Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Radicalising Effect of the Media

The trumpeting of evil by the Media is a clear negative feedback loop.

The Media would seem to have had the main role of sending the girls of 'moderate' parents - who taught them to be proud of the mass beheader and child slave trader Mohammed, a war criminal under today's standards - to the trumpeted beheaders.



Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Myth of Britain Today

The amount of thought that has gone into the question "What is Britishness?" is a clue.

There is no Britain!!

Following the fold of the British Empire, positive British values were either thrown overboard or redefined to mean the complete opposite [1].

Cads and worse took over.

As early as the Sixties, doctors and politicians came up with the macabre concept of 'social medicine', that is, the mass butchering of babies in the womb.

This Abortion Act that made King Herod seem like a moderate, was given assent to by the Head of the English Christian Church [2].

The Devil never had it so good.

What we have now is a quite illegitimate State under the original Declaration of Human Rights which Britain had signed up to after the War, as well as a quite illegitimate State under Christian theology, that denies the right of rulers to make laws willy nilly, and certainly not to overthrow the tenet of giving to God what belongs to God.

And today, someone just has to tell a doctor that they wish they were a member of the opposite sex (the grass is always greener isn't it?) and hey presto, all their official documents have 'male' rewritten as 'female' and vice versa.

The lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.

Dorset's deranged 'police' even claimed once on their website that women complaining about men pretending to be women in their toilets and changing rooms were 'transphobic', and constituted the greatest threat facing Dorset!  

Certainly, one has to be a lunatic to believe that anyone proudly addicted to sexual and moral depravity is sane enough to carry out a responsible job as well as anyone else!

The sanctification of sexual depravity alone, written into so called law, with pogroms [3] created by a corrupt ACPO against anyone promoting sexual mental health and morality, means the reader has to be quite brainwashed [4] to accept the existence today of a legitimate State called the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'.

Future historians in a non oppressive environment that exists nowhere in the West today, might perhaps describe this age as the sodomite occupation of the West following release of their biological WMD AIDS, gestated inside themselves.  They might ask their students to write essays as to how openly criminal groups [5] under existing laws were dictating quite unhinged 'laws', derived from the assertions of mental patients used as the highest standard of thought.


[1]  For example the British value of 'fairness' or 'fair play' has been redefined to mean unfairness to the majority, in order to pander to unreasonable demands from a minority within a minority - even if most in the minority are opposed to the demands !

[2]  The Palace wrote to the author in 2013 clearly indicating that the Coronation Oath has no practical effect on the Monarch, who would grant Royal Assent to concentration camps for Christians or the Droit du Seigneur for members of Parliament if put in front of her.

[3]   The author was even treated like a villain for making a formal complaint about cleaning up used condoms and contents in his beach hut porch and asking for the police to look in at unlawful public nuisance gathering of males nearby. He was told he should not have made such a complaint as times have changed and that he should not even have any words with any he sees in the act in his hut porch. The emotionally unstable so called Police Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, refused to consider issues of misfeasance in relation to homosexual offences, proudly asserting that he was trustee of a local homosexual criminal (under Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act 1977) gang conspiring to corrupt public morals and those of minors, and not to contact him again for suggesting that there could be corruption where homosexuals are in control.

[4]  See footnotes at   The Untouchable English Class   for mind control effected by changing language to force people to think differently.
[5]  Stonewall is probably the most prominent of these. Proudly named after 2a.m.criminal violence of drunk homosexuals and prostitutes against the licensing police in America [who treated illegal pubs equally but had no problems with illegal pubs with heterosexual  clientele], Stonewall was established to breach Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act criminalising conspiracy to corrupt public morals. Together with Stonewall's demands to abolish Common Law on the ludicrous grounds that it was "developed by those who think differently", the criminally insane nature of Stonewall is thus clearly demonstrated.   That such openly criminal sociopaths, delighting in mass harassment of any opposing them, even if homosexual  (their main weapon being the ability to unleash their crazed 'rent-a-crowd' of mentally unstable sexual losers ), and who have done so much for pederasty and corruption of the morals of children, should have Whitehall and Ministers dangling on their strings, shows just how degenerate and abject the Establishment has become, having long left what it is to be human behind it.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Consciousness and Matter - Chicken and Egg ?

