Monday, 30 September 2013

Politicians in Cages

One thing they're not discussing at the Conservative conference is why they didn't used to have a ring of steel for their conferences - that is, where did they go wrong!

The reason they're not discussing it is that they feel perfectly at home in cages.

Cages is where they belong.

Together with the journalists acting as their unpaid PR rather than asking real questions.


  1. The useless media probably don't even know about the Coalition arranging to actually CONFISCATE money from people's savings account if the account is dormant for a while (eg someone has put money there referenced in a will).

    Makes Red Ed and the Mail seem rather tame.

  2. Absolutely unbelievable the way 'Conservatives' are still promoting the illusion of government in their conference week.

    Cameron talking about jobs created - what about jobs lost!

    The collusion between the toss of Whitehall and the toss of the Conservative Party is giving a toss illusion.

    They're just tossers tossing each other off.

    And what's wrong with State ownership of the means of producing children that the Coalition and us agree on?