Tuesday, 4 December 2012

SKYFALL - The Moral of the Teenage Q

Skyfall brought in more money than any other Bond film.

It also had the daftest plot.

There's a moral here for all entrepreneurs!

First the teenage Q played the big shot - "I can do more damage in my pyjamas before breakfast on my laptop than you can do in a year in the field.".

Well, actually he was right.

He went on to brag about how he wrote the security which only a handful of people knew about, including the villain.

Then, he cleverly switched on the villain's laptop using the security he wrote -  which promptly released the imprisoned villain to blow a hole in London's underground, and shooting any number of people before shooting out a public enquiry.

Not wishing to be outdone by the teenager, Bond then cleverly set a trap for the villain - "one step ahead"  he said.

The trap involved using M as bait, to lure the villain and his small army with heavy firepower to a remote house, where Bond and an old gamekeeper would take them on with a couple of shotguns.

Surprise, surprise, this got M killed.

At least the film had a silver lining - it got rid of  Judi Dench who just stood there terrified in the chapel even when the villain gave her his gun to shoot him...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Civil Partnerships - Tips for Terrorists and Pension Advice

The simplest method of getting a British passport if you're a foreign terrorist is to sign a Civil Partnership form.

Just get a follower in Britain to sign a Civil Partnership with you.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a homosexual!
As registrars have pointed out, you just need to be a same sex couple under the law. Registrars don’t have to enquire what sort of same sex couple you are.

They’d rather not in fact.

The registrar doesn’t have to ask you to produce a doctor’s letter or tick a box as to whether you’re unisexual self loving males, bisexual homosexuals, bisexual heterosexuals, a bisexual homosexual and a bisexual heterosexual,  two female to male transsexuals, two male to female transsexuals, or just two mental patients.

There's no legal requirement for two people of the same sex to be sexually disoriented for them to be eligible to enter into a Civil Partnership.

Also don’t worry about any downside to Civil Partnerships.
You can still then get legally married in your own country - do it before it gets nuked from Sodom though.

Once you’ve signed you can then apply for your leave to stay and your British passport after you’ve graced the country enough. There shouldn’t be any problem about the passport either according to the Home Office unless you’ve become too famous as a terrorist.

Any problems and just contact any nearby friendly passport  agency.

You’ll find them under the Sexuality heading in the front of the phone book. Remember that in the West, the word ‘Sexuality’ means homosexuality whenever you come across the word (heterosexuality is not recognised in English Law).

They should be able to advise you or deal with your application to save you the trouble. Just remember what Mohammed said though about how to behave  in the enemy camp. Act offended if anyone mentions terrorism or heterosexuality.

You should though feel quite at home with them. You have a lot in common. After all, you believe that Mohammed was right to behead Jews who didn't believe that he was God's favourite person, because Mohammed is God's favourite person. And they believe in an undiscovered homo- and bisexual genetic program causing sexual dyslexia, the impulsive need to never stop telling everybody about it, accompanied with the further belief that anyone who doesn’t say “how sweet” is suffering from an unrecognized medical phobia - 'homophobia'.

Well, maybe you don’t have that much in common with them after all. 

Never mind though, if you stay in the West long enough you might.

Now, once you’ve got your dual minority cover sorted, you’ll find that as a British homosexual Muslim in a civil partnership you should have no problem from the Police guided by ACPO.

Don't forget to mention your homosexual Muslim civil partnership if you get stopped casing Whitehall. You'll find a civil partnership is better than a Press Card for your purposes and  much easier to get. You might even try adopting a baby to train him from birth for his mission. That should be easier than getting a Press Card too in a country that loves freedom of speech so much. Enjoy.

Of course, if you want real kudos, a fantastic cover, and special treatment, just come over and apply to stay claiming you’re a gay activist from Iran. Your application will automatically be accepted under the rules for heroes. An appointment will then be arranged for tea with the Queen, and autograph signing at local police gay meetings. You’ll probably get a Press Card given to you as special gesture by The Guardian or The Independent  as well, with a Welcome card signed by all the columnists.

Now you should be able to get similar access and  passports to most of your major global targets. In fact all your targets are likely to be homosexual countries so the civil partnership route can be used in them all.

By  the way, don’t bother dissolving a civil partnership to get another in a different country. They’ll never know and Allah has more important demands on your time.

