Saturday, 31 July 2010

Rebrand the Arts!

The best ideas are the most obvious - which no-one has thought of because they're so obvious!

Like rebranding the Arts.

The Arts have got a terrible brand reputation. Not because the Arts are considered elitist - many would say no real art ever gets into elitist exhibitions.

But to the average taxpayer the word 'Art' conjures up images of dead sheep or litter or poems about used loo paper.

Rebrand the Arts as functional rather than spiritual or aesthetic and they can pay for themselves!!

- For example there is a wonderful symbiosis between the resident artist of the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth and the hotel's accountant.

Outside the hotel guest restaurant area are pictures which, although being difficult to view as spiritual in the current paradigm, are pretty good realist expressions of mass removal of bodily organs prior to incineration. Everybody loses their appetite, less food to serve, profits rise!

- Then there's medical research. Modern Art provides a fount of finished projects, projects which used to be initiated in mental hospitals to get a visual representation of what is going on in the patient's mind. Split images in these projects indicating schizophrenia, are fairly common. Adult and child porn images are not uncommon also. Many of these projects are by homosexuals who tend to have more interesting madness. So by examining these extreme examples it may be possible one day for these projects to lead to a cure for homosexuality - think of the money that would be worth.

- Or how about alternatives to prison that government is always seeking? The next best thing to flogging could be requiring offenders to sit through some of the worst modern plays (or some of the best depending on the critic - that mystical priest of the modern world whose mission is to merge the subjective and objective to provide new dimensions to the concept of truth).
Art offers great deterrents if used in the right way!

- Now much effort goes into many exhibits. These are often scorned simply because they're presented as Art.
Rebrand and market them as novelties, say, and they could attract a much larger appreciative audience. You could have NOVELTY CIRCUSES for example. They could tour the country!

The Arts are dead, long live the Arts!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Solving the National Debt Problem - easy when you know how

So it's not around £1 'trillion' pounds it's around £4 'trillion' pounds debt according to the Office of National statistics.

Satan's economists are now busy saying everyone needs to pay more taxes!  Why should we listen to those who have made a living spouting mumbo-jumbo without being right once with any real world statement? 

The real solution is this:

FIRSTbefore anything else we all need to start speaking proper English.  Or go back to school to learn arithmetic and power series.  Politicians, journalists and economists are all getting their billions and trillions mixed up!


1 Million = Thousand x Thousand

1 Billion = Million x Million  ( Million squared)  = 1,000,000,000,000

1 Trillion = Million x Million x Million   (Million cubed) = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

1 Quadrillion = Million x Million x Million x Million   (Million to the power 4)

1 Quintillion =  Million x Million x Million x Million x Million  (Million to the power 5)

1 Sexillion  = Million x Million x Million x Million x Million x Million (Million to the power 6)

1 Septillion = Million to the power 7

1 Octillion  =   Million to the power 8

1 Nonillion  =  Million to the power 9

1 Decillion  = Million to the power 10

1 Centillion = Million to the power 100

SECOND,  the government should stop spending money on anyone whose job it is to work out the most stupid things for a government to spend money on and then spend it on those stupid things.   That should shrink the upper echelons of  national and local government to about 0, saving lots of money.
THIRD, in the unlikely event saving money on stupid things doesn't provide enough to pay off the debt, well, go to step three. That is, this step. In this step the true meaning of 'taxing sin' is finally implemented.   Tax or criminalise real sin !  Indeed, anyone promoting sin in great self-righteousness could have their entire assets confiscated in criminal penalties.  There should be enough people in various Sin Liberation Movements to get to pay for the national debt! 

FOURTH there's always Johnny Foreigner we can get some money from.  Cars have to be taxed to be out in public, why shouldn't Johnny Foreigner have to be licensed to be out and about?

We could do this if we left EUgh and abandoned the Home Rule policy!

Good news though is that we are told is that assets exceed liabilities.

Time therefore to be also selling off assets that are a liability!
Gatsos can go under the hammer. So could Chief Constables' uniforms !

America however is in a worse state. Their Saviour is steering the country into 'superdebt' where debts exceed everything ie bankruptcy. The Saviour's Party were the first cause of the 'credit crunch' in the nineties - that was their first trick.  They demanded banks don't discriminate against loaning money to peope likely to default on mortgages, as that's, well, discrimination.

Obama must be trying to outdo Nelson Mandela - who managed to wreck an economy and once fine shopping centres, even when selling arms to genocidal regimes, whilst satan's disciples across the globe were all naming their goldfish after him.  No wonder he's always smiling.