Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mandela and The Perfect (Mass) Murder

"Murdering innocents is the new Sainthood"    

The forever smiling face of Nelson Mandela in the midst of his country's degeneration certainly made him a man of our time.

He is known for engineering a non violent revolution (after all his indiscriminate violence that is).  At least the country’s arms remained mostly intact, so that he could sell them to genocidally oriented regimes across the globe who hadn’t read his speeches about the importance of being nice - this loving terrorist liked to help relieve the black man of Africa of his earthly suffering and who could deny him his profit?

Not only did liberals love his style.

Anyone in a newspaper office who suggested that he was a cold blooded murderer suffering no remorse, or a Machiavellian politician engineering a one party State, or that he hardly represented all SA blacks (just the gangsters), or that his liberals’ Utopia was an AIDS ridden, crime ridden, anarchic economic hell hole, would be told to wash out their mouth with soap and water and then stand in a corner.

When Mandela visited Parliament, you couldn’t get anywhere near Parliament, even with a Press Card, unless you signed an affidavit stating that you had named at least one thing you owned after Nelson Mandela. If you didn’t have a goldfish to put on the form, a toothbrush would do.

No wonder he was always laughing.

Perhaps his cleverest moment was refusing to be let out of jail when this was offered if he renounced  violence - at his trial this loving man pleaded guilty to 156 acts of terrorism including murdering innocent women and children.

That way students across the world could keep their posters up "Release Nelson Mandela", the monster who refused to say sorry to the family of those he butchered.  The 'hero' whose case even Amnesty International refused to take up.

What isn't funny is that all those who paid homage to the smiling demon, when alive or dead, share in the atrocities for which he was responsible - against both white and black.

The movie has to be cinema's sickest offering of all time.