Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Was Satan An Alien?

In the 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' a sexy KGB woman in standard issue tight clothing captured Indiana Jones. She was after an alien artifact she believed could control minds.

The idea was that Russia could convert the world to Communism by remote control.

"The beauty of it is" she said "is that no-one will know what is happening".

Did the wicked Sodomites - you know,  the ones that name themselves after the illegal drinking, drunkeness and violence of Stonewall - find such an artifact?  


  1. Violence worshippers Stonewall as you put it, are also quite indignant about Common Law.

    The idea of integrity at the base of human interactions was created by heterosexuals they claim!!

    They really are sociopaths and heterophobic psychotics.

    No wonder MPs are terrified of them !

    1. Well my son,just in case they have some remnant of a human soul to save (a long shot I know) let us pray for them.

  2. Replies
    1. Well that's a point.

      With the wicked Sodomites and their followers having control of the mass media there's no need to look further for an alien artifact controlling minds !