Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Monarch and the, um, Coronation Oath

"So should I give consent to flatter sin?"
                                              Henry VI Part 1

"So should I give consent to flatter sin?  Well I have so far."
                                                                                      Elizabeth II

So instead of providing counselling to men suffering from acute emotional dysphoria leading to the development of self identity as nothing more than anal fetish (such mental patients have repeatedly claimed "I am the act"), Beelzebub has instructed the minds of those he controls in his Satanic Temple (aka Parliament) to write the Book of the Travesty of Marriage.

If it gets through the Lords the Queen will no doubt rubber stamp it as she has other verses from the Dark Bible (aka Statutes).

The Queen, however, knows right from wrong.  She knows the meaning of words she uttered in the Coronation Oath.

She knows that "God"  means neither Ministers nor Parliament.


  1. Equality of procreation and sodomy !!

    The queen would hardly have stayed silent so long against the rise of sexual nazism against wives, mothers and children unless she was baked from the same dough as cameron and the rest of them.

  2. If burglars got together and their MP explained how "words hurt" when people say a burglary makes them feel physically sick, then the Queen could consent to burglary.

    1. To anonymous Not just burglars. I received a message from a bestiality promoter giving exactly the same arguments for bestiality as for same sex so called marriage. I love my dog ..he loves me..minority rights..equality..etc

  3. I wouldn't shake her hand. A real woman would just say no to orphans being treated as dolls for men, sick in the head, to play mummies and daddies with, not caring what the children will grow up to think and be disturbed about it all, because their 'daddies' love their dolls so much.

  4. Parents should keep their children away from London. That's where the queen and her Monster Parties live, gobbling up children and saying "Yum yum, we're king of the castle and you normal people are dirty rascals".