Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hello World

In The Prisoner – the original, not the recent version, also very creative – No 6 was determined to polish off No 1.

Only he didn’t know who or where No 1 was. One idea at the end was that No 1 was in fact himself.

Now, and a slight digression, in earthly power, as every schoolchild knows, well, they did in my days, ‘All Roads lead to Rome’.

With Britain and America taking on the mantle of Rome, it became important to the Naughty One to convert them into Naughty States to make up for Rome converting to Christianity.

This digression is a sort of obstacle to overcome before I get to the main point. Like in Indiana Jones or that girl one, there’s always obstacles before getting to the treasure.

Mind you, in this case, it has some relevance too.

Double relevance.

So it’s not a digression, which I thought it was when I started writing. Well, there you go.

First, we live in a Rogue West.

There is only one really taboo word that must not be used – the word is Satan.

The taboo only came about as the Christian West turned into the Satanic West, the media daily singing the praises of Satan’s works with the occasional good news story to persuade everyone that the media is human.

This overshadows the Satanic Verses of people with terminally ghastly dress sense - whose power grew in step with the moral decline of government and media in the West. Hardly surprising is it?

Second point, all spiritual writings on evil lead one to oneself.    

The most interesting bit of advice I've come across is from Loyola: "The happiness which I have experienced on learning that the world insults you, has been equalled by my pain at the thought that in adversities you have sought for aid and remedy against the sorrow and affliction they cause you".

Well, it's all about turning problems into opportunities!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Apology to Millipedes

After what I wrote about the millipedes I must apologise really.

They seem quite human compared to the eerie feeling that didn't creep but flopped onto me after watching the upside down man Rupert Murder on telly - shame the custard pie bit didn't come off.

As for someone's Mrs, whom I had warmed to after learning she'd taken the P out of the MP, proud to be an exhibitionist - all homosexuals by definition are exhibitionist if they come out of the closet - all I could think of was her hair.  And the opening of Macbeth.