Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gay Births Deaths and Marriages

Note: this post doesn't refer to moderate homosexuals
who must have had enough of the gay nazis !

Since the Sun run a headline on the Gay Mafia, they've come a long way.

They've even got the 'government' committed to converting every country in the World into a sodomite fundamentalist sexual nazi State too - none of which any normal person of course need consider legitimate, just as normal Germans didn't consider the Nazi State to be legitimate. Mind you, at least the Nazis didn't intimidate normal Germans by calling them Naziphobic.

The current thing is Marriage.

The idea is to treat a serious sexual and emotional disorder as normal and to redefine consummation of marriage to include sodomy so that no normal person would ever want to get married.

Now by definition 'Equal Marriage' = 'Gay Marriage' given that it is the abolition of dictionary marriage plus mental patient marriage.

So we have No Sodomy, No Marriage under Conservative Equal Divorce Law, and if one of the mental patients has got piles, is that grounds for divorce too, if he's marked as the wife on the Equal Marriage certificate, the terms husband and wife both referring to both sexes under Equality Law?

As for the Aryan Nazi lookalike leading the Porn Party, he's really got into bondage, hasn't he, not allowing his MPs a free vote?

But hold on. What about the bisexuals?

They're a new hyperactive gender under Gay Mafia law aren't they?

How come they're not having the right to bigamy under the proposals?

The reason it seems is that they're regarded as an inferior gender - or 'greedy' as gay lib jurisprudence might technically describe them.

Also being half heterosexual, they only qualify for half the rights in Modern Sodom.

The attitude of the gay Mnistry of Justice, fount of gay nazi propoganda "Guidance to Judges" - treating normal heterosexual judges as unsound - would be 'sod them', in the new language of the masters of the judiciary.

But what do the Gay Mafia have against single women?

Why not allow single women to register as married if it makes them happy? After all, many single women feel socially inferior to their married friends. Doesn't the social inequality they experience count ?

Also what about the 'legal' definition of births and deaths?

Fanatical Ministers have shrieked loudly enough for everyone to know that it's up to them what words mean - nothing to do with customary usage or what the dictionaries agree on.

Given that a birthday on the first of the month is always nice, how about parents being able to purchase a legal date of birth just like the DoT sells car registration plates?

Many people feel younger than their chronological age - why shouldn't they be able to change their legal year of birth too?

After all, it's what makes us happy that's important as the 'government' describes in the marriage thing, and we can already decide whether we want to be a man or a woman on official documents to make us happy, and let us men into the women's changing rooms.

Selling a different legal date of birth would also make many people feel more with it and equal to those younger than themselves.

That would benefit the economy and make people happy !


  1. The loony Pink Press are now claiming that it is offensive to point to sodomy not resulting in procreation just as it is offensive to make fun of disabled people!

    1. The politics of abuse and harassment is the sexual nazi's main weapon.

  2. You might get recorded as being Naziphobic, Reverend!

    The wicked sodomites are very touchy about Nazi Equality !