Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not so fast, Copper

The Police offered to forgive my sin.

They said I wasn't a proper sinner.

Under the spiritual guidance of ACPO I first had to show I wanted to be good though - by bribing them.

Speed Awareness Courses, unlike Driver Improvement Courses, are not sanctioned by statute.

Still, I bribed them.

I've since claimed for a refund for the Speed Awareness Course I took - but I'm keeping the free keyring.

The Police agreed they hadn't acted under any provisions of the law.  They appealed instead to the authority of ACPO.

I pointed out that ACPO may not be the safest authority to appeal to.

They then appealed to the authority of  Contract Law. They said they had provided the service for which I had paid for.
I then pointed out that an essential requirement of a valid contract - genuine consent  - appears to have been missing.

The Police have not denied that undue influence was present.

So  I'll be sending the Police a Notice of Intended Summons.  Even under ACPO guidelines Police should not be making a profit from these courses, and the courses should contain a driver assessment practical.  ACPO, under threat of being summonsed too, have disowned Wiltshire's course - 'nufink to do with us gov, they're on their own'.

Most Forces would seem to be on their own too, ignoring ACPO guidelines about not making a profit. 


Thursday, 4 March 2010

VOSA Takes The P

It's not just Toyotas in America driving off by themselves killing people.

I was in a frog quadricycle Microcar that shot off at full revs backwards in a car park - from stationary.

I could have killed someone or myself.

It's not the first accident.  In one case a woman was thrown onto the seat, foot nowhere near the throttle, after the car lurched from stationary driving itself  into several other cars in the car park. 

A number of warranty claims have been made following Microcars shooting off by themselves.

The fault was traced to contaminants/corrosion in the ECU plug pins.

Other areas where fly by wire faults could occur are in the software or cheap chips (or even dear chips), particularly in the hostile environment for delicate electrics inside the engine bay..

In today's crazy world the throttle pedal doesn't actually operate anything attached to the engine. It operates a variable resistor that sends an electric current to a chip which then has to guess where the throttle pedal is.

Sometimes it guesses wrong.

So, what does VOSA do about people being driven to their deaths by Hal type computer chips or other causes brought about by crazed loony fly by wire installations?

"Fill up a safety defect form, old boy, and leave the rest to us" they told me.  Well, some action I thought.  After all, the main dealer couldn't fix various throttle problems from new.  VOSA then came back to me.

"Well, we've contacted the salesmen and they said there's nothing wrong with the cars they sell, so we're closing the file".  Huh?

"Um", I said "Haven't you had any other reports about kamikaze throttles?"

"Well, yes" they said "Other makes too, but the salemen all said there was nothing wrong with the cars."

"Er, so you inspected the cars?"  "Oh no" came the offended voice from VOSA "We're not garage mechanics".

The managing director of the UK distributor for Microcars whom VOSA spoke to refused to discuss safety issues with me after I was nearly killed and claimed the car should be scrapped and the case closed - after accident repair was made!!  The main dealer refused to examine the car after the Sale of Goods Act was mentioned.

So why doesn't VOSA at least contact the manufacturer when they get a report?

"Oh no, we don't do that sort of thing".

Wouldn't we be safer without VOSA and similar so called safety organisations that happily allow cars to be driven by a computer!!?


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sex Education Addiction


Why are some people obsessed with the sex education of other people's children?  They scream that parents or teachers should have no say in the matter.

One reason why anyone whose no business it is should be interested in the sex education of children is because they want to have sex with them.  Isn't it?   Well, either that or it's because they're perv control freaks.  Can't think of any other REAL reason.  Er, apart from those in it for the money who'd learned some tips from America.

Clinics need to be set up to help these people with sex education addiction.   After all, we shouldn't turn our backs on the needs of satan's discipines.