The truth is that we do not know how life formed.

As for the desperation of those who would claim that a transfinite (greater than your usual infinite) number of parallel universes must exist, and that we happen to be in the one with convenient anthropological constants, it shows just how crazed some so called 'scientists' are.

As for Evolution theory, certainly the time needed for the endless happy random molecular events required by evolution has to be longer than any estimated age of the Universe.

There are also a negligible number of actual examples - compared to the mind boggling number needed by evolution - of natural selection that can be pointed to.

One just has to read a few paragraphs of those working in the evolution of consciousness to see just how lost evolution theory is.

The Coalition so called Government has certainly not missed out on the chance to insult Science by declaring the vagaries of evolution as 'truth', Science today being nothing more than the process of groups or individuals declaring their intellectual superiority.

Claiming that we have the answer when we don't is the greatest insult to Science, and boy, have there been any number of insults against Science in this age of intellectual darkness.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Don't Stop at Cyril Smith - Cameron is Guilty Too Under Criminal Law

Why isn't Cameron and his Rocky Horror Show, promoting infidelity and immorality in marriage, being investigated under Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act 1977 - conspiracy to corrupt public morals?

This law formally confirms what everyone knows intuitively.

That Lizardman and his Sex Thugs are criminals - and organisations like Stonewall [1] and Pink News are criminal organisations.

The highly organised LGBT  sex cult is a criminal cult under English Law.  It is driven by a negative feedback loop of sexual psychosis, those affected unable to understand sexual reality, and taught by the cult's founder, Dr Weinberg, that those not seeing sodomy as normal are suffering from a mental illness - homophobia. 

In Rocky Horror Show Britain [2], however, even Nigel Farage is intimidated by this organised evil that has weaved its way throughout the Establishment.

Satanic Judge Munby - 'Morality is Unreasonable' 

Sadistic Judge James Munby even claimed that "reasonable men and women in contemporary English society" are not tainted by Christianity or sexual morality [3] !

No civilised society would have him as a judge, let alone a family judge.

Euphemistically called 'social workers' have claimed that it is bigoted not to want one's children State kidnapped [2] to be given to a sexually and emotionally dysphoric couple who can only find fulfillment through acts of sexual depravity.

The so called Charities Commission treats criminal offences like corruption of public morals, particularly aimed at minors, as a charitable object !

It allows openly criminal and fanatical organisations to register as charities, demanding legitimate charities bend to their debased standards, and engaging in openly criminal activities, including organising mass harassment of individuals daring to express standard moral beliefs.  These LGBT  criminal organisations that Rocky Horror Show Britain has turned into (fake) charities, have helped reduce any Big Society to the Big Terror.

Before Britain can become a proper legitimate State once again, ACPO  [4] will certainly need to be struck off the Companies House Register and a full investigation into how the Police was transformed into a criminal force - brainless gorillas kicking anyone in the face [5] who expresses moral views or Christian tenets. A Police Chaplain in the moral holocaust that is Scotland was actually dismissed for promoting Christian morality.


[1] Stonewall is even named after drunken criminal violence at 3am by dissolute yobo gangs, including the lowest forms of prostitutes, drinking at the illegal mafia pub called Stonewall.   Stonewall has also called for the abolition of Common Law on the grounds that it was developed by those who think differently to themselves (including, of course, moderate homosexuals).  This demand itself is enough to show how dangerous uncontrolled sociopaths are.

[2]  The most important clauses in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Britain signed up to - those regarding the family and protection from degrading treatment - are being so perversely denied that Britain under the LGBT sex cult is as illegitimate as Germany was under the Nazi race cult.

[3]  What the family butcher actually said was that he was following the standards of reasonable men and women in contemporary society, thus claiming that morality is unreasonable. 

[4]  The view of the constitutional lawyer Frances Bennion is that Britain has become a Police State under ACPO.

[5]  The author was even harassed in his own home for having made a formal legitimate complaint about cleaning up used condoms and their contents outside his beach hut, and asking for the police to make appearances at illegal public nuisance male meetings nearby.

