Wednesday, 3 August 2016


1.  Whole weight of the non Muslim world's media and Government to point out how sick is the Muslim belief that Heaven is full of virgins to bonk.  Defeat the belief and there
will be no reason to indiscriminately kill in the minds of Islamic psychos.

2.  All jihadist murder inspiring websites must be removed from the internet and owners arrested, on grounds of misleading
perverts by claiming that they will be bonking virgins for all eternity if they kill anyone not believing this.

Any ISP not complying to be disconnected from the Internet. 

It is quite insane that the global community is permitting all these websites, with liberal objections to their removal.

3.  All muslims need to be challenged on their other sick beliefs.


The Koran (ie allegedly God or Allah) says :

1.  Christians and Jews are the "vilest creatures on Earth" and will go to Hell.

2.  So will all infidels not following Mohammed.

3.  They deserve this because they don't think Mohammed is God's favourite prophet.

4.  All the Muslims who ran away in battle against the People of the Book went to Hell.

5.  Those who die killing the infidels will have Palaces of virgins to bonk.

6.  Endless sick stuff like the above.

7.  Islam is a conquering force using violence (not prosyletizing) in accordance  with the Koran.  Muslims in the West want a global 'Caliphate' subjecting all peoples.

8    There have been endless atrocities throughout history and today by followers of the monstrous Warlord Mohammed, who beheaded many Jews for not renouncing their faith, selling their wives and children into slavery, to the pride of  'moderate' Muslims like the Oxford University Press Koran translator, Dawood.

9  Islam was created by a vicious warlord's hijacking of the Bible to 
command worship of him - any moral or spiritual guidance was mostly taken from the Bible, giving Mohammed prophet credibility.