If you need to dissolve one though, use the reason “Non consummation – both parties discovered they were heterosexual”.  If a judge asks any questions just say neither of you believed in sex before marriage, and that you only thought you were homosexual because that’s what you were taught at school under your country’s  Education, Education, Education policy.

Another ground would be ‘unreasonable behaviour’. Explain to the judge that the other chap kept telling everyone, everywhere you went, that he was your wife. Not only that, he kept wanting to sodomise you when you were alone. You could use any grounds actually. The judge won’t want to keep you any longer than he has to, before he can get back to some sensible law - although that would have to be from pretty far back.

Alternatively, tell the truth “We entered into it to get one of us rights of access to your country. The law only requires two signatures of people of the same sex to get total rights and privileges to everything in your country. We have nothing like it in our country and we are so grateful that Allah has made you stark staring bonkers so that you can be properly buggered. Now will you dissolve the bl**dy thing?”.

Author's Note:  To the whining homosexual and the discriminated against bestiality promoter who've written to me, I say this.  Read this book www.perhaps-by-luz.com , realise how lucky you are, get your heads out of your arses, and get a life.

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Dawkins Illusion

Traditionally, the more humble a person is, the greater is their spirituality.

In atheism, it's the opposite.

The more arrogant and clever a person thinks they are, the greater esteem they are held in by lesser atheists.

This is understandable once one realises that evangelical atheism is a form of satanism.

Now if one wants to get involved in arguments about the existence of God one merely has first to point to those like Dawkins delivering arguments.  Well, call them arguments, which even a second former (well, a second former in my old school) could shred.

A display of arrogance and superiority of being is the key element in their thesis.

Dawkins even joins the holocaust denial types, talking about "if Jesus ever existed".

These atheists are also very fond of Modern Physics.

Atheists believe that a cat in a box is neither dead nor alive and that contradictions can co-exist.

Now Aristotle could be called the Father of Modern Physics, founded on contradictions.

Aristotle was the first recorded writer to point out that from a contradication one can prove anything.

After all, if we have A and  Not A, then we have A.  Therefore we have A or B, where B is anything you like. But we don't have A, therefore we have B.

Therefore, Modern Physics can prove anything - indeed I recall a physics lecturer mumbling under his breath that 'they' made it up as they go along.

Being able to prove anything, the atheist also claims modern physics proves God doesn't exist.

Now, after pointing to the atheists, turn your attention to the real scientists.

The British of course, who developed classical physics.

Now all these real scientists believed in God!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cannibals On Toast

Note: AIDS may not be Nature's last word on sexual deviancy. 
Organised bestiality groups seeking 'Equal Rights' as a  sexual minority have taken ground in the USA . 'Equal Rights' would involve marriage to animals and child adoption.

I was asked once to make some comments on a draft of Dr Bennetts book Eating Matters (now available for 1p on Amazon!).

There's a touching quote in it from affectionate, loving cannibals -  “It's better to lie inside the warm stomach of a friend than alone in the cold dark ground” .

It shows how badly organised cannibals are - they should really eat themselves in shame at not getting themselves included in the Equality Society.

Anyway here's some tips for them.

Target children, they're tastier.

Appeal therefore to equal rights and diversity to bring cannibalism into schools.

Talk about how prejudiced people are against cannibals, even if they haven’t had their toes bitten off by one.

Call your opponents canniphobic.  Liken them to Ghengis Khan or Hitler, but with brains like neanderthals.

Point to how cannibalism was accepted in some societies in history.

Use the phrase ‘healthy eating’ however rather than cannibalism.

Eventually ‘healthy eating’ would become synonymous with cannibalism.

Talk about how human protein is good and that it’s barbaric eating inferior animal meat.

Explain how human meat is best for children.

Point out how it's children's human rights to eat healthily.

Talk about human rights of cannibals as persons.

If you're a politician talk about how immoral it is for hospitals to burn human protein when the rest of the world is starving. Argue that at least the foetus, not regarded as human in any way, should be ate in a moral world. Hook up with Michelin chefs who could present the nutritional value of unwanted children in BBC cookery programmes. Get Blue Peter involved - after all 'nothing is impossible' is the BBC's motto.

 Make people feel guilty and cruel if they disapproved of healthy eating wills.  After all, people can donate their organs, why not their meaty flesh to the world?

Point to cannibalism in the animal world. After all, if it’s good enough for scorpions, it must be natural for humans to eat each other too.

Obviously you need to get films like the Hannibal Lechter ones banned for stereotyping cannibal persons, and anyone speaking out against cannibalism getting visits from Police officers under ACPO's quality hate services.

