Thursday, 1 May 2014

Don't Stop at Cyril Smith - Cameron is Guilty Too Under Criminal Law

Why isn't Cameron and his Rocky Horror Show, promoting infidelity and immorality in marriage, being investigated under Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act 1977 - conspiracy to corrupt public morals?

This law formally confirms what everyone knows intuitively.

That Lizardman and his Sex Thugs are criminals - and organisations like Stonewall [1] and Pink News are criminal organisations.

The highly organised LGBT  sex cult is a criminal cult under English Law.  It is driven by a negative feedback loop of sexual psychosis, those affected unable to understand sexual reality, and taught by the cult's founder, Dr Weinberg, that those not seeing sodomy as normal are suffering from a mental illness - homophobia. 

In Rocky Horror Show Britain [2], however, even Nigel Farage is intimidated by this organised evil that has weaved its way throughout the Establishment.

Satanic Judge Munby - 'Morality is Unreasonable' 

Sadistic Judge James Munby even claimed that "reasonable men and women in contemporary English society" are not tainted by Christianity or sexual morality [3] !

No civilised society would have him as a judge, let alone a family judge.

Euphemistically called 'social workers' have claimed that it is bigoted not to want one's children State kidnapped [2] to be given to a sexually and emotionally dysphoric couple who can only find fulfillment through acts of sexual depravity.

The so called Charities Commission treats criminal offences like corruption of public morals, particularly aimed at minors, as a charitable object !

It allows openly criminal and fanatical organisations to register as charities, demanding legitimate charities bend to their debased standards, and engaging in openly criminal activities, including organising mass harassment of individuals daring to express standard moral beliefs.  These LGBT  criminal organisations that Rocky Horror Show Britain has turned into (fake) charities, have helped reduce any Big Society to the Big Terror.

Before Britain can become a proper legitimate State once again, ACPO  [4] will certainly need to be struck off the Companies House Register and a full investigation into how the Police was transformed into a criminal force - brainless gorillas kicking anyone in the face [5] who expresses moral views or Christian tenets. A Police Chaplain in the moral holocaust that is Scotland was actually dismissed for promoting Christian morality.


[1] Stonewall is even named after drunken criminal violence at 3am by dissolute yobo gangs, including the lowest forms of prostitutes, drinking at the illegal mafia pub called Stonewall.   Stonewall has also called for the abolition of Common Law on the grounds that it was developed by those who think differently to themselves (including, of course, moderate homosexuals).  This demand itself is enough to show how dangerous uncontrolled sociopaths are.

[2]  The most important clauses in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Britain signed up to - those regarding the family and protection from degrading treatment - are being so perversely denied that Britain under the LGBT sex cult is as illegitimate as Germany was under the Nazi race cult.

[3]  What the family butcher actually said was that he was following the standards of reasonable men and women in contemporary society, thus claiming that morality is unreasonable. 

[4]  The view of the constitutional lawyer Frances Bennion is that Britain has become a Police State under ACPO.

[5]  The author was even harassed in his own home for having made a formal legitimate complaint about cleaning up used condoms and their contents outside his beach hut, and asking for the police to make appearances at illegal public nuisance male meetings nearby.

A sergeant was instructed by his superior to go to his home to tell him that the crimes he referred to would not be recorded and that he should not have made the complaint because times have changed!   He was even told that if he saw two men in the act of filling up their condoms in his beach hut porch he was not to have words with them but leave them in peace!!!!

 The claim that sexual disorientation does not affect judgement and that homosexuality does not prevent anyone from carrying out any responsible job is clearly nonsense - as can be seen by the fruits of sexually disoriented senior police officers from ACPO downwards.

The Dorset Police Commissioner - himself a proud leader within the criminal LGBT cult, but who stood on a non political platform keeping his supporting base secret in his election material - refused to investigate misfeasance amongst homosexual officers, claiming that no senior officer would behave in such a manner.  He even told the author not to contact him again about police corruption so irritated was this primadonna  that anyone should suggest anything corrupt about policing under extremist homosexuals !

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  1. Munby's astonishing statement about reasonable people shows just what a sick man he is - from his own mouth!