Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not so fast, Copper

The Police offered to forgive my sin.

They said I wasn't a proper sinner.

Under the spiritual guidance of ACPO I first had to show I wanted to be good though - by bribing them.

Speed Awareness Courses, unlike Driver Improvement Courses, are not sanctioned by statute.

Still, I bribed them.

I've since claimed for a refund for the Speed Awareness Course I took - but I'm keeping the free keyring.

The Police agreed they hadn't acted under any provisions of the law.  They appealed instead to the authority of ACPO.

I pointed out that ACPO may not be the safest authority to appeal to.

They then appealed to the authority of  Contract Law. They said they had provided the service for which I had paid for.
I then pointed out that an essential requirement of a valid contract - genuine consent  - appears to have been missing.

The Police have not denied that undue influence was present.

So  I'll be sending the Police a Notice of Intended Summons.  Even under ACPO guidelines Police should not be making a profit from these courses, and the courses should contain a driver assessment practical.  ACPO, under threat of being summonsed too, have disowned Wiltshire's course - 'nufink to do with us gov, they're on their own'.

Most Forces would seem to be on their own too, ignoring ACPO guidelines about not making a profit. 



  1. Well you've certainly slowed them down. Time for letter before action isn't it?

  2. There will of course be a letter before action but I'm still savouring the situation..

  3. After protracted communications and redrafting of the Particulars of the Claim an application to the courts has been made for a refund of the cost of attending Wiltshire's poor quality Speed Awareness Workshop.