Monday, 15 July 2013

The Psychology of David "little runt" Cameron

"No evil conqueror in history ever dismantled the marriages of the conquered"

I don't subscribe to the theory that Cameron is a closet paedophile or one of the up and coming bestials who sees the dismantling of marriage as the first step to the salvation of all forms of immorality.

A second theory, comparing early facial expressions of Hitler and Cameron on film, is that they are both drinking from the same dark energy.  Cameron certainly has no real interest in the lost souls whose social salvation he claims to seek.  Also, the Conservative Party and government could be just tools to him - like they are to his sexual nazi leaders - breaking them doesn't matter as long as the job is done. Tools to achieve that godlike prominence in human history.  The glory of transforming human history.  Transforming mankind. To be a God.

A third theory is that he is just doing it for intoxicating twisted kicks.

Of course, there is always a fourth possibility that Cameron is telling the truth when he says that he believes that it is reactionary for anyone in the Conservative Party to be unimpressed with sodomy  (the gateway through which AIDS arrived into the world), sexual confusion, licentiousness, genital mutilation, and contempt of Christianity and human language, not to mention being unimpressed with formal objections from the people of Lesbos.

A fifth possibility, and probably nearer the mark, is that as Cameron just wanted to be Prime Minister - his only real goal for the country - and that given that fanatical sodomites/wackos are in control of the real power, after organised infiltration of government over many years, Cameron is just doing what he's told to do (I'm sure they tell him politely) as the easiest way of feeling important.

Whatever the case, the soul of David Cameron is certainly one of those that the devil has full title to.