Sunday, 15 June 2014

Consciousness and Matter - Chicken and Egg ?

The truth is that we do not know how life formed.

As for the desperation of those who would claim that a transfinite (greater than your usual infinite) number of parallel universes must exist, and that we happen to be in the one with convenient anthropological constants, it shows just how crazed some so called 'scientists' are.

As for Evolution theory, certainly the time needed for the endless happy random molecular events required by evolution has to be longer than any estimated age of the Universe.

There are also a negligible number of actual examples - compared to the mind boggling number needed by evolution - of natural selection that can be pointed to.

One just has to read a few paragraphs of those working in the evolution of consciousness to see just how lost evolution theory is.

The Coalition so called Government has certainly not missed out on the chance to insult Science by declaring the vagaries of evolution as 'truth', Science today being nothing more than the process of groups or individuals declaring their intellectual superiority.

Claiming that we have the answer when we don't is the greatest insult to Science, and boy, have there been any number of insults against Science in this age of intellectual darkness.