Friday, 22 January 2010

All Politicians Are Equal

"The implementation of post Soviet 'Equality' in Britian is simply sexual and racial bullying of the population; alone it renders Britain an illegitimate state under the UN Declaration of Human Rights"
 Brother Paul who studied International Politics

At school we were all taught the lesson about Equality in Animal Farm.

Well, apart from those who went into so called government.

Equality under the law was already enshrined (in theory anyway).

However, the new concept of equality has nothing to do with equality under the law.

New Labour's sodomite fundamentalist's concept of equality - all designed as a smokescreen to produce sodomite supremacy - updates Stalin's paradigm for equality that rendered millions of peasants enemies of the State.

New Labour certainly seems strong enough to turn all normal people into personae non gratae.

As the government tells us all:

"Working for you. For your children. For your dreams.  For your happiness.  For the angels in Heaven, not forgetting Satan of course - he's more equal than anyone."

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