Sunday, 15 April 2018

'Marriage' is Now a Homograph Word

A homograph is a word with  different meanings

Thus  'incense' can mean a pleasant smelling compound or to infuriate.

Similarly, 'marriage' now has two different meanings:

1. A moral sexual union (normal meaning)

2. An immoral sexual union (used in illegitimate sexual terrorist States).

Google and other megalomaniac globalists inspired by Microsoft are trying to introduce more homographs such as 'improved', 'better' etc.  

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Satanic Rites

Things become much clearer seeing Parliament as a Satanic temple promoting Satanic law, ceremoniously, in accordance with Satanic protocol (ie in barbaric fashion), called for by Satanic cults like the Lgbt and Islamic cults.

With consciousness as the primary reality, whatever objections may be made against this self evident truth by the delusions of the atheists and logical positivists, it can be seen that we already primarily exist in a spiritual universe.

As in the dream world, anything is possible...all souls suddenly finding themselves 'back home' or in a wilderness, the emptiness of which normal human consciousness cannot conceive.

Friday, 26 May 2017

The New Left / Deviant Sexual Revolution and Programming of the Masses

"I'm sure there would be support to contribute to a  fund for  private prosecutions of villains like Mandelson, Blair and Cameron."

The New Left Revolution was consolidated by the psychotic genius Mandelson through his puppet Blair.

There was one goal of his - to make homosexuality and unnatural sex acts socially and legally equivalent to healthy relationships.

The main difference was that where children were involved, this meant heterosexuals being treated like farm animals and their children taken and given to sodomites, like in the notorious case of East European Catholics having their son taken from them to be brought up by immoral sodomites.

To achieve such diabolical 'equality', never seen since Adam and Eve, and which would mean in practice sodomite supremacy (the sodomite paradigm overruling all normal paradigms since Adam and Eve) such equality was slipped in through making a deliberate issue of racial and religious and ability equality, coupled with deliberate uncontrolled immigration.

Eventual virtual genocide of the British would be simply collateral damage.

The EU was also brought in of course when Mandelson was a Commissioner, particularly through
the directive of non discrimination of sexual 'orientation', where 'orientation' is newspeak for 'disorientation'.

The New Left's main defensive weapon was actually supplied by their victims - in the form of Omerta.

Bestiality proponents use the same arguments as the sodomite revolutionaries, yet the spotlight is never really put on them.  No-one refers to the deviant sexual revolution as Sexual Bullying - where people are forced to wave the flag for unnatural sexual practices or face criminalisation.

Also whilst hijacking of the law was the main tactic of the revolutionaries, law which remained which
turned them into criminals, was never used as a weapon.

For example, conspiracy to corrupt public morals, which the Mandelson revolution was all about, is a criminal offence, under common law and Statute Law ( Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act 1977 was taken from Common Law.)

I was unable to get 'counter revolutionary' groups to go on the offensive.  Groups like SPUC and C4M being mainly whining groups, a bit like becoming.

There is also of course Misconduct in Public Office, an offence freely committed, particularly since Mandelson controlled the country through his puppet Bliar, a most recent one being Cameron stopping the Civil Servant from preparing for a Leave Vote.

There was great support once contributing to a fund to prosecute Arthur Scargill (although this seemed to have been set up by respectable crooks).

I'm sure there would be support to contribute to a  fund for  private prosecutions of villains like Mandelson, Blair and Cameron.

The Establishment would no doubt kick the table over, as it always does when it has losing cards, but that would weaken it, but consciousness needs to be made that the Establishment is criminal.

At the moment, hijacking of the law has had a brainwashing effect on the masses,  where the origin of AIDS has somehow become linked to parenthood, and criminality seen as legitimate law.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

UKIP=CON=LAB=LIB (outside Brexit)

Whilst it made sense for Farage and Banks to concentrate all their energies on the single issue of Brexit, the hangers on career politicians (the most successful having seemingly little experience working in the real world) were hard at work concentrating all their energies on their careers.