Claim there is evidence to show that many famous people in history were cannibals, like Jesus Christ, Issac Newton, Beethoven, Lillie Langtry etc.

If you're in local Government or the Police get vegetarian singers banned from Council run theatres.

Get every liberal in the country talking about ‘canniphobia’.

Set up cannibal charities to terrorise politicians into criminalising Meals on Wheels charities unless they served human omelette.

Set up cannibal helplines to recruit lost souls for your campaigns.

Cannibal journalists should ask every politician, at every opportunity, whatever the issue, whether they support healthy eating.

Repeat yourself until people found it easier to go along with you than to be called canniphobic anymore.

If you couldn't get the police to collect toenail clippings from arrested persons to donate to PC Meals on Wheels charities you really do need to eat yourself in shame.

Friday, 28 September 2012

The Nincompoop

  NB For those who feel it is a breach of social etiquette to call the Archbishop of Canterbury a nincompoop, I would point to the need for those in high office to accept responsibilities - in this case the responsibility to stand up to rather than seek to appease the sexual extremists plaguing moderate heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.

One can only assume that the decision to choose the Archbishop of Canterbury is done during a wild party of dope and drink and merriment.

Rowan Williams ( I keep thinking of Rowan Atkinson when his name comes up) said in a video that the Church had been slow in recognising civil rights for homosexuals.

Civil rights are universal. They include homosexuals - there has never been any need to recognise them as they're not missing!

What the sexual nazis - fond of constantly mentioning the word nazi in their propoganda pink press and organised widespread campaigns of criminal harassment - do want of course is to eliminate basic civil rights for everyone apart from themselves.

For example, they demand that the basic civil right of marriage is to be replaced by a civil right involving not marriage but something only sexual nazis recognise.

Thus removing a basic civil right for all - except the nazi sodomites.

One of the most basic human rights of all - that of being found adoptive parents for children without parents has already not only been been removed but replaced by the sexual nazi control of the law regarding children, in which the child is to be seen as mentally deficient ('homophobic') if they cringe at the sight of 'two fathers' holding hands, the child wishing for real parents like the other children.

Under Rowan Atkinson the Church has now gone the way of the gay Police force talking about any cringing at the thought of faecal sex, that's caused the greatest health problem in human history, as being a homophobic hate crime!


Friday, 31 August 2012

Facebook Friends

It doesn't seem to matter what so called security settings you have set for a Facebook account. Like access to friends only (even if they happen to be relatives). Perverts can still appear in your face!

For example, if you make a comment on another Facebook page, then that would provide a pervert access to your private account or 'wall' or whatever Facebook calls it.

From what was written on my wall it seems that they were the same perverts that hijacked the British Police Force to promote men's bottoms.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Treat Them - Don't Encourage Them !!

Paul McKenna once hypnotised a stage subject to fall in love with a mop.

He got so in love he had to be restrained!

In his normal state the subject didn't fancy mops!!

Just as normal people don't experience sexual attraction with a member of the same sex!!

Now most sexual deviancy - loving mops, shoe sniffing etc are not socio-pathological.

Organised sodomy has certainly proved to be as well as begetting the greatest plague in history.

Junior Police officers for example are forced to record any complaint of 'homophobia', where 'homophobia' - already a pathological word - is defined by police 'leadership' as meaning anything the complainant choses it to mean - including church services.

As expected in socio-pathological thinking, heterosexuals have no equivalent recourse to the time of junior officers.

Funds should be made available for research and treatment of the greatest mental health problem facing the Globe - sexual and emotional dysphoria .

Advances in the mind sciences including NLP and hypnotherapy need to be furthered to treat what is one of the greatest threats facing the World today.
Those who use their power to encourage sexual deviancy, particularly by trampling on human rights, rather than further research into treatment should really be shot in front of their families !!

Union Jack poster by Banski - provided free at http://www.picturesonwalls.com/

Friday, 1 June 2012

Why there are no responsible Ministers

Well, they all would have resigned by now, wouldn't they?

Cowboy government rolls on!

Hang 'em High!!

Surely the Queen has the power to hang her Ministers?

And ma'am, one hopes that demands from the wicked sodomites to sodomise everyone, not just a few angels, don't overshadow the Jubilee.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gay Births Deaths and Marriages

Note: this post doesn't refer to moderate homosexuals
who must have had enough of the gay nazis !

Since the Sun run a headline on the Gay Mafia, they've come a long way.

They've even got the 'government' committed to converting every country in the World into a sodomite fundamentalist sexual nazi State too - none of which any normal person of course need consider legitimate, just as normal Germans didn't consider the Nazi State to be legitimate. Mind you, at least the Nazis didn't intimidate normal Germans by calling them Naziphobic.

The current thing is Marriage.

The idea is to treat a serious sexual and emotional disorder as normal and to redefine consummation of marriage to include sodomy so that no normal person would ever want to get married.

Now by definition 'Equal Marriage' = 'Gay Marriage' given that it is the abolition of dictionary marriage plus mental patient marriage.

So we have No Sodomy, No Marriage under Conservative Equal Divorce Law, and if one of the mental patients has got piles, is that grounds for divorce too, if he's marked as the wife on the Equal Marriage certificate, the terms husband and wife both referring to both sexes under Equality Law?

As for the Aryan Nazi lookalike leading the Porn Party, he's really got into bondage, hasn't he, not allowing his MPs a free vote?

But hold on. What about the bisexuals?

They're a new hyperactive gender under Gay Mafia law aren't they?

How come they're not having the right to bigamy under the proposals?

The reason it seems is that they're regarded as an inferior gender - or 'greedy' as gay lib jurisprudence might technically describe them.

Also being half heterosexual, they only qualify for half the rights in Modern Sodom.

The attitude of the gay Mnistry of Justice, fount of gay nazi propoganda "Guidance to Judges" - treating normal heterosexual judges as unsound - would be 'sod them', in the new language of the masters of the judiciary.

But what do the Gay Mafia have against single women?

Why not allow single women to register as married if it makes them happy? After all, many single women feel socially inferior to their married friends. Doesn't the social inequality they experience count ?

Also what about the 'legal' definition of births and deaths?

Fanatical Ministers have shrieked loudly enough for everyone to know that it's up to them what words mean - nothing to do with customary usage or what the dictionaries agree on.

Given that a birthday on the first of the month is always nice, how about parents being able to purchase a legal date of birth just like the DoT sells car registration plates?

Many people feel younger than their chronological age - why shouldn't they be able to change their legal year of birth too?

After all, it's what makes us happy that's important as the 'government' describes in the marriage thing, and we can already decide whether we want to be a man or a woman on official documents to make us happy, and let us men into the women's changing rooms.

Selling a different legal date of birth would also make many people feel more with it and equal to those younger than themselves.

That would benefit the economy and make people happy !

Sunday, 22 April 2012

David Cameron aka Dorian Gray

Just a short post this Easter after last year's
Easter Message from the Lord of Darkness.

I want to remove it but feel Mr Cameron should show some backbone first and stop thinking he'll end up with a horse's head in his bed if he doesn't do everything he is ordered to by the Gay Mafia, Stonewall - named after an illegal Mafia pub illegally serving drinks to drunken thugs throwing bottles at the police who came to enforce licensing laws.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Was Satan An Alien?

In the 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' a sexy KGB woman in standard issue tight clothing captured Indiana Jones. She was after an alien artifact she believed could control minds.

The idea was that Russia could convert the world to Communism by remote control.

"The beauty of it is" she said "is that no-one will know what is happening".

Did the wicked Sodomites - you know,  the ones that name themselves after the illegal drinking, drunkeness and violence of Stonewall - find such an artifact?  

Monday, 27 February 2012

Jeremy Paxman - An Empire Himself !!!

Never has a narcissist feigned more humility.

"How did Britain get such a big head?" he asked in his usual scholarly language in the educational programme he wrote about the British Empire.

As if he didn't know how to grow the biggest head of all !

In order to get people interviewed to give the right answer, Paxman would endlessly repeat the question, some of which were clearly edited out of the programme.

This BBC cad was even reduced to interviewing an unrepentant terrorist involved in murdering many innocent people to give him the answer he wanted.

Facts such as the background to the Balfour policy, involving Britains' need for acetone in WW2 and Jewish support in getting the USA to aid them in the war against German aggression, not to mention the role of the League of Nations went completely out of the window. Paxman even claimed the British invented Zionism !

At least the programme was worth watching to listen to a Bedouin elder who, whilst Paxman was desperately trying to get him to slag off Laurence of Arabia as a special tit bit for Paxman's patron the BBC, said "He (Laurence) was a real man. You want to be near someone like that".

Who would want a table in a restaurant next to Jermey Paxman?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Twitter and Facebook - A MINORITY GROUP !!!

