Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mr Spock's Prescription for Earth

With so many half humans around, who does Mr Spock think should run the country?

Unfortunately, Mr Spock hasn't been born yet, but an intergalactic psychic has published the following premises and conclusion, given in a trance conversation with the future Mr Spock:


1. Humans and Vulcans both need established principles of government.

2. It's a well established principle on Earth that minorities are the most important people and so should rule the majority.  It's called Democracy.

3. Sexual minorities are the most important minorities as seedy sex is the most attractive thing for most of the opinion formers.

4. The most responsible minority should rule.

5. Shoe sniffers are a sexual minority who are discreet and respect non shoe sniffers - they don't  tell everyone what they get up to and expect everyone to say how sweet or else call them shoephobic.

6. Currently 'gays' rule. They're the most wacko of sexual minorities, engaging in faecal sex and unremitting megalomania, demanