Monday, 27 February 2012

Jeremy Paxman - An Empire Himself !!!

Never has a narcissist feigned more humility.

"How did Britain get such a big head?" he asked in his usual scholarly language in the educational programme he wrote about the British Empire.

As if he didn't know how to grow the biggest head of all !

In order to get people interviewed to give the right answer, Paxman would endlessly repeat the question, some of which were clearly edited out of the programme.

This BBC cad was even reduced to interviewing an unrepentant terrorist involved in murdering many innocent people to give him the answer he wanted.

Facts such as the background to the Balfour policy, involving Britains' need for acetone in WW2 and Jewish support in getting the USA to aid them in the war against German aggression, not to mention the role of the League of Nations went completely out of the window. Paxman even claimed the British invented Zionism !

At least the programme was worth watching to listen to a Bedouin elder who, whilst Paxman was desperately trying to get him to slag off Laurence of Arabia as a special tit bit for Paxman's patron the BBC, said "He (Laurence) was a real man. You want to be near someone like that".

Who would want a table in a restaurant next to Jermey Paxman?

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