After the mountain of Brexit, instead of choosing further peaks that needed scaling - such as the creation of a genuinely legitimate State under the UDHR(*) - UKIP manifestos clearly showed the bankruptcy of  political ideals amongst the politicians of UKIP.

Ukip manifestos just offered to re-arrange the furniture underwater on a Titanic that has already sunk, rather than seek to raise it.

Once, the UKIP site had many detailed instances of the rot in the UK. Suddenly these all vanished.

No-one involved in writing the manifestos seemed to have come across the 'Hate Crime: Delivering a Quality Service' criminal 'guidelines' creating a 'Police State' according to constitutional barrister Francis Bennion, and responsible for all the 'hate' claim nonsense reported in papers.

These evil and criminal 'liberal society' guidelines allowed ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to be treated as a 'hate incident' (being defined subjectively) to be recorded and treated as seriously as crime, allowing police to harass anyone expressing views not in accord with the liberal metropolitan sexual and racial nazi paradigm.

The only exception here is that 'heterophobic' incidents aren't treated as 'hate incidents' - only 'homophobic' incidents are. Only minorities are allowed to complain in a Britain ruled by Extremist Minorities I was told, when I went to the police station to report a nasty poster directed against heterosexuality and Christians.

It is also doubtful whether many UKIP politicians even know of the origin of  the current usage of the word 'homophobia' - coined by the peer disowned, self confessed pervert, Dr Weinberg, in the early 70's, claiming it was not homosexuality that was a mental illness as it was classified then, but that aversion to sodomy (normal heterosexuality) was a mental illness which he termed 'homophobia'. His depraved work, disowned by his peers, produced the 'gay pride' (pride in unnatural sex) movement of sexual psychos convinced that anyone unimpressed with homosexuality was mentally ill.

As for the utter corruption of the Charities Commission in Big Society, you may as well speak in Sanskrit to the VIP political androids of UKIP.

We now have complete nonsense unchallenged constitutions for crazed, hate filled 'charities' directing abuse against real charities and real life which they hate, such fake charities being the darlings of the liberal press.

Has any politician suggested anything odd with criminal goals becoming charitable objects (such as conspiracy to corrupt public morals contrary to common law and statutory law)?

At the end of the day though, the stunned bystander of Western politics, has to eventually ask whether the sickness is simply a reflection of the electorate.

As de Maistre pointed out, people get the government they deserve.

Well, millions voted for the Parties that placed sodomy at the legal centre of their marriage (**), anyone complaining having their career or business destroyed by armies of sexual psychos in Night of Living Dead / Rocky Horror Show / Mad Max Lgbt Britain.

Even the  UKIP membership voted for just another politician, rejecting the ideal of direct democracy.

Along the timeline of British history direct democracy has to come.  We’ve had Rule by Monarchy, and then failed rule by representative parliamentary democracy.

Next Chapter in History– Direct Democracy.

(*) Not to mention the State religion teaching of the bounds of legitimate authority, where Caesar can only ask for that which belongs to Caesar.  
(**)  The Cameron pogrom on 'neantherthal'  marriage was not an 'update' but a 'delete then add'. Existing normal marriage was deleted then replaced by a sodomite fundamentalist paradigm more bizarre then anything ever seen in the history of the world.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


1.  Whole weight of the non Muslim world's media and Government to point out how sick is the Muslim belief that Heaven is full of virgins to bonk.  Defeat the belief and there
will be no reason to indiscriminately kill in the minds of Islamic psychos.

2.  All jihadist murder inspiring websites must be removed from the internet and owners arrested, on grounds of misleading
perverts by claiming that they will be bonking virgins for all eternity if they kill anyone not believing this.

Any ISP not complying to be disconnected from the Internet. 

It is quite insane that the global community is permitting all these websites, with liberal objections to their removal.

3.  All muslims need to be challenged on their other sick beliefs.


The Koran (ie allegedly God or Allah) says :

1.  Christians and Jews are the "vilest creatures on Earth" and will go to Hell.

2.  So will all infidels not following Mohammed.

3.  They deserve this because they don't think Mohammed is God's favourite prophet.

4.  All the Muslims who ran away in battle against the People of the Book went to Hell.

5.  Those who die killing the infidels will have Palaces of virgins to bonk.

6.  Endless sick stuff like the above.

7.  Islam is a conquering force using violence (not prosyletizing) in accordance  with the Koran.  Muslims in the West want a global 'Caliphate' subjecting all peoples.

