Tuesday, 4 December 2012

SKYFALL - The Moral of the Teenage Q

Skyfall brought in more money than any other Bond film.

It also had the daftest plot.

There's a moral here for all entrepreneurs!

First the teenage Q played the big shot - "I can do more damage in my pyjamas before breakfast on my laptop than you can do in a year in the field.".

Well, actually he was right.

He went on to brag about how he wrote the security which only a handful of people knew about, including the villain.

Then, he cleverly switched on the villain's laptop using the security he wrote -  which promptly released the imprisoned villain to blow a hole in London's underground, and shooting any number of people before shooting out a public enquiry.

Not wishing to be outdone by the teenager, Bond then cleverly set a trap for the villain - "one step ahead"  he said.

The trap involved using M as bait, to lure the villain and his small army with heavy firepower to a remote house, where Bond and an old gamekeeper would take them on with a couple of shotguns.

Surprise, surprise, this got M killed.

At least the film had a silver lining - it got rid of  Judi Dench who just stood there terrified in the chapel even when the villain gave her his gun to shoot him...


  1. There was a good bit when the villain, speaking effeminately and caressing Bond, asked Bond how he could deal with that (rather than the usual violence by villains against him). Bond quipped that it wasn't his first time. The villain then made a face snorting about how gross the "physical stuff" is. If only real life gay terrorists like stonewall felt the same!

    1. ..or sexual revolutionary terrorists like Dave Cameron. His sheen reminds me of Bin Laden's sheen.