Sunday, 29 November 2015

Why Your Computer Is No Quicker Than The One You Had Ten Years Ago


I once mentioned to an Intel manager that Windows never gets any quicker, whatever one 'upgrades' to.

He explained. There is a solid agreement in place between Intel and Microsoft.

The agreement was that Intel makes quicker and quicker chips whilst Microsoft makes slower and slower operating systems, so everything stays the same.


Intel can clearly have more computers sold as people desperately (and unsuccessfully by design) try to get something that doesn't take up most of their computing time waiting for something to happen

Microsoft can sell new operating systems by (falsely) claiming they're quicker.

It's a commercial conspiracy that is probably the cause of endless recessions as businesses waste half their resources on their microsoft operating systems.....
We now have Windows 10 that in my test took considerably longer to delete a file on a modern giga and tera everything mega bit computer than my old XP laptop took to delete the same file!

The new computer went back ....

If only normal people could stomach the process of getting into politics we could have real people governing who could take the entire civil service over to linux machines with incentives for producing any software for linux.  That would encourage everyone else to do so.

In fact Microsoft could be buried, and harmony start to reign in offices, if only world 'leaders' weren't mental patient material...

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