Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Politician in Charge

"If God does nothing about Parliament He owes a written apology to Sodom and Gomorrah"
With an unconstitutional fixed 5 year Parliamentary term - allowing no dissent - we are, constitutionally, in a dictatorship.

Not a benevolent one.

Although selling his soul for five years of being treated as important, David Cameron still has to follow the policies of the Dark Lord Beelzebub (although in truth, Beelzebub's power seems to have shrunk quite a lot, if in order to assert earthly authority, he needs his acolytes to engage in mass sexual bullying and name calling of anyone who throws up at the sight of two men kissing, including the orphans given to them in 'adoption' ).

Moderates - particularly moderate MPs and moderate homosexuals - are all considered traitors in the sexual dictatorship, but can console themselves that treason has more or less been abolished as a crime.  Normal heterosexuals in the real world are not, of course, considered at all.

Shakespeare, whether or not he was indeed 'greedy', certainly has things to say about all this. 

"Thou art sick in the world's regard, wretched and low, a poor unminded outlaw sneaking home!"
                                                                                                           -Henry V

"Such is thy audacious wickedness, thy lewd pestiferous and dissentious pranks, as very infants prattle of thy pride"
                                                                                                -Henry VI, Part 1

"Pernicious blood sucker of sleeping men."
                                                  -Henry VI, Part 2

"I think he be transformed into a beast, for I can no where find him like a man."
                                                                                               -As You Like It

"From the extremest upward of thy head to the descent and dust beneath thy foot, a most toad spotted traitor."
                                                            -King Lear

"His humour is lofty, his discourse peremptory, his tongue filed, his eye ambitious, his gait majestical, and his general behaviour vain, ridiculous, and thrasonical.  He is too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were, too peregrinate, as I may call it."
                                                          - Love's Labour's Lost

"You are not worth another word"
                                             -Twelfth Night