Saturday, 5 September 2015

Beyond the Aryan Master Race..

Evolution has certainly been busy according to some in the LGBT cult.

Some cult members now claim that the alleged 'gay gene' is actually an evolutionary genetic advance producing a de luxe model of Homo Sapiens.

Cameron seems to agree too with his 'neanderthal' comment.

The evolutionary function of this superior Man is, they claim, to provide moral guidance to the (inferior) standard model (perhaps because of the sub species's irrational aversion to unusual sexual practices).

Other cult members with proudly mutilated genitals have claimed that they are the Guardian Angels of Mankind, although in general those with totally mutilated genitals understandably get suicidal.

If neither of these sexual positions fully satisfy seekers after the bizarre, then there are plenty more to be found in the dark areas of the internet.

Cult leaders, Stonewall, for example, claimed that English Common Law needs to be abolished because it was developed by a people that thought differently to themselves.

Common Law makes things like fraud or kidnapping and false imprisonment illegal.

Not to mention making Stonewall and other LGBT groups illegal under the criminal offence of conspiracy to corrupt public morals and outraging public decency, now also an offence under statutory law (S5(3) Criminal Law Act 1977).

Stonewall, itself, is actually named after 3am drunken criminal violence against police raiding illegal pubs, on nights where the raids on heterosexual illegal pubs all went peacefully, whilst the drunks, prostitutes and assorted human waste drinking at the illegal mafia run Stonewall pub, started throwing ashtrays, bottles and anything else at the police.  The thought of all that violence against men in policemen's uniforms is still quite heady within the cult..

Cult women, not noted to be in any need of assertiveness training, claim that they come from an exotic Greek island, rather than Slough, say.

They get most uptight if inhabitants of that island suggest they'd rather not be associated with unusual sexual practices.

However, the great thinkers in the cult, including judges belonging to the cult, point to the human right of claiming to come from wherever one likes.

Cult social scientists teach us that whenever women meet, like Sappho and her friends, they engage in all sorts of strange sexual behaviour with each other.

Cult biblical research published on the internet, directed to young people, also tells us that the sodomites were actually heterosexuals and that the sin of Sodom was actually homophobia, but that twisted Christians reversed the meaning of Deuteronomy passages.  This ties in with the modern research carried out by Dr Weinberg - as he once explained was carried out in his personal laboratory of exploratory sexual practices - who discovered that normal heterosexuality was a mental illness (which he termed homophobia).

The cult has also provided mankind with many linguistic insights.

Such as the words 'morality' and 'hatred' being interchangeable.

In fact in areas where the cult has control, rather than isis, both in competition with each other, utterances related to sexual morality are deemed to be 'hate incidents' to be treated as seriously as crime, as the isis run, sorry, LGBT run, Home Office has declared.

The cult gained control of many areas in the West following the release of the cult's biological WMD - incubated inside cult members, particularly in America - bringing humanity to its knees.

The isis run, sorry, LGBT run Charity commission has even made promotion of sexual immorality, that led to AIDS and mass deaths, a charitable object.

Sportsmanship is not a noted part of the cult.  It is customary for them to jeer at Christians sent to jail for objecting to a deranged Caesar illegitimately demanding what belongs to God (making 'equal marriage' States illegitimate under both Christian teaching and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

This cult phenomena is certainly a case of mass insanity looked at objectively.  This sexual dysphoria causing abnormal attraction to one's own sex has been significantly spread due to one of its defining characteristics present in self styled cult leaders - megalomania and  'control freak' disorder, coupled with narcissistic feelings of superiority with regard to knowing the 'correct' course.

Organised control freaks using subversive use of language have even programmed many a mind to accept the cult's agenda. An agenda engineered with the key help of Weinberg's 70's theory that normal heterosexuality, not homosexuality, is the mental illness, coupled with a sort of goebbelian NLP with a good dash of mad hatterism thrown in. Words like 'homophobia' now officially mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean (eg see the quite unlawful  'Hate Crime' guidance for a 'Quality Service' clearly demonstrating how the mass insanity has taken over the authorities).

Hardly surprising that with persistent programming so many have 'discovered themselves' to be sexually dysphoric.

A case of mass demonic possession also explains this weirdest cult in history, dedicated to unnatural unions, unnatural sex, and genital mutilation.

The cult's goal of  world domination with the burying of sexual morals is as maniacal as any of the goals of history's most evil men. Evil and madness are known bedfellows and whilst many sexually dysphoric individuals are quite harmless in themselves, the hard core have certainly herded them up for their own maniacal agenda.

This diabolical cult is the closest you'll get to the Illuminati as real, and the LGBT freemasonry is already in control of the West, a blanket of social terror restricting verbal opposition to any in a significant position.

This deviant sexual cult has already achieved what Germany's deviant racial cult, Nazism, could never have dreamt of, relying, as that violent cult did, on physical, rather than psychological violence/mass harassment of opponents by organised armies of deviant sexual fanatics.