A sergeant was instructed by his superior to go to his home to tell him that the crimes he referred to would not be recorded and that he should not have made the complaint because times have changed!   He was even told that if he saw two men in the act of filling up their condoms in his beach hut porch he was not to have words with them but leave them in peace!!!!

 The claim that sexual disorientation does not affect judgement and that homosexuality does not prevent anyone from carrying out any responsible job is clearly nonsense - as can be seen by the fruits of sexually disoriented senior police officers from ACPO downwards.

The Dorset Police Commissioner - himself a proud leader within the criminal LGBT cult, but who stood on a non political platform keeping his supporting base secret in his election material - refused to investigate misfeasance amongst homosexual officers, claiming that no senior officer would behave in such a manner.  He even told the author not to contact him again about police corruption so irritated was this primadonna  that anyone should suggest anything corrupt about policing under extremist homosexuals !

Monday, 7 April 2014

UKIP Referendum on Use of English (Marriage)

UKIP does really need to add a referendum on Use of English to its policies.

A referendum question on English could go something like:

"Do you support traditional and modern precepts that state that English Law should be written in English, and that the legal definition of marriage should be the same as the standard dictionary, the customarily accepted, and the common law definition of marriage?"

YES (you're normal)

NO (your brain has been completely fried by criminal newspeak)

The sentences in parentheses could be optional on the voting forms.

Certainly the spiritual emptiness created by spiritual sloth - that everybody knows is at the heart of homosexuality - cannot be filled by any amount of mutilating legal systems and language.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Untouchable English Class

The problem with Satan is that he has no British sense of humour.

In fact Satan has no sense of humour - like his acolytes.

One of his mouthpieces - The Independent - in fact sacks any columnist displaying any humour.

What happened to the chap with the Maserati or the American girl who found British men sexy?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown however, is in no danger of such a fate.

She has the politically correct looks (do you remember when 'back of a bus' used to be an acceptable phrase?) to allow her to be a primadonna in the media.

On the Channel 4 program on Nigel Farage, this western thinking Muslim issued a fatwa for the media to censure Farage, and give him no coverage, whatever election law might say.

The reason she gave is that she found it really depressing that the English working class - the Untouchable Class to these New Left neo-stalinist, neo politically correct (*) elitists - should be supporting UKIP instead of  'kill all normal people' Labour, run by the alien with the glowing face and eerie eyes, whose

"We shall destroy all the politically incorrect. Not one shall live to write normal history"

dad was so pally with the supporter of Stalin's mass murder of 20-60 million politically incorrect humans.

(*)  The term 'politically correct' used by New Left sociopaths was taken straight from the term 'politically correct' that was used to refer to the evil Stalinist party line.   Its new humanity hating usage is designed to subvert society as a whole rather than concentrating on  Marxist subversion of  normal economics. It seeks to do this through mind control effected by changing language to force people to think differently - as suggested  by Orwell in 1984.  

Stalin's destruction of the human body was quite primitive compared to today's mass scientific destruction of minds, as one can see by the number of people who once thought sodomy was sick but now vote for sodomite fundamentalist political parties (ie the three main ones) and then proudly uttering in the pub "I'm the same as I always was".

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cyclists of the Apocalypse

One of the barbarian tribes that have met with least resistance in the sack of our Land are the Cyclists.

Romans have to look left and right before walking out of their villas onto the pavement.

Everywhere that was once made for and safe for civilised Romans to stroll has been overrun by the onslaught of the barbarians from Hell, as foretold in the Apocalypse.

Their favourite sport along seafront promenades is to race up behind unaware pedestrians and to zoom past them as fast as they can whilst only a tenth of an inch away - if that.

In close second place is the running over of toddlers on their tricycles. After all, you have to blame the parents for letting their children on a 'promenade'.

Bournemouth promenade first fell to marauding hordes of slitty eyed barbarians ignoring the Council's No Cycling signs.

To establish that they were still in control the Council changed the signs to cycling signs!

This then allowed hordes of white barbarians on their bicycles to pursue their campaign of terror against what they see as plebian pedestrian slaves to the barbarian's conquest.

