party, and how depraved the sexual tastes are of those controlling the agenda. Even others in Parliament, that den of the wicked, have described the Lib Dem Party as the greatest harlot (the Whore of Babylon).

We should pray though for the souls of all these monsters here ( in the unlikely event that they still have any!).

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Epistle to Al Quaeda

Look you teetotalling dumbos.  

Honestly, just because Mohammed didn't like the taste of alcohol when he was beheading anyone who didn't agree that he was God's favourite person.

OF COURSE he didn't like alcohol.

The stuff you Arabs brew is awful.

I'm still trying to get the taste of it out of my mouth after my last holiday to Tunisia.

Try some proper drink - you'll like it.

So would Mohammed have liked it!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not so fast, Copper

The Police offered to forgive my sin.

They said I wasn't a proper sinner.

Under the spiritual guidance of ACPO I first had to show I wanted to be good though - by bribing them.

Speed Awareness Courses, unlike Driver Improvement Courses, are not sanctioned by statute.

Still, I bribed them.

I've since claimed for a refund for the Speed Awareness Course I took - but I'm keeping the free keyring.

The Police agreed they hadn't acted under any provisions of the law.  They appealed instead to the authority of ACPO.

I pointed out that ACPO may not be the safest authority to appeal to.

They then appealed to the authority of  Contract Law. They said they had provided the service for which I had paid for.
I then pointed out that an essential requirement of a valid contract - genuine consent  - appears to have been missing.

The Police have not denied that undue influence was present.

So  I'll be sending the Police a Notice of Intended Summons.  Even under ACPO guidelines Police should not be making a profit from these courses, and the courses should contain a driver assessment practical.  ACPO, under threat of being summonsed too, have disowned Wiltshire's course - 'nufink to do with us gov, they're on their own'.

Most Forces would seem to be on their own too, ignoring ACPO guidelines about not making a profit. 


Thursday, 4 March 2010

VOSA Takes The P

It's not just Toyotas in America driving off by themselves killing people.

I was in a frog quadricycle Microcar that shot off at full revs backwards in a car park - from stationary.

I could have killed someone or myself.

It's not the first accident.  In one case a woman was thrown onto the seat, foot nowhere near the throttle, after the car lurched from stationary driving itself  into several other cars in the car park. 

A number of warranty claims have been made following Microcars shooting off by themselves.

The fault was traced to contaminants/corrosion in the ECU plug pins.

Other areas where fly by wire faults could occur are in the software or cheap chips (or even dear chips), particularly in the hostile environment for delicate electrics inside the engine bay..

In today's crazy world the throttle pedal doesn't actually operate anything attached to the engine. It operates a variable resistor that sends an electric current to a chip which then has to guess where the throttle pedal is.

Sometimes it guesses wrong.

So, what does VOSA do about people being driven to their deaths by Hal type computer chips or other causes brought about by crazed loony fly by wire installations?

"Fill up a safety defect form, old boy, and leave the rest to us" they told me.  Well, some action I thought.  After all, the main dealer couldn't fix various throttle problems from new.  VOSA then came back to me.

"Well, we've contacted the salesmen and they said there's nothing wrong with the cars they sell, so we're closing the file".  Huh?

"Um", I said "Haven't you had any other reports about kamikaze throttles?"

"Well, yes" they said "Other makes too, but the salemen all said there was nothing wrong with the cars."

"Er, so you inspected the cars?"  "Oh no" came the offended voice from VOSA "We're not garage mechanics".

The managing director of the UK distributor for Microcars whom VOSA spoke to refused to discuss safety issues with me after I was nearly killed and claimed the car should be scrapped and the case closed - after accident repair was made!!  The main dealer refused to examine the car after the Sale of Goods Act was mentioned.

So why doesn't VOSA at least contact the manufacturer when they get a report?

"Oh no, we don't do that sort of thing".

Wouldn't we be safer without VOSA and similar so called safety organisations that happily allow cars to be driven by a computer!!?


