Friday, 28 September 2012

The Nincompoop

  NB For those who feel it is a breach of social etiquette to call the Archbishop of Canterbury a nincompoop, I would point to the need for those in high office to accept responsibilities - in this case the responsibility to stand up to rather than seek to appease the sexual extremists plaguing moderate heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.

One can only assume that the decision to choose the Archbishop of Canterbury is done during a wild party of dope and drink and merriment.

Rowan Williams ( I keep thinking of Rowan Atkinson when his name comes up) said in a video that the Church had been slow in recognising civil rights for homosexuals.

Civil rights are universal. They include homosexuals - there has never been any need to recognise them as they're not missing!

What the sexual nazis - fond of constantly mentioning the word nazi in their propoganda pink press and organised widespread campaigns of criminal harassment - do want of course is to eliminate basic civil rights for everyone apart from themselves.

For example, they demand that the basic civil right of marriage is to be replaced by a civil right involving not marriage but something only sexual nazis recognise.

Thus removing a basic civil right for all - except the nazi sodomites.

One of the most basic human rights of all - that of being found adoptive parents for children without parents has already not only been been removed but replaced by the sexual nazi control of the law regarding children, in which the child is to be seen as mentally deficient ('homophobic') if they cringe at the sight of 'two fathers' holding hands, the child wishing for real parents like the other children.

Under Rowan Atkinson the Church has now gone the way of the gay Police force talking about any cringing at the thought of faecal sex, that's caused the greatest health problem in human history, as being a homophobic hate crime!