Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mandela and The Perfect (Mass) Murder

"Murdering innocents is the new Sainthood"    

The forever smiling face of Nelson Mandela in the midst of his country's degeneration certainly made him a man of our time.

He is known for engineering a non violent revolution (after all his indiscriminate violence that is).  At least the country’s arms remained mostly intact, so that he could sell them to genocidally oriented regimes across the globe who hadn’t read his speeches about the importance of being nice - this loving terrorist liked to help relieve the black man of Africa of his earthly suffering and who could deny him his profit?

Not only did liberals love his style.

Anyone in a newspaper office who suggested that he was a cold blooded murderer suffering no remorse, or a Machiavellian politician engineering a one party State, or that he hardly represented all SA blacks (just the gangsters), or that his liberals’ Utopia was an AIDS ridden, crime ridden, anarchic economic hell hole, would be told to wash out their mouth with soap and water and then stand in a corner.

When Mandela visited Parliament, you couldn’t get anywhere near Parliament, even with a Press Card, unless you signed an affidavit stating that you had named at least one thing you owned after Nelson Mandela. If you didn’t have a goldfish to put on the form, a toothbrush would do.

No wonder he was always laughing.

Perhaps his cleverest moment was refusing to be let out of jail when this was offered if he renounced  violence - at his trial this loving man pleaded guilty to 156 acts of terrorism including murdering innocent women and children.

That way students across the world could keep their posters up "Release Nelson Mandela", the monster who refused to say sorry to the family of those he butchered.  The 'hero' whose case even Amnesty International refused to take up.

What isn't funny is that all those who paid homage to the smiling demon, when alive or dead, share in the atrocities for which he was responsible - against both white and black.

The movie has to be cinema's sickest offering of all time.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Patron Saint of Bully Boys

The so called Advertising Standards Authority have clarified their position on harassment.

They have stated that they do not consider that aggressive attitudes (name calling, 'bigot of the year' announcements etc) towards anyone who believes that the rectum evolved  for only one biological function constitutes harassment.

Gutter Britain relies on men of the gutter.

The men in suits from the ASA, encouraging sexually dysphoric clinical sociopaths engaging in conspiracy to corrupt public morals - a criminal offence, making them criminally insane -certainly are at home at ground level.

Hardly surprising that according to their website they've been evidently distressing some who have turned to them for some standards in advertising.

NB   The ASA have been invited to comment here.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Gigolo and Trading Law

The Criminal Offence of Refusing to be Raped

With prostitutes being taxed they provide a recognised commercial service under the law.

So a gigolo selling sexual services to any woman cannot discriminate and not provide them to a man.

So in New Labour-New Conservative-Old Liberal's  New Sodom, it is a criminal offence for such a man refusing to be sodomised.

Other sex slave provisions in New Sodom include B&B owners having no say as to who uses their marital bed, and ordinary people working in Registry Offices being forced to engage in deviant sexual rituals.

Then there's wedding cake makers and catering companies and hotel managers all turned into sodomite sex slaves.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Politicians in Cages

One thing they're not discussing at the Conservative conference is why they didn't used to have a ring of steel for their conferences - that is, where did they go wrong!

The reason they're not discussing it is that they feel perfectly at home in cages.

Cages is where they belong.

Together with the journalists acting as their unpaid PR rather than asking real questions.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mr Spock's Prescription for Earth

With so many half humans around, who does Mr Spock think should run the country?

Unfortunately, Mr Spock hasn't been born yet, but an intergalactic psychic has published the following premises and conclusion, given in a trance conversation with the future Mr Spock:


1. Humans and Vulcans both need established principles of government.

2. It's a well established principle on Earth that minorities are the most important people and so should rule the majority.  It's called Democracy.

3. Sexual minorities are the most important minorities as seedy sex is the most attractive thing for most of the opinion formers.

4. The most responsible minority should rule.

5. Shoe sniffers are a sexual minority who are discreet and respect non shoe sniffers - they don't  tell everyone what they get up to and expect everyone to say how sweet or else call them shoephobic.

6. Currently 'gays' rule. They're the most wacko of sexual minorities, engaging in faecal sex and unremitting megalomania, demanding that everyone should consider this as normal behaviour, just like marching down the streets chanting how proud they are of their bottoms, launching the WMD AIDS, followed by even more exhibitionism, followed by name calling against anyone unimpressed with them is perfectly normal behaviour. The female gays constitute the cunnilingus and dildo cocky know it all sexual minority - all claiming that they come from a Greek island and really pissing off the locals there, not caring of course.


Shoe sniffers are more socially responsible than gays so the Earth should be run by shoe sniffers.


Monday, 15 July 2013

The Psychology of David "little runt" Cameron

"No evil conqueror in history ever dismantled the marriages of the conquered"

I don't subscribe to the theory that Cameron is a closet paedophile or one of the up and coming bestials who sees the dismantling of marriage as the first step to the salvation of all forms of immorality.

