Monday, 27 February 2012

Jeremy Paxman - An Empire Himself !!!

Never has a narcissist feigned more humility.

"How did Britain get such a big head?" he asked in his usual scholarly language in the educational programme he wrote about the British Empire.

As if he didn't know how to grow the biggest head of all !

In order to get people interviewed to give the right answer, Paxman would endlessly repeat the question, some of which were clearly edited out of the programme.

This BBC cad was even reduced to interviewing an unrepentant terrorist involved in murdering many innocent people to give him the answer he wanted.

Facts such as the background to the Balfour policy, involving Britains' need for acetone in WW2 and Jewish support in getting the USA to aid them in the war against German aggression, not to mention the role of the League of Nations went completely out of the window. Paxman even claimed the British invented Zionism !

At least the programme was worth watching to listen to a Bedouin elder who, whilst Paxman was desperately trying to get him to slag off Laurence of Arabia as a special tit bit for Paxman's patron the BBC, said "He (Laurence) was a real man. You want to be near someone like that".

Who would want a table in a restaurant next to Jermey Paxman?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Twitter and Facebook - A MINORITY GROUP !!!

Like many leaders of minorities, Twitter and Facebook think that not only their users but the rest of the world should be oppressed by them !

You can't even look up a bus timetable without being asked to 'like it' on facebook or tweet to your friends about it:    "Hey &@@:guys, just dig this ><;!amzing bus timetable'~= I've++ just /%%^ discovered ".  

Mass suicide cults don't get any dafter !!

In order to know what I write about I set up a test account on twitter.

To my surprise I  suddenly found I had three different women following me.   They all had the same photo though.  Investigating I saw that they had no profile and were following thousands of others, that is spamming them and with a cloaked link to a sex site.

Twitter obviously cannot prevent this sort of thing or I wouldn't have been so popular!!

So it looks like Twitter is another site that parents need to block from children (and themselves of course unless they have all the time in the world).
 As for Facebook, mass identity theft by crazed Facebook executives/managers is the latest thing they're getting away with.  But hey, 'this is the Wild West, who's gonna stop them?'

What Facebook has been doing now is sending emails to users falsely claiming that some particular 'friend' of theirs has recommended the user add as a friend, a friend of that particular friend.

Yes, Facebook themselves, not some spammer pretending to be Facebook.

I know - it happened in a test account I set up to investigate the global Facebook mafia .

It also happened to a friend in the real world.  She hadn't used her account for over a year, and then learnt that Facebook had sent an email falsely claiming she was asking people to add as a friend one of her friends on Facebook.
If Facebook with personal details of millions can so openly lie to their users, how can we trust them not to  carry out global and dastardly criminal plans ?!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What happened to the pseudo-intellectual ?

The term 'pseudo-intellectual' was quite common when I went to university.

What elevated them to controlling the world ?

I reckon it was when they stopped serving just themselves and became soldiers in satan's army.

Being soldiers they are obviously legitimate targets within libel law!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Illegitimacy of the Sodomite Fundamentalist State

Why the UK and Many Other Western Countries Are Not Legitimate

Under International Law

The UN Declaration of Human Rights forms a foundation of International Law following German atrocities - before Germany took over European Constitutions and currencies to officially prevent further atrocities from breaking out.

Virtually every principle under the Declaration is breached against normal people in the Sodomite Fundamentalist States, created in the West after sodomites created the worst global plague in history.


Churches have regarded States as legitimate under the principle of giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

When Caesar starts to ask for what belongs to God then Churches can no longer teach the legitimacy of the State. Unless, from a theological perspective, that Church serves Satan.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Why You Don't See Many Asians Eating in Asian Restaurants

In the old days before fridges, food could be completely killed using spices to make it last longer in the heat.

It also made it more interesting to the visiting Klingon and resident British rulers.

In fact it was only the more refined gastronomic tastes of the rest of Europe which prevented them from also building empires the size of the British one.

When fridges were invented the British taste for such food continued. Enterprising Asians created new recipes knowng that the same food can be sold to the British at five times the price if it is spiced out of recognition.

This is why Indian restaurants are not set up for Indians, or Chinese restaurants set up for the Chinese.

They’ve all got fridges and are into real food - Cordon Bleu and Mediterranean and endless caviar they can afford after charging sad but rich customers £40 for takeaway chowmein and rice for two with a couple of greasy spring rolls thrown in.