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sex Education Addiction


Why are some people obsessed with the sex education of other people's children?  They scream that parents or teachers should have no say in the matter.

One reason why anyone whose no business it is should be interested in the sex education of children is because they want to have sex with them.  Isn't it?   Well, either that or it's because they're perv control freaks.  Can't think of any other REAL reason.  Er, apart from those in it for the money who'd learned some tips from America.

Clinics need to be set up to help these people with sex education addiction.   After all, we shouldn't turn our backs on the needs of satan's discipines.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Just When I thought the Web Was OK...

...the BBC celebrated it with interviews with satan's disciples like Bill Gates.  The Homo Interneticus programme ended with some East European saying how wonderful that we were going to evolve into a new species.  Their future hope sounded like a cross between The Matrix and The Lawnmower Man where James Bond or Pierce Brosnan battled against a crazed megalomaniac who turned himself into electricity and entered the World Wide Web, his first fiendish act being to ring everybody's telephone.  Yes I was puzzled about the ending too.   Anyway, didn't Dr Who warn us that "You're so easily controlled" in the episode where everyone wore those earpieces that look like Mr Spock's ears?

In typical BBC fashion, the most intelligent of people interviewed, like the lady psychologist who succinctly pointed out the 'need' for an artificially created feeling was consuming people, were ignored in the final worship of the World Wide Web, with more viruses in it than in all the bottoms of the gay people holding up the traffic whilst causing a public nuisance chanting how proud they are of their bottoms.

It was good to be shaken not just stirred a bit.  It dawned on me that internet social networking is not much different to a network of brains in jars, linked to each other, sending messages.

The Web must be satan if the BBC is celebrating it.  In fact both Dr G and I myself agreed when the Net started to take hold, that it was satan, but I was then turned into thinking it was OK as there's some good jokes in it.

So here I am, in the heart of satan, exposing his bare botty and some of the villains  who work for him.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Loose wimmin

It was probably the problems caused by Eve tempting Adam that gave loose wimmin a bad name.

Mind you, the slang term from 100 years ago for loose women was 'gay' - they were a perky lot! Wasn't very chivalrous of loose effeminate men to nick their word was it? 

Now I'm broad minded enough to converse with cheerful, morally lax and licentious women. ( In fact I even spoke to a homosexual once.  Mind you, he was the traditional kind who always had a kind word for a heterosexual.)

I recall conversing with two women of the morally lax profession in a street in Alaska once.  A black and a white one.

"Do you want to party?" they asked.
"No" I said in surprise.
"Why not?" they demanded in indignation - I'd obviously hurt their feelings.
"I'm British!" I explained to console them.

Well, they understood. We had a reputation abroad once you know...!

What can I say now though when I'm in Alaska, what with the cads and geminy of baboons in today's British Government!  These pimpish rogues set their gorillas on any chap if he upsets any of their loose women, especially foreign ones!! - see Satan's Bare Botty

Brave Artist

For the first time in my life I came across some contemporary art that didn't make me feel depressed. 

Satan must hate it!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

'Modern' Sex Scandals

Before it was a scandal if a politician was discovered to be having a bit on the side.

Now it's a scandal if a politician is suspected of morality! 

A law would be passed to execute him if he suggested a child 'adopted' by homosexuals might be normal, therefore reject homosexuality, therefore could be either scarred for life thinking about his upbringing in a deviant sexual and emotional domestic environment, or else turn into a sociopath because of what society did to him.

It's certainly not possible to get a senior job in Government, the Police or Social Services for anyone suspected of morality.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

twitter and the arts council

No-one wants poetry.

Struggling poets struggleth more than struggling thespians or struggling writers.

That's why the blessed Arts Council exists - to make sure that the most beautiful of British Poetry does not get lost in the uncultured desert of the ephemeral clamour of the world.