The Cyclist tribe only managed all this with powerful allies - the barbarian Police and the Road Safety GB tribe.

When the Roman tribune of the people, Jeremy Clarkson, pointed out that cycling through red lights is dangerous and that cyclists should learn rudimentary aspects of the Highway Code, representatives of the Road Safety tribe were visibly and auditory, and no doubt olfactorily where Clarkson was sitting, stunned.

Stunned that anyone in this advanced age should be suggesting that the Holy Cyclist should bear any responsibility, and there could be any who do not understand that such responsibility is the responsibility of everyone else - to keep out of their way and to dedicate all land to the cyclist tribe's Pagan God - SocioPsychoPath.

Woe betide any who suggest to the Police tribe that they should be enforcing Roman Law against the barbarian cyclist. They will be outcast and their suggestion recorded as a racial hate incident against barbarians. At the very least they will be treated as narrow minded bigots having no place in the Glorious Barbarian Empire.

In fact, the Barbarian tribe of Police, ruled by the sexual barbarians of ACPO, are very touchy about anyone mentioning Roman Law.  That's because under Roman Law they are all committing criminal offences!  (Like institutionalised harassment, not to mention conspiracy to corrupt public morals in their provision of a 'Quality Hate Service'! *)

(*)  Incidentally, the response of the Home Office Police Minister Nick Herbert, to a senior barrister drawing attention to criminal activity of Police Chiefs and the Home Office, is that he is being negative pointing this out!   Whitehall yobs have quite a long tradition of lying and taking the p*ss ...

NB Road Safety GB have been invited to comment if they feel that they have been unfairly presented, although they have said that they had no objections to the way Top Gear was edited when confronted.

Monday, 24 February 2014

From British Empire to Total Joke in One Generation

Who is going to be able to stop laughing if they have to shake the Queen's hand?  She may as well dress up like an Alice in Wonderland queen with a big card as a dress.

The current sodomite crazed conversion of law stretching back 700 years old,  may just as well have the words 'mickey mouse' or 'no more beastly heterosexuals in charge with their weird thinking about the limited purpose of the rectum' scattered liberally on each page of this sexually dysfunctional crazed sodomite so called law, that only those with severe learning difficulties could regard as legitimate law - after all Parliament is bound by commitments Britain made after the war not to be ruled by an extremist cult of sexual dysfunction.

David Cameron could not be anymore of a joke prime minister than if he got his willy out and thumped the microphone outside Joke House, Downing Street, shouting "I'm a helicopter" jumping up and down..

Gulliver's Travels, where the little people could be seen as the politicians of the day, needs to be re-written so that the little people are little green men or anything but homo sapiens.

If you honestly perceive David Cameron and his ilk as human you're in a pretty sad state. It's easier to see the Nazis as human beings. Evil, yes, but still human beings, however depraved. At least they had no problem understanding that babies come from a man and a woman and parents mean a man and a woman.

It's a shame that with all the attention being paid to the law, no-one has drawn attention to the criminal offence of conspiracy to corrupt public morals, which Cameron and his criminal advisers - naming themselves after criminal attacks by sexually disoriented drunks at 3am at the unlicensed mafia pub, Stonewall - are totally enmeshed in.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

IT'S OFFICIAL - Parliament is Greater than God

In answer to the question whether the Coronation Oath to God requires the Monarch to grant Royal Assent to anything passed by Parliament - including Droit du Seigneur for Parliamentarians - the Palace has firmly replied that "there is no question of The Queen, as a Constitutional Sovereign, refusing the Royal Assent to an Act which has been passed by both Houses of Parliament."

These words, and the actions of the Queen since the Abortion or 'Herod' Act, clearly show how the Queen, as Head of the English Church, tells us that Parliament can exempt the Sovereign from any promise made to God in the pomp of Coronation.

It's a shame that with such concern about Consitutional matters, the Palace doesn't seek to remind Parliament that it is actually bounded.  Bounded by international commitments Britain made after confronting the insane Nazi racial cult. Commitments made to ensure that oppressors, like the insane LGBT sexual cult - as efficiently organised as the Nazis were - do not take control as they have done.

Parliament has essentially self destructed..