Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pigs, Pervs and Paedos Pillage and Rape People's Marriages

"No conqueror in history has sodomised the marriages of the conquered"

Most of the so called Lords voted to allow the 'Bill' to automatically abolish the marriage people are in, and then automatically thrust them into an institution with rectum abuse, ex post facto at its legal centre, to proceed.  

An institution also founded on unnatural practices, sexual disorientation, genital mutilation, and psychotic hatred of words like 'marriage', 'wife', 'husband' in all languages - that is, a psychotic hatred of human beings characteristic of demons (*).

To add insult to injury in true de Sade style, the new depraved institution, is to be given the same name - 'marriage'.

Even the Rocky Horror Show never dreamt of such exquisite perversions and torturous rape.

What is certain, is that even the original Nazis were more easily identified as human beings than most of those in so called parliament.

What is equally certain is that such large scale breach of human rights - State sexual bullying/sadism - renders Britain as legitimate a State under the original UN Declaration as Nazi Germany.

The similarity between the Nazis misusing German Law to implement deviant race theories, and today's sexual nazis misusing Western Law to implement deviant sex theories, is quite striking.

First we had basic human rights of orphans abolished under New Labour, with the support of David Cameron, the most ignominious and despised Conservative leader ever, who likes to drink to the full the cup of being important, and treat orphans with about as much respect as inanimate dolls.  

And now we have the abolition of real marriage in a rogue homosexual Police State!   

A land where sickos genuinely believe that Parliament can do whatever it likes, despite the lessons of WWII and commitments to human rights. 

A land where sickos believe that Parliament can pass 'laws' giving the Droit du Seigneur to Parliamentarians and declare homosexuals 'married'.

As for the word 'marriage' and its clear English meaning, the satanic sodomites are once again at work destroying language. 

Just as the word 'gay' developed a colloquial meaning of 'loose woman' or 'licentious', the colloquialism being then used by big mouth homosexuals who thought it amusing to call themselves 'gay' in that colloquial sense - leading to now one being unable to use the word 'gay' in its proper sense - the word 'marriage' is soon to become something arrogantly odious, like the word 'gay' became.

The Politics of Abuse, where normal heterosexuality is called 'homophobia', has now developed into the Politics of  Sadism. 

This was planned for years by networked criminally insane sodomites, making former Freemasonry seem like a children's party. Certainly the freemasonry of sodomy (ie sexual perversion) in the Police Force, Home Office, and so called Ministry of Justice, is stronger than the funny handshake kind ever was.   
(*)  The prevalence of the word 'hatred' within the Establishment is a mirroring of the hatred the new nazis in control have of normality, Britain, and ordinary people.  At least the original Nazis didn't come up with the word 'Naziphobic' to use against Jews.