Thursday, 28 February 2013


Currently those who marry in Church have two marriage certificates.

One from the Church and one from the Registrar's Office.

This practice will have to be changed if the Bill to use the word 'marriage' in two different ways is passed.

It would be macabre to expect those who marry in Church making vows to be part of one institution to be then required to sign that they agree to be part of another institution completely at odds with the one they had just made vows to join!


Similarly it would be sexual sadism if existing married couples are automatically forced against their will to be part of an institution where sodomy plays an integral part.

If the bill is passed they should be allowed to return their certificates if they wish.

I am sure that all those who avidly use the word 'fair' will welcome such a proposal and for such an amendment.

Indeed, even if the bill is not passed, it would still be sexual sadism now to require people married in Church to have two marriage certificates, following the government's claim that rectum abuse should be an integral element of the legal meaning of the consummation of civil 'marriage'.

Also having ONLY one certificate is the ONLY way of showing exactly which institution a couple has agreed to - whether holy matrimony or satanic marriage (eg those ordained by The Church of Satan, Homosexual Cults posing as Christians, The Church of Jimmy Savile and the Music Industry, the Registrar's Office, or any held at the BBC, Downing Street, Whitehall or Parliament buildings).
As for what should really happen, the sexual bully boys and girls all need to be tried and sentenced in an international court, whether they led 'government' or 'charity' or hacking attempts on this site.  A court with the power to imprison or have kept in secure mental establishments!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Monarch and the, um, Coronation Oath

"So should I give consent to flatter sin?"
                                              Henry VI Part 1

"So should I give consent to flatter sin?  Well I have so far."
                                                                                      Elizabeth II

So instead of providing counselling to men suffering from acute emotional dysphoria leading to the development of self identity as nothing more than anal fetish (such mental patients have repeatedly claimed "I am the act"), Beelzebub has instructed the minds of those he controls in his Satanic Temple (aka Parliament) to write the Book of the Travesty of Marriage.

If it gets through the Lords the Queen will no doubt rubber stamp it as she has other verses from the Dark Bible (aka Statutes).

The Queen, however, knows right from wrong.  She knows the meaning of words she uttered in the Coronation Oath.

She knows that "God"  means neither Ministers nor Parliament.