Sunday, 4 April 2010


The Lord of Darkness (and that's just what his friends call him) delivered his first Easter message today.

Lord Peter Mandelson, father of Satanic Britain, today rose from the tomb of silence.

His face was radiant, his voice supremely confident - although to some it may have come across as a bit cocky for a venerable member of the Upper House.

His message was simple - 


That is, if they don't want to give up their marital bed to a couple of off duty ACPO policemen in club leisure wear (doubling up as work uniform) carrying a packet of enemas.   His cry was triumphant - he couldn't have done it better if he'd got his manhood out and swung it around the studio.   There was nothing anyone could do now.  His eyes looking down to his Lord Satan, he smarmily cried out this Easter 'It's the Law'. 

It's the Law.  It's the Law.   It's the Law.  It's the Law.  It's the Law.  It's the Law.   It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the

Law. It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the

Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law. It's the Law. It's the Law.  It's the Law.

Just one teeny problem.  There IS no law.  Once it may have been an Ass.  Today it is an Ass carcass, that died of HIV - too many personal relationships with it.  A jumbled dead carcass of inconsistent sentences that can produce anything you like.  In fact the Police and other 'authorities' don't even bother to appeal to it half the time.  They just make it up as they go along, such confidence has satan instilled into his disciples. 

Today's Sex Laws declare the superiority of those into bottoms over those into shoes, corpses or washing machines - Rose Cottage proprietors would be perfectly entitled to turn away an ACPO copper with his rubber doll or sheep.

Today's Gay Laws therefore are as valid as the Nazi Race Laws were - which they seem to have replaced in the Fourth Reich that rose phoenix like in such spectacular fashion from the ashes of the Third Reich (*).

They also seem to breach article 5 of the UN Declaration of Human rights. In fact, Britain has breached all of its articles under the guidance of the Lord Mandelson (or Lord Dandelion according my spell checker).

The gay nazi movement has also really miffed the traditional homosexual who always had a kind word for a heterosexual and whose gay only hotels have been criminalised by the gay nazis.

Having managed to p*ss off virtually everyone and with the law in complete disrepute, Lord Dandelion and his sexual bully boys need to give thanks for the sixth commandment (fifth if you're a Catholic)!

May the Good Lord grant Lord Mandelson sexual clarity and the Establishment understanding and acceptance of why the rectum was created.

(*) No-one remembers the first and second Reich as they weren't as spectacular as the third and current one (reich means big german important thing like EU).

Friday, 2 April 2010

Stalin vs Lizardman vs Porn King

The election sounds like an American all in wrestling match.

In training all contenders managed to eat hundreds of orphans before breakfast, as the hapless souls came to them with their bowl, empty of rights, and said:

"Please Sir, can we see someone who just wants to find us a mummy and a daddy? We want to be treated like real children, not ready made lifestyle accessories for those who feel having a baby themselves is distasteful to their manly sexuality.

Also seeing men kiss each other gives us tummy ache".

A child given to homosexuals who grows up to reject homosexuality and the deviant domestic environment is clearly at risk of lifelong mental problems.

Only monsters are needed to work in adoption in Sexual Nazi Britain - where normal heterosexuals are the Jews.

As for the Lib Dem's push at a conference for 16 year old schoolchildren to have the 'human right' to appear in hard core porn films it shows how popular Satan is in their Party, and how depraved the sexual tastes are of those controlling the agenda. Even others in Parliament, that den of the wicked, have described the Lib Dem Party as the greatest harlot (the Whore of Babylon).

We should pray though for the souls of all these monsters here ( in the unlikely event that they still have any!).

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Epistle to Al Quaeda

Look you teetotalling dumbos.  

Honestly, just because Mohammed didn't like the taste of alcohol when he was beheading anyone who didn't agree that he was God's favourite person.

OF COURSE he didn't like alcohol.

The stuff you Arabs brew is awful.

I'm still trying to get the taste of it out of my mouth after my last holiday to Tunisia.

Try some proper drink - you'll like it.

So would Mohammed have liked it!