It could be the ethereal flavour of mysterious emotion crafted so carefully in disjointed thoughts with no metre nor grammar nor hint to meaning, that only the most refined metropolitan can open the door to it.  Or it could be the romantic, finely detailed journey of a bit of loo paper, just used by a sensitive sodomite poet.

The Arts Council is there to represent us in their blessed offerings to the gods, with even Zeus weeping when reading some of the finest offerings.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Angels and Demons

You've heard that 'Fools Go Where Angels Fear to Tread' .

So what are Angels afraid of?

Well, Angels have many fears.

Such as:

TECHNOPHOBIA - fear of updating to Microsoft's latest operating system.

HOMOPHOBIA - fear of comedians kissing each other rather than telling any good jokes.

CANNIPHOBIA - fear of people like Hannibal Lechter and politicians in general of course.

XENOPHOBIA - fear of people like Napoleon and of all those running EU who think they're Napoleon.

NECROPHOBIA - screwing one's face up at the thought of doing it with corpses. 

ISLAMAPHOBIA - fear of being blown up, beheaded, or meeting anyone in a dark alley whose role model really is a mass murderer who today would have been tried for war crimes - Mohammed.

TRANSPHOBIA -  mostly suffered by ladies having problems saying "Oooh, you're just like us" to mental patients displaying their penises and drug inflated chests in the ladies changing room.

PAEDOPHOBIA - fear of  Minister for the Child.

The list goes on.

So why don't Fools have these fears?  Well, Satan and his army of demons have told all the Fools that it's wrong to have these fears. For example, if a mental patient can only emotionally and sexually relate to a giraffe's bottom, then the Fool is told that it's wrong to think anything of it. That it's giraffaecalphobic to be puzzled as to why the giraffe should be entitled to a British passport and a pension.

What the Fool needs to know is that even Dr G. would admit that all the phobias mentioned in so called government and police documents, like homophobia and transphobia, are not actually recognised by the medical profession.

What it means is that no-one need take the government or police seriously - both have completely lost it!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Brushed Stainless Steel Hobs

Satan obviously inspired these. They were brought in as the most inept disembodied evil spirit could create scratches on them with barely a thought. They take more time to clean leaving no marks, than a fleet of classic cars from a muddy rally driven by the sort of mechanics that leave dirty footprints on the carpet and greasy fingerprints on the trim.

The modern labour saving kitchen is of couse a myth.  They are designed to stress out and punish anyone who uses them, rather than goes out to get Klingon food from a takeaway.

The kitchen seemed to go all wrong when we were persuaded by slick Continentals that sinks made of the flimiest steel, so that taps wobble in them, and with the tiniest single drainer, and with no overflow to stop the kitchen flooding, were so sophisticated that they were worth the cost of a world cruise. 

Or was it the introduction of the 'work to rule' dishwasher, where Dishwasher Union rules require that humans have to first wash the dishes themselves before putting them into the dishwasher, and anything that could do with a bit of  labour saving, like oven pans, couldn't be put into the dishwasher because they wouldn't fit, or catch on the fan, and even if they could, Dishwasher Union rules dictated that they still had to be cleaned by hand afterwards.

Mind you, the ladies seem to go for the modern kitchen, so perhaps us chaps should leave the kitchen cleaning and washing up to them whilst we valet the car.  That's fair, and traditional. 

Women love their kitchens and men love their cars.


Friday, 5 February 2010


In the satire Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter said that words meant whatever he chose them to mean.

Today's Mad Hatters have done better!!

They know normal people feel uncomfortable talking like Mad Hatters. So, to help normal people become as mad as they are, the Mad Hatters have invented words which they DEFINE as meaning whatever anyone wants them to mean. That way, normal people can use them without qualms, and hey presto, become as mad as the Hatters.

A crazed scottish Mad Hatter, William Macpherson, defined 'racist' as meaning whatever anyone wanted it to mean. Not only that, any 'racist' incident, like a brown cornish pasty sitting in a baker's shop window, should be treated as a criminal offence. So anything should be treated as a criminal offence if anyone wants it to!  The credit shouldn't go to him alone, who chaired the Stephen Laurence enquiry.  Mad Hatters had been promoting their linguistic orientation for some time.

