Friday, 26 May 2017

The New Left / Deviant Sexual Revolution and Programming of the Masses

"I'm sure there would be support to contribute to a  fund for  private prosecutions of villains like Mandelson, Blair and Cameron."

The New Left Revolution was consolidated by the psychotic genius Mandelson through his puppet Blair.

There was one goal of his - to make homosexuality and unnatural sex acts socially and legally equivalent to healthy relationships.

The main difference was that where children were involved, this meant heterosexuals being treated like farm animals and their children taken and given to sodomites, like in the notorious case of East European Catholics having their son taken from them to be brought up by immoral sodomites.

To achieve such diabolical 'equality', never seen since Adam and Eve, and which would mean in practice sodomite supremacy (the sodomite paradigm overruling all normal paradigms since Adam and Eve) such equality was slipped in through making a deliberate issue of racial and religious and ability equality, coupled with deliberate uncontrolled immigration.

Eventual virtual genocide of the British would be simply collateral damage.

The EU was also brought in of course when Mandelson was a Commissioner, particularly through
the directive of non discrimination of sexual 'orientation', where 'orientation' is newspeak for 'disorientation'.

The New Left's main defensive weapon was actually supplied by their victims - in the form of Omerta.

Bestiality proponents use the same arguments as the sodomite revolutionaries, yet the spotlight is never really put on them.  No-one refers to the deviant sexual revolution as Sexual Bullying - where people are forced to wave the flag for unnatural sexual practices or face criminalisation.

Also whilst hijacking of the law was the main tactic of the revolutionaries, law which remained which
turned them into criminals, was never used as a weapon.

For example, conspiracy to corrupt public morals, which the Mandelson revolution was all about, is a criminal offence, under common law and Statute Law ( Section 5(3) of the Criminal Law Act 1977 was taken from Common Law.)

I was unable to get 'counter revolutionary' groups to go on the offensive.  Groups like SPUC and C4M being mainly whining groups, a bit like becoming.

There is also of course Misconduct in Public Office, an offence freely committed, particularly since Mandelson controlled the country through his puppet Bliar, a most recent one being Cameron stopping the Civil Servant from preparing for a Leave Vote.

There was great support once contributing to a fund to prosecute Arthur Scargill (although this seemed to have been set up by respectable crooks).

I'm sure there would be support to contribute to a  fund for  private prosecutions of villains like Mandelson, Blair and Cameron.

The Establishment would no doubt kick the table over, as it always does when it has losing cards, but that would weaken it, but consciousness needs to be made that the Establishment is criminal.

At the moment, hijacking of the law has had a brainwashing effect on the masses,  where the origin of AIDS has somehow become linked to parenthood, and criminality seen as legitimate law.


  1. You seem angry and bitter. Are you getting enough exercise?

    1. I just seem upset, but your second sentence definitely rings you as a psycho.