Like many leaders of minorities, Twitter and Facebook think that not only their users but the rest of the world should be oppressed by them !

You can't even look up a bus timetable without being asked to 'like it' on facebook or tweet to your friends about it:    "Hey &@@:guys, just dig this ><;!amzing bus timetable'~= I've++ just /%%^ discovered ".  

Mass suicide cults don't get any dafter !!

In order to know what I write about I set up a test account on twitter.

To my surprise I  suddenly found I had three different women following me.   They all had the same photo though.  Investigating I saw that they had no profile and were following thousands of others, that is spamming them and with a cloaked link to a sex site.

Twitter obviously cannot prevent this sort of thing or I wouldn't have been so popular!!

So it looks like Twitter is another site that parents need to block from children (and themselves of course unless they have all the time in the world).
 As for Facebook, mass identity theft by crazed Facebook executives/managers is the latest thing they're getting away with.  But hey, 'this is the Wild West, who's gonna stop them?'

What Facebook has been doing now is sending emails to users falsely claiming that some particular 'friend' of theirs has recommended the user add as a friend, a friend of that particular friend.

Yes, Facebook themselves, not some spammer pretending to be Facebook.

I know - it happened in a test account I set up to investigate the global Facebook mafia .

It also happened to a friend in the real world.  She hadn't used her account for over a year, and then learnt that Facebook had sent an email falsely claiming she was asking people to add as a friend one of her friends on Facebook.
If Facebook with personal details of millions can so openly lie to their users, how can we trust them not to  carry out global and dastardly criminal plans ?!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What happened to the pseudo-intellectual ?

The term 'pseudo-intellectual' was quite common when I went to university.

What elevated them to controlling the world ?

I reckon it was when they stopped serving just themselves and became soldiers in satan's army.

Being soldiers they are obviously legitimate targets within libel law!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Illegitimacy of the Sodomite Fundamentalist State

Why the UK and Many Other Western Countries Are Not Legitimate

Under International Law

The UN Declaration of Human Rights forms a foundation of International Law following German atrocities - before Germany took over European Constitutions and currencies to officially prevent further atrocities from breaking out.

Virtually every principle under the Declaration is breached against normal people in the Sodomite Fundamentalist States, created in the West after sodomites created the worst global plague in history.


Churches have regarded States as legitimate under the principle of giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

When Caesar starts to ask for what belongs to God then Churches can no longer teach the legitimacy of the State. Unless, from a theological perspective, that Church serves Satan.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Why You Don't See Many Asians Eating in Asian Restaurants

In the old days before fridges, food could be completely killed using spices to make it last longer in the heat.

It also made it more interesting to the visiting Klingon and resident British rulers.

In fact it was only the more refined gastronomic tastes of the rest of Europe which prevented them from also building empires the size of the British one.

When fridges were invented the British taste for such food continued. Enterprising Asians created new recipes knowng that the same food can be sold to the British at five times the price if it is spiced out of recognition.

This is why Indian restaurants are not set up for Indians, or Chinese restaurants set up for the Chinese.

They’ve all got fridges and are into real food - Cordon Bleu and Mediterranean and endless caviar they can afford after charging sad but rich customers £40 for takeaway chowmein and rice for two with a couple of greasy spring rolls thrown in.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Is Google Sex Crazy?

I thought I'd see how someone else played a Chopin's Polonaise so I brought up a YouTube video.

Apparently what I really wanted according to YouTube was to see a long ad about incompatible sex drives.

Perhaps Google's 'content related' adsense felt that that would be appropriate given the Allegro Appassionato nature of the piece.

It's not just Google of course.

Wikipedia is into real weird stuff.  I'm told it has more 'lets be weird' and 'let's have weird sex' articles normally found in specialist magazines for certain sad types of people than some sites into that sort of thing!

Wikipedia claims it is not a manual or soapbox.   It does though seem to be a sex manual for sexual revolutionaries written by anonymous scholars like 'kinkysexbuddy' and 'hotcrocodile'. Administrators seem firmly in favour of the revolting revolutionaries and any warning notices about some practices have been treated as 'disruptive editing'.

So, parents, Wikipedia needs to be amongst those sites you block. Don't worry, there's nothing valuable on Wikipedia that can't be found elsewhere with more authority on a more salubrious site.

Come Back Bill Gates, all is forgiven - you can't help being technically challenged.

At least you're not a pervert.