Satan's fiendish junta (see Satan's Fiendish Junta) of toppest of the lot coppers, even if some of them couldn't remember how an arrest should be carried out, have boldly let the most deviant and looniest of the lot coppers in each force, claim that the Americanism 'homophobia' is whatever you think is 'homophobia'. Not only that, but the slightest scent of this chameleon Americanism should be reported, even if it's just a lollipop stick sticking out of a litter bin, so that senior police nutters can order some hapless copper under them to go and have words with the lollipop stick..

No wonder normal people in Police Forces across the country have been driven into the closet, scared of admitting having normal thoughts with all the loonies over them.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Heated Towel Rails

Why not just install another radiator, or easier still, use the one that's already there?
That way you can be sure your towel does actually get warm.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Big Issue

Big Issue n.  Media company selling weekly magazines in bulk to poor people. It’s not on a sale or return basis so poor people basically throw away unsold but paid for mags when the next issue comes out. Poor people are helped by being given the status of self employed beggars taking financial risks.

The marketing genius of the company can be seen in the number of celebrities convinced that they are a philanthropic organisation rather than a media company.

(from The Correctly Correct Dictionary)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Homophobia and the Press Code

The Press Code says you shouldn't slag off anyone with a mental illness.

So why do people with a phobia about homosexuals get such a hard time under Gay Labour?

Proof About Foreigners!

Mr Blair is the most popular person in the World.

Outside Britain that is.

He earns the price of a house for each speech he gives!

(Of course the True Brit doesn't need to be told about Johnny Foreigner.)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Satan's scapegoat

Poor old Mr Bliar.

How about Edward Heath the liar though?

How about the whole bloody lot of them!

the Good Book Update

After the Fall of Man Satan said, "God's had his chance. You don't really want to toil do you? Follow me and you'll be alright". So the simple of mind followed him and asked "How shall we serve you O Master?". And Satan said "Make the Poor even more miserable" So they went and made the Poor even more miserable. Then one day they noticed the Poor were temporarily escaping being miserable by having the odd tipple. Hell raged.

Satan's disciplines demanded that the Poor be deprived of their tipples. "Put the price up. Make drink unaffordable" screamed Janet Street Porter and others. They cried "Pleasure belongs to the elite on Earth. Us. Not them. If the Poor are to drink let the cost drive them into the gutter. "

Some however said "Why not just bring back the old licensing hours?". "What" cried Hell "How stupid can you get? We get it both ways by increasing the price and collecting taxes all night."

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sell Media Products For Free

Why aren't war and disaster victims paid for their close ups that sell so well?

Satan is really mean..

Friday, 22 January 2010

All Politicians Are Equal

"The implementation of post Soviet 'Equality' in Britian is simply sexual and racial bullying of the population; alone it renders Britain an illegitimate state under the UN Declaration of Human Rights"
 Brother Paul who studied International Politics

At school we were all taught the lesson about Equality in Animal Farm.

Well, apart from those who went into so called government.

Equality under the law was already enshrined (in theory anyway).

However, the new concept of equality has nothing to do with equality under the law.

New Labour's sodomite fundamentalist's concept of equality - all designed as a smokescreen to produce sodomite supremacy - updates Stalin's paradigm for equality that rendered millions of peasants enemies of the State.

New Labour certainly seems strong enough to turn all normal people into personae non gratae.

As the government tells us all:

"Working for you. For your children. For your dreams.  For your happiness.  For the angels in Heaven, not forgetting Satan of course - he's more equal than anyone."

Monday, 18 January 2010


Beelzebubians want to further criminalise traditional Christian Churches, as they find them disturbing with all that emphasis on being good.  

Under Beelzebubian amendments to The Equality Act, anyone could sue the Church if they're not given a job after declaring their allegiance to Satan..

There is a petition against this at

If I'd written the petition I would have started it with "We pray for the souls of Michael Corleone and all those who vote for the amendments to the Equality Act"


Wednesday, 13 January 2010



Ok, I've just been warming up so far. Time to land a punch on Satan's fat snotty honker.

Now, fans of classic Police TV series will know that "nothing smells worse than a bent copper".

The smelly coppers in question though weren't the most exalted and important ones.  That is, not the ones with that half alive look you get in horror movies.

So how does the smell of top bent coppers rate? Well the bigger they are, the pongier they smell. So in fact 'nothing smells worse than a top bent copper'.

Does it though? How about a whole collective noun of top bent coppers? They must be a nuclear pong!! Or neutron pong as they don't destroy buildings.

Well, the collective noun of top coppers - ACPO, The Association of Chief Police Officers - does indeed act outside the law, and when unmentionable sexual acts are involved too - .

So we arrive at the conclusion that


Under ACPO's  'leadership' I also had a burly sergeant visit to sort me out once because I had asked the police to make an occasional appearance to criminal meetings. The meetings were about how many sodded used condoms would be left outside my beach hut for me to clear up in the morning.  I think he left more sorted than me - after all, we have to help the police.

ACPO's criminal idea behind all this, inspired by Satan of course, was that some criminals are distrustful of the police, so to get the criminals' trust the police harass anyone who reports the criminals or makes any uncomplimentary observation about the criminals.  To further gain the trust of criminals the police recruits in criminal magazines advertising criminal meeting places, to get criminals into the police so that criminals can trust the police even more. Allowing the criminals to set the police on anyone who crosses them or who irritates them (like people going to Church on a Sunday) makes the criminals feel even safer and happy with the police.

ACPO is a private company of power corrupted Chief Constables, outside of FOI and who act outside the law, who have hijacked the Police Force, inverted all traditional values that the Police used to hold, who established institutionalised harassment of the public, not to mention their influence in freaking out junior officers every time their homosexual superiors ask them round for coffee in their spare time, and did so with the help of a fake charity, Common Purpose, that has created a rank smelling new freemasonry environment throughout public life.

Justice is not seen to be done with senior officers walking the streets free as a bird with their peaked caps!

We need a new Police Force !!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

AA in English

"It's spluttering" I said to the AA breakdown call centre.

"What is that?" came the reply.

"It happened after I filled with Tesco petrol. I think it's taken in water or bad petrol. It's spluttering" I expanded.

"What is spluttering?" I was again asked.

Now I consider anything wrong with the car as a crisis situation. In a crisis situation I am just not at my best as a walking thesaurus . However, as the chap at the other end clearly wasn't English, I tried to nail down the meaning as best I could "Spluttering, it's an English word."

"That's racist. I'm reporting this call to my manager"


"That's racist. I'm reporting this call to my manager" I think was spoken several times before the line went quiet.

Clearly my arch enemy (see ) is trying very hard to drive the last known sane person in the country - myself that is - completely bonkers.  Try as the Fiend might, I shall remain calm.   Except in a crisis of course.

POSTSCRIPT  The AA have apologised  22/1/2010

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow, Glorious Snow


Well I like it. 

There used to be more of it though when I was at school.  It didn't give us a holiday as soon as term started, so schoolchildren today must like it even more than me.  So must the delivery driver who couldn't deliver towels to my Club because of  half an inch of snow that had melted the day before on the road.  I had to dry off in the sauna.

I think the prejudice that has grown up towards snow today is caused because it's white.  Traditionally, white represents good, and alongside useful and friendly carrier bags (see first post ) Satan also hates white.

Incidentally, Satan also hates fresh bottled water from a spring, particularly in the car, rather than tap water that goes stale, which Satan likes to drink. Satan, well, some gay labour ministers, claim it's immoral for people to chose to drink God's water.