A second theory, comparing early facial expressions of Hitler and Cameron on film, is that they are both drinking from the same dark energy.  Cameron certainly has no real interest in the lost souls whose social salvation he claims to seek.  Also, the Conservative Party and government could be just tools to him - like they are to his sexual nazi leaders - breaking them doesn't matter as long as the job is done. Tools to achieve that godlike prominence in human history.  The glory of transforming human history.  Transforming mankind. To be a God.

A third theory is that he is just doing it for intoxicating twisted kicks.

Of course, there is always a fourth possibility that Cameron is telling the truth when he says that he believes that it is reactionary for anyone in the Conservative Party to be unimpressed with sodomy  (the gateway through which AIDS arrived into the world), sexual confusion, licentiousness, genital mutilation, and contempt of Christianity and human language, not to mention being unimpressed with formal objections from the people of Lesbos.

A fifth possibility, and probably nearer the mark, is that as Cameron just wanted to be Prime Minister - his only real goal for the country - and that given that fanatical sodomites/wackos are in control of the real power, after organised infiltration of government over many years, Cameron is just doing what he's told to do (I'm sure they tell him politely) as the easiest way of feeling important.

Whatever the case, the soul of David Cameron is certainly one of those that the devil has full title to.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pigs, Pervs and Paedos Pillage and Rape People's Marriages

"No conqueror in history has sodomised the marriages of the conquered"

Most of the so called Lords voted to allow the 'Bill' to automatically abolish the marriage people are in, and then automatically thrust them into an institution with rectum abuse, ex post facto at its legal centre, to proceed.  

An institution also founded on unnatural practices, sexual disorientation, genital mutilation, and psychotic hatred of words like 'marriage', 'wife', 'husband' in all languages - that is, a psychotic hatred of human beings characteristic of demons (*).

To add insult to injury in true de Sade style, the new depraved institution, is to be given the same name - 'marriage'.

Even the Rocky Horror Show never dreamt of such exquisite perversions and torturous rape.

What is certain, is that even the original Nazis were more easily identified as human beings than most of those in so called parliament.

What is equally certain is that such large scale breach of human rights - State sexual bullying/sadism - renders Britain as legitimate a State under the original UN Declaration as Nazi Germany.

The similarity between the Nazis misusing German Law to implement deviant race theories, and today's sexual nazis misusing Western Law to implement deviant sex theories, is quite striking.

First we had basic human rights of orphans abolished under New Labour, with the support of David Cameron, the most ignominious and despised Conservative leader ever, who likes to drink to the full the cup of being important, and treat orphans with about as much respect as inanimate dolls.  

And now we have the abolition of real marriage in a rogue homosexual Police State!   

A land where sickos genuinely believe that Parliament can do whatever it likes, despite the lessons of WWII and commitments to human rights. 

A land where sickos believe that Parliament can pass 'laws' giving the Droit du Seigneur to Parliamentarians and declare homosexuals 'married'.

As for the word 'marriage' and its clear English meaning, the satanic sodomites are once again at work destroying language. 

Just as the word 'gay' developed a colloquial meaning of 'loose woman' or 'licentious', the colloquialism being then used by big mouth homosexuals who thought it amusing to call themselves 'gay' in that colloquial sense - leading to now one being unable to use the word 'gay' in its proper sense - the word 'marriage' is soon to become something arrogantly odious, like the word 'gay' became.

The Politics of Abuse, where normal heterosexuality is called 'homophobia', has now developed into the Politics of  Sadism. 

This was planned for years by networked criminally insane sodomites, making former Freemasonry seem like a children's party. Certainly the freemasonry of sodomy (ie sexual perversion) in the Police Force, Home Office, and so called Ministry of Justice, is stronger than the funny handshake kind ever was.   
(*)  The prevalence of the word 'hatred' within the Establishment is a mirroring of the hatred the new nazis in control have of normality, Britain, and ordinary people.  At least the original Nazis didn't come up with the word 'Naziphobic' to use against Jews.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Pride in Evil

"Whores and rogues of their honour often speak"
                   Old English Proverb

Islamic terrorism and AIDS are amongst the greatest problems of the age.

Everyone knows that the former is a result of unadulterated Koranic incitement to hatred and killing affecting the disaffected.

Everyone knows that the latter was a result of mass rectum abuse and gross sexual practices, particularly in the States and Africa.

Adding insult to injury we have the absurd terms 'islamaphobia' and 'homophobia'.

These terms can only be seen by the normal person as an expression of pride in evil.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Welsh vs English Police "Sheep Shaggers"

Being drunk and calling policemen in Wales  "sheep-shaggers" is racially aggravated disorderly conduct.

Being drunk and calling policemen in England  "sheep-shaggers" is just disorderly conduct.

Luckily for me I'm an honorary Welshman (according to some locals where I hide myself away at times!).

I will certainly be claiming any insult against me constitutes a racial hate incident.

Now Englishmen could never get away with that.

Jack Straw, of East European descent (they're called sleepers), explained: "the English are potentially very aggressive, very violent" - obviously they're second class citizens, deserving of the finest insults.  

In Beelzebub's 'Rocky Horror Show' Britain, the English, like the normal heterosexual, are personae non gratae.  This is the first article of Beelzebub's Creed developed by Jack Straw and fellow Beelzebubians.

Beelzebubian Human Rights are nobly aimed at foreigners and homosexuals being able to insult, or take the P out of, the English and heterosexuals as much as they like - any retaliatory insults constituting hate incidents by racists and homophobes. 

Never let it be said that Beelzebub doesn't look after his own....

Thursday, 28 February 2013


Currently those who marry in Church have two marriage certificates.

One from the Church and one from the Registrar's Office.

This practice will have to be changed if the Bill to use the word 'marriage' in two different ways is passed.

It would be macabre to expect those who marry in Church making vows to be part of one institution to be then required to sign that they agree to be part of another institution completely at odds with the one they had just made vows to join!


Similarly it would be sexual sadism if existing married couples are automatically forced against their will to be part of an institution where sodomy plays an integral part.

If the bill is passed they should be allowed to return their certificates if they wish.

I am sure that all those who avidly use the word 'fair' will welcome such a proposal and for such an amendment.

Indeed, even if the bill is not passed, it would still be sexual sadism now to require people married in Church to have two marriage certificates, following the government's claim that rectum abuse should be an integral element of the legal meaning of the consummation of civil 'marriage'.

Also having ONLY one certificate is the ONLY way of showing exactly which institution a couple has agreed to - whether holy matrimony or satanic marriage (eg those ordained by The Church of Satan, Homosexual Cults posing as Christians, The Church of Jimmy Savile and the Music Industry, the Registrar's Office, or any held at the BBC, Downing Street, Whitehall or Parliament buildings).
As for what should really happen, the sexual bully boys and girls all need to be tried and sentenced in an international court, whether they led 'government' or 'charity' or hacking attempts on this site.  A court with the power to imprison or have kept in secure mental establishments!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Monarch and the, um, Coronation Oath

"So should I give consent to flatter sin?"
                                              Henry VI Part 1

"So should I give consent to flatter sin?  Well I have so far."
                                                                                      Elizabeth II

So instead of providing counselling to men suffering from acute emotional dysphoria leading to the development of self identity as nothing more than anal fetish (such mental patients have repeatedly claimed "I am the act"), Beelzebub has instructed the minds of those he controls in his Satanic Temple (aka Parliament) to write the Book of the Travesty of Marriage.

If it gets through the Lords the Queen will no doubt rubber stamp it as she has other verses from the Dark Bible (aka Statutes).

The Queen, however, knows right from wrong.  She knows the meaning of words she uttered in the Coronation Oath.

She knows that "God"  means neither Ministers nor Parliament.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Politician in Charge

"If God does nothing about Parliament He owes a written apology to Sodom and Gomorrah"
With an unconstitutional fixed 5 year Parliamentary term - allowing no dissent - we are, constitutionally, in a dictatorship.

Not a benevolent one.

Although selling his soul for five years of being treated as important, David Cameron still has to follow the policies of the Dark Lord Beelzebub (although in truth, Beelzebub's power seems to have shrunk quite a lot, if in order to assert earthly authority, he needs his acolytes to engage in mass sexual bullying and name calling of anyone who throws up at the sight of two men kissing, including the orphans given to them in 'adoption' ).

Moderates - particularly moderate MPs and moderate homosexuals - are all considered traitors in the sexual dictatorship, but can console themselves that treason has more or less been abolished as a crime.  Normal heterosexuals in the real world are not, of course, considered at all.

Shakespeare, whether or not he was indeed 'greedy', certainly has things to say about all this. 

"Thou art sick in the world's regard, wretched and low, a poor unminded outlaw sneaking home!"
                                                                                                           -Henry V

"Such is thy audacious wickedness, thy lewd pestiferous and dissentious pranks, as very infants prattle of thy pride"
                                                                                                -Henry VI, Part 1

"Pernicious blood sucker of sleeping men."
                                                  -Henry VI, Part 2

"I think he be transformed into a beast, for I can no where find him like a man."
                                                                                               -As You Like It

"From the extremest upward of thy head to the descent and dust beneath thy foot, a most toad spotted traitor."
                                                            -King Lear

"His humour is lofty, his discourse peremptory, his tongue filed, his eye ambitious, his gait majestical, and his general behaviour vain, ridiculous, and thrasonical.  He is too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were, too peregrinate, as I may call it."
                                                          - Love's Labour's Lost

"You are not worth another word"
                                             -Twelfth Night