Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Myth of Britain Today

The amount of thought that has gone into the question "What is Britishness?" is a clue.

There is no Britain!!

Following the fold of the British Empire, positive British values were either thrown overboard or redefined to mean the complete opposite [1].

Cads and worse took over.

As early as the Sixties, doctors and politicians came up with the macabre concept of 'social medicine', that is, the mass butchering of babies in the womb.

This Abortion Act that made King Herod seem like a moderate, was given assent to by the Head of the English Christian Church [2].

The Devil never had it so good.

What we have now is a quite illegitimate State under the original Declaration of Human Rights which Britain had signed up to after the War, as well as a quite illegitimate State under Christian theology, that denies the right of rulers to make laws willy nilly, and certainly not to overthrow the tenet of giving to God what belongs to God.

And today, someone just has to tell a doctor that they wish they were a member of the opposite sex (the grass is always greener isn't it?) and hey presto, all their official documents have 'male' rewritten as 'female' and vice versa.

The lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.

Dorset's deranged 'police' even claimed once on their website that women complaining about men pretending to be women in their toilets and changing rooms were 'transphobic', and constituted the greatest threat facing Dorset!  

Certainly, one has to be a lunatic to believe that anyone proudly addicted to sexual and moral depravity is sane enough to carry out a responsible job as well as anyone else!

The sanctification of sexual depravity alone, written into so called law, with pogroms [3] created by a corrupt ACPO against anyone promoting sexual mental health and morality, means the reader has to be quite brainwashed [4] to accept the existence today of a legitimate State called the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'.

Future historians in a non oppressive environment that exists nowhere in the West today, might perhaps describe this age as the sodomite occupation of the West following release of their biological WMD AIDS, gestated inside themselves.  They might ask their students to write essays as to how openly criminal groups [5] under existing laws were dictating quite unhinged 'laws', derived from the assertions of mental patients used as the highest standard of thought.


[1]  For example the British value of 'fairness' or 'fair play' has been redefined to mean unfairness to the majority, in order to pander to unreasonable demands from a minority within a minority - even if most in the minority are opposed to the demands !

[2]  The Palace wrote to the author in 2013 clearly indicating that the Coronation Oath has no practical effect on the Monarch, who would grant Royal Assent to concentration camps for Christians or the Droit du Seigneur for members of Parliament if put in front of her.

[3]   The author was even treated like a villain for making a formal complaint about cleaning up used condoms and contents in his beach hut porch and asking for the police to look in at unlawful public nuisance gathering of males nearby. He was told he should not have made such a complaint as times have changed and that he should not even have any words with any he sees in the act in his hut porch. The emotionally unstable so called Police Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, refused to consider issues of misfeasance in relation to homosexual offences, proudly asserting that he was trustee of a local homosexual criminal (under Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act 1977) gang conspiring to corrupt public morals and those of minors, and not to contact him again for suggesting that there could be corruption where homosexuals are in control.

[4]  See footnotes at   The Untouchable English Class   for mind control effected by changing language to force people to think differently.
[5]  Stonewall is probably the most prominent of these. Proudly named after 2a.m.criminal violence of drunk homosexuals and prostitutes against the licensing police in America [who treated illegal pubs equally but had no problems with illegal pubs with heterosexual  clientele], Stonewall was established to breach Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act criminalising conspiracy to corrupt public morals. Together with Stonewall's demands to abolish Common Law on the ludicrous grounds that it was "developed by those who think differently", the criminally insane nature of Stonewall is thus clearly demonstrated.   That such openly criminal sociopaths, delighting in mass harassment of any opposing them, even if homosexual  (their main weapon being the ability to unleash their crazed 'rent-a-crowd' of mentally unstable sexual losers ), and who have done so much for pederasty and corruption of the morals of children, should have Whitehall and Ministers dangling on their strings, shows just how degenerate and abject the Establishment has become, having long left what it is to be human behind it.