Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Why You Don't See Many Asians Eating in Asian Restaurants

In the old days before fridges, food could be completely killed using spices to make it last longer in the heat.

It also made it more interesting to the visiting Klingon and resident British rulers.

In fact it was only the more refined gastronomic tastes of the rest of Europe which prevented them from also building empires the size of the British one.

When fridges were invented the British taste for such food continued. Enterprising Asians created new recipes knowng that the same food can be sold to the British at five times the price if it is spiced out of recognition.

This is why Indian restaurants are not set up for Indians, or Chinese restaurants set up for the Chinese.

They’ve all got fridges and are into real food - Cordon Bleu and Mediterranean and endless caviar they can afford after charging sad but rich customers £40 for takeaway chowmein and rice for two with a couple of greasy spring rolls thrown in.


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