Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Is Google Sex Crazy?

I thought I'd see how someone else played a Chopin's Polonaise so I brought up a YouTube video.

Apparently what I really wanted according to YouTube was to see a long ad about incompatible sex drives.

Perhaps Google's 'content related' adsense felt that that would be appropriate given the Allegro Appassionato nature of the piece.

It's not just Google of course.

Wikipedia is into real weird stuff.  I'm told it has more 'lets be weird' and 'let's have weird sex' articles normally found in specialist magazines for certain sad types of people than some sites into that sort of thing!

Wikipedia claims it is not a manual or soapbox.   It does though seem to be a sex manual for sexual revolutionaries written by anonymous scholars like 'kinkysexbuddy' and 'hotcrocodile'. Administrators seem firmly in favour of the revolting revolutionaries and any warning notices about some practices have been treated as 'disruptive editing'.

So, parents, Wikipedia needs to be amongst those sites you block. Don't worry, there's nothing valuable on Wikipedia that can't be found elsewhere with more authority on a more salubrious site.

Come Back Bill Gates, all is forgiven - you can't help being technically challenged.

At least you're not a pervert.