Monday, 24 February 2014

From British Empire to Total Joke in One Generation

Who is going to be able to stop laughing if they have to shake the Queen's hand?  She may as well dress up like an Alice in Wonderland queen with a big card as a dress.

The current sodomite crazed conversion of law stretching back 700 years old,  may just as well have the words 'mickey mouse' or 'no more beastly heterosexuals in charge with their weird thinking about the limited purpose of the rectum' scattered liberally on each page of this sexually dysfunctional crazed sodomite so called law, that only those with severe learning difficulties could regard as legitimate law - after all Parliament is bound by commitments Britain made after the war not to be ruled by an extremist cult of sexual dysfunction.

David Cameron could not be anymore of a joke prime minister than if he got his willy out and thumped the microphone outside Joke House, Downing Street, shouting "I'm a helicopter" jumping up and down..

Gulliver's Travels, where the little people could be seen as the politicians of the day, needs to be re-written so that the little people are little green men or anything but homo sapiens.

If you honestly perceive David Cameron and his ilk as human you're in a pretty sad state. It's easier to see the Nazis as human beings. Evil, yes, but still human beings, however depraved. At least they had no problem understanding that babies come from a man and a woman and parents mean a man and a woman.

It's a shame that with all the attention being paid to the law, no-one has drawn attention to the criminal offence of conspiracy to corrupt public morals, which Cameron and his criminal advisers - naming themselves after criminal attacks by sexually disoriented drunks at 3am at the unlicensed mafia pub, Stonewall - are totally enmeshed in.