Thursday, 1 December 2016

UKIP=CON=LAB=LIB (outside Brexit)

Whilst it made sense for Farage and Banks to concentrate all their energies on the single issue of Brexit, the hangers on career politicians (the most successful having seemingly little experience working in the real world) were hard at work concentrating all their energies on their careers.

After the mountain of Brexit, instead of choosing further peaks that needed scaling - such as the creation of a genuinely legitimate State under the UDHR(*) - UKIP manifestos clearly showed the bankruptcy of  political ideals amongst the politicians of UKIP.

Ukip manifestos just offered to re-arrange the furniture underwater on a Titanic that has already sunk, rather than seek to raise it.

Once, the UKIP site had many detailed instances of the rot in the UK. Suddenly these all vanished.

No-one involved in writing the manifestos seemed to have come across the 'Hate Crime: Delivering a Quality Service' criminal 'guidelines' creating a 'Police State' according to constitutional barrister Francis Bennion, and responsible for all the 'hate' claim nonsense reported in papers.

These evil and criminal 'liberal society' guidelines allowed ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to be treated as a 'hate incident' (being defined subjectively) to be recorded and treated as seriously as crime, allowing police to harass anyone expressing views not in accord with the liberal metropolitan sexual and racial nazi paradigm.

The only exception here is that 'heterophobic' incidents aren't treated as 'hate incidents' - only 'homophobic' incidents are. Only minorities are allowed to complain in a Britain ruled by Extremist Minorities I was told, when I went to the police station to report a nasty poster directed against heterosexuality and Christians.

It is also doubtful whether many UKIP politicians even know of the origin of  the current usage of the word 'homophobia' - coined by the peer disowned, self confessed pervert, Dr Weinberg, in the early 70's, claiming it was not homosexuality that was a mental illness as it was classified then, but that aversion to sodomy (normal heterosexuality) was a mental illness which he termed 'homophobia'. His depraved work, disowned by his peers, produced the 'gay pride' (pride in unnatural sex) movement of sexual psychos convinced that anyone unimpressed with homosexuality was mentally ill.

As for the utter corruption of the Charities Commission in Big Society, you may as well speak in Sanskrit to the VIP political androids of UKIP.

We now have complete nonsense unchallenged constitutions for crazed, hate filled 'charities' directing abuse against real charities and real life which they hate, such fake charities being the darlings of the liberal press.

Has any politician suggested anything odd with criminal goals becoming charitable objects (such as conspiracy to corrupt public morals contrary to common law and statutory law)?

At the end of the day though, the stunned bystander of Western politics, has to eventually ask whether the sickness is simply a reflection of the electorate.

As de Maistre pointed out, people get the government they deserve.

Well, millions voted for the Parties that placed sodomy at the legal centre of their marriage (**), anyone complaining having their career or business destroyed by armies of sexual psychos in Night of Living Dead / Rocky Horror Show / Mad Max Lgbt Britain.

Even the  UKIP membership voted for just another politician, rejecting the ideal of direct democracy.

Along the timeline of British history direct democracy has to come.  We’ve had Rule by Monarchy, and then failed rule by representative parliamentary democracy.

Next Chapter in History– Direct Democracy.

(*) Not to mention the State religion teaching of the bounds of legitimate authority, where Caesar can only ask for that which belongs to Caesar.  
(**)  The Cameron pogrom on 'neantherthal'  marriage was not an 'update' but a 'delete then add'. Existing normal marriage was deleted then replaced by a sodomite fundamentalist paradigm more bizarre then anything ever seen in the history of the world.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


1.  Whole weight of the non Muslim world's media and Government to point out how sick is the Muslim belief that Heaven is full of virgins to bonk.  Defeat the belief and there
will be no reason to indiscriminately kill in the minds of Islamic psychos.

2.  All jihadist murder inspiring websites must be removed from the internet and owners arrested, on grounds of misleading
perverts by claiming that they will be bonking virgins for all eternity if they kill anyone not believing this.

Any ISP not complying to be disconnected from the Internet. 

It is quite insane that the global community is permitting all these websites, with liberal objections to their removal.

3.  All muslims need to be challenged on their other sick beliefs.


The Koran (ie allegedly God or Allah) says :

1.  Christians and Jews are the "vilest creatures on Earth" and will go to Hell.

2.  So will all infidels not following Mohammed.

3.  They deserve this because they don't think Mohammed is God's favourite prophet.

4.  All the Muslims who ran away in battle against the People of the Book went to Hell.

5.  Those who die killing the infidels will have Palaces of virgins to bonk.

6.  Endless sick stuff like the above.

7.  Islam is a conquering force using violence (not prosyletizing) in accordance  with the Koran.  Muslims in the West want a global 'Caliphate' subjecting all peoples.

8    There have been endless atrocities throughout history and today by followers of the monstrous Warlord Mohammed, who beheaded many Jews for not renouncing their faith, selling their wives and children into slavery, to the pride of  'moderate' Muslims like the Oxford University Press Koran translator, Dawood.

9  Islam was created by a vicious warlord's hijacking of the Bible to 
command worship of him - any moral or spiritual guidance was mostly taken from the Bible, giving Mohammed prophet credibility.