Sunday, 19 January 2014

IT'S OFFICIAL - Parliament is Greater than God

In answer to the question whether the Coronation Oath to God requires the Monarch to grant Royal Assent to anything passed by Parliament - including Droit du Seigneur for Parliamentarians - the Palace has firmly replied that "there is no question of The Queen, as a Constitutional Sovereign, refusing the Royal Assent to an Act which has been passed by both Houses of Parliament."

These words, and the actions of the Queen since the Abortion or 'Herod' Act, clearly show how the Queen, as Head of the English Church, tells us that Parliament can exempt the Sovereign from any promise made to God in the pomp of Coronation.

It's a shame that with such concern about Consitutional matters, the Palace doesn't seek to remind Parliament that it is actually bounded.  Bounded by international commitments Britain made after confronting the insane Nazi racial cult. Commitments made to ensure that oppressors, like the insane LGBT sexual cult - as efficiently organised as the Nazis were - do not take control as they have done.

Parliament has essentially self destructed..