Friday, 2 April 2010

Stalin vs Lizardman vs Porn King

The election sounds like an American all in wrestling match.

In training all contenders managed to eat hundreds of orphans before breakfast, as the hapless souls came to them with their bowl, empty of rights, and said:

"Please Sir, can we see someone who just wants to find us a mummy and a daddy? We want to be treated like real children, not ready made lifestyle accessories for those who feel having a baby themselves is distasteful to their manly sexuality.

Also seeing men kiss each other gives us tummy ache".

A child given to homosexuals who grows up to reject homosexuality and the deviant domestic environment is clearly at risk of lifelong mental problems.

Only monsters are needed to work in adoption in Sexual Nazi Britain - where normal heterosexuals are the Jews.

As for the Lib Dem's push at a conference for 16 year old schoolchildren to have the 'human right' to appear in hard core porn films it shows how popular Satan is in their Party, and how depraved the sexual tastes are of those controlling the agenda. Even others in Parliament, that den of the wicked, have described the Lib Dem Party as the greatest harlot (the Whore of Babylon).

We should pray though for the souls of all these monsters here ( in the unlikely event that they still have any!).


  1. I think the Lizard might lose his tail..and legs..and head if he gets in.

    He seems to struggle now on camera keeping his body parts together.

  2. Lizard and Stalin sums it up Reverend!

    It was a civil servant who described Brown as Stalin. At least Brown's honest and says he's in it for the power not the trappings. He screwed up banking regulation for personl ends that led to the crunch here. Election won't dig that deep though.

    Cameron is ONLY in it for the trappings. He'd let anything go to keep the company car and his nameplate on the door.

  3. or you could compare the election and tv coverage to a nudist camp.

    Not just a couple of would be Emperors!

  4. A Christian thrown to the lions7 March 2010 at 08:53

    In Victorian times, love was a social crime.

    Today it's a criminal offence.

  5. Thing is, lionfood, only counterfeit love is seen as sacred in the offices of the damned today.

    Satanist groups. like Stonewall, with their faecal parody of the procreative act, will not stop until Christianity is outlawed.

    Decades of vilification and abuse and disgust of normal people in the pink press will not stop until this is achieved.

    Offspring of heterosexuals are clearly not to be considered as having the most basic of human rights, given the psychopathic hatred of heterosexuals within groups like Stonewall, a hatred from the depth of Hell that even Stalin and the Lizardman fear...Satan's cry to be incarnated himself into this World.

  6. You mean a criminal offence under the Rule of the Sodomites don't you Kitekat?

    Never happened before in history. The End has to be Nigh now. It can't be put off forever, surely.

    So who is this Rev Roland guy?

  7. Bully boys, like some homosexual and muslim groups, are faced with a society that doesn't like bullies. It hurts their feelings.

    Bullies find sanctuary in the main parties as the main parties are bullies themselves.