8    There have been endless atrocities throughout history and today by followers of the monstrous Warlord Mohammed, who beheaded many Jews for not renouncing their faith, selling their wives and children into slavery, to the pride of  'moderate' Muslims like the Oxford University Press Koran translator, Dawood.

9  Islam was created by a vicious warlord's hijacking of the Bible to 
command worship of him - any moral or spiritual guidance was mostly taken from the Bible, giving Mohammed prophet credibility.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Why Your Computer Is No Quicker Than The One You Had Ten Years Ago


I once mentioned to an Intel manager that Windows never gets any quicker, whatever one 'upgrades' to.

He explained. There is a solid agreement in place between Intel and Microsoft.

The agreement was that Intel makes quicker and quicker chips whilst Microsoft makes slower and slower operating systems, so everything stays the same.


Intel can clearly have more computers sold as people desperately (and unsuccessfully by design) try to get something that doesn't take up most of their computing time waiting for something to happen

Microsoft can sell new operating systems by (falsely) claiming they're quicker.

It's a commercial conspiracy that is probably the cause of endless recessions as businesses waste half their resources on their microsoft operating systems.....
We now have Windows 10 that in my test took considerably longer to delete a file on a modern giga and tera everything mega bit computer than my old XP laptop took to delete the same file!

The new computer went back ....

If only normal people could stomach the process of getting into politics we could have real people governing who could take the entire civil service over to linux machines with incentives for producing any software for linux.  That would encourage everyone else to do so.

In fact Microsoft could be buried, and harmony start to reign in offices, if only world 'leaders' weren't mental patient material...

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Beyond the Aryan Master Race..

Evolution has certainly been busy according to some in the LGBT cult.

Some cult members now claim that the alleged 'gay gene' is actually an evolutionary genetic advance producing a de luxe model of Homo Sapiens.

Cameron seems to agree too with his 'neanderthal' comment.

The evolutionary function of this superior Man is, they claim, to provide moral guidance to the (inferior) standard model (perhaps because of the sub species's irrational aversion to unusual sexual practices).

Other cult members with proudly mutilated genitals have claimed that they are the Guardian Angels of Mankind, although in general those with totally mutilated genitals understandably get suicidal.

If neither of these sexual positions fully satisfy seekers after the bizarre, then there are plenty more to be found in the dark areas of the internet.

Cult leaders, Stonewall, for example, claimed that English Common Law needs to be abolished because it was developed by a people that thought differently to themselves.

Common Law makes things like fraud or kidnapping and false imprisonment illegal.

Not to mention making Stonewall and other LGBT groups illegal under the criminal offence of conspiracy to corrupt public morals and outraging public decency, now also an offence under statutory law (S5(3) Criminal Law Act 1977).

Stonewall, itself, is actually named after 3am drunken criminal violence against police raiding illegal pubs, on nights where the raids on heterosexual illegal pubs all went peacefully, whilst the drunks, prostitutes and assorted human waste drinking at the illegal mafia run Stonewall pub, started throwing ashtrays, bottles and anything else at the police.  The thought of all that violence against men in policemen's uniforms is still quite heady within the cult..

Cult women, not noted to be in any need of assertiveness training, claim that they come from an exotic Greek island, rather than Slough, say.

They get most uptight if inhabitants of that island suggest they'd rather not be associated with unusual sexual practices.

However, the great thinkers in the cult, including judges belonging to the cult, point to the human right of claiming to come from wherever one likes.

Cult social scientists teach us that whenever women meet, like Sappho and her friends, they engage in all sorts of strange sexual behaviour with each other.

Cult biblical research published on the internet, directed to young people, also tells us that the sodomites were actually heterosexuals and that the sin of Sodom was actually homophobia, but that twisted Christians reversed the meaning of Deuteronomy passages.  This ties in with the modern research carried out by Dr Weinberg - as he once explained was carried out in his personal laboratory of exploratory sexual practices - who discovered that normal heterosexuality was a mental illness (which he termed homophobia).

The cult has also provided mankind with many linguistic insights.

Such as the words 'morality' and 'hatred' being interchangeable.

In fact in areas where the cult has control, rather than isis, both in competition with each other, utterances related to sexual morality are deemed to be 'hate incidents' to be treated as seriously as crime, as the isis run, sorry, LGBT run, Home Office has declared.

The cult gained control of many areas in the West following the release of the cult's biological WMD - incubated inside cult members, particularly in America - bringing humanity to its knees.

The isis run, sorry, LGBT run Charity commission has even made promotion of sexual immorality, that led to AIDS and mass deaths, a charitable object.

Sportsmanship is not a noted part of the cult.  It is customary for them to jeer at Christians sent to jail for objecting to a deranged Caesar illegitimately demanding what belongs to God (making 'equal marriage' States illegitimate under both Christian teaching and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

This cult phenomena is certainly a case of mass insanity looked at objectively.  This sexual dysphoria causing abnormal attraction to one's own sex has been significantly spread due to one of its defining characteristics present in self styled cult leaders - megalomania and  'control freak' disorder, coupled with narcissistic feelings of superiority with regard to knowing the 'correct' course.

Organised control freaks using subversive use of language have even programmed many a mind to accept the cult's agenda. An agenda engineered with the key help of Weinberg's 70's theory that normal heterosexuality, not homosexuality, is the mental illness, coupled with a sort of goebbelian NLP with a good dash of mad hatterism thrown in. Words like 'homophobia' now officially mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean (eg see the quite unlawful  'Hate Crime' guidance for a 'Quality Service' clearly demonstrating how the mass insanity has taken over the authorities).

Hardly surprising that with persistent programming so many have 'discovered themselves' to be sexually dysphoric.

A case of mass demonic possession also explains this weirdest cult in history, dedicated to unnatural unions, unnatural sex, and genital mutilation.

The cult's goal of  world domination with the burying of sexual morals is as maniacal as any of the goals of history's most evil men. Evil and madness are known bedfellows and whilst many sexually dysphoric individuals are quite harmless in themselves, the hard core have certainly herded them up for their own maniacal agenda.

This diabolical cult is the closest you'll get to the Illuminati as real, and the LGBT freemasonry is already in control of the West, a blanket of social terror restricting verbal opposition to any in a significant position.

This deviant sexual cult has already achieved what Germany's deviant racial cult, Nazism, could never have dreamt of, relying, as that violent cult did, on physical, rather than psychological violence/mass harassment of opponents by organised armies of deviant sexual fanatics.

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Bread Mafia

Bread is simple.  Idiots make it very complicated to show how clever they are.

To make bread is simple:

1.  Buy strong bread flour.  Get the one with the highest protein content as given on the packet as the stronger flours taste better.

That's perhaps why home made bread generally tastes better than supermarket or much 'artisan' bread..

They must use cheaper flour.  Bread is simple to understand....

It's simple to be an 'artisan' too.  Just add a few chopped olives to the dough.

2.  Follow the instructions on the packet.  They should know what quantities work best with their flour, not  gurus giving universal ingredient ratios.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

ISIS vs LGBT fundamentalism

Just as the rise in ISIS was caused by deficiencies in Syrian government, then the rise in LGBT fundamentalism was caused by deficiencies in Western governement.

Nature abhors a vacuum ....

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Starbucks Demon

Any normal person who has tasted Starbucks coffee knows how awful it is.

The beans are tortured to get a caffeine rich coffee creating dependency - only Starbucks coffee can satisfy the withdrawal symptons.

If you're dependent on Starbucks you will be shrieking at my heresy, a soul lost to us.

However, for those free from Starbucks control, don't take my word for it, take the word of trained tasters.

It may be an old report but things have got worse since..

So corporate drug pushers have created the world's largest Coffee chain.

Or are they just drug barons?......Satan works in mysterious ways....