Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Treat Them - Don't Encourage Them !!

Paul McKenna once hypnotised a stage subject to fall in love with a mop.

He got so in love he had to be restrained!

In his normal state the subject didn't fancy mops!!

Just as normal people don't experience sexual attraction with a member of the same sex!!

Now most sexual deviancy - loving mops, shoe sniffing etc are not socio-pathological.

Organised sodomy has certainly proved to be as well as begetting the greatest plague in history.

Junior Police officers for example are forced to record any complaint of 'homophobia', where 'homophobia' - already a pathological word - is defined by police 'leadership' as meaning anything the complainant choses it to mean - including church services.

As expected in socio-pathological thinking, heterosexuals have no equivalent recourse to the time of junior officers.

Funds should be made available for research and treatment of the greatest mental health problem facing the Globe - sexual and emotional dysphoria .

Advances in the mind sciences including NLP and hypnotherapy need to be furthered to treat what is one of the greatest threats facing the World today.
Those who use their power to encourage sexual deviancy, particularly by trampling on human rights, rather than further research into treatment should really be shot in front of their families !!

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  1. You mean stop treating people as crazy if they DON'T want to have deviant sexual thoughts?

    Bit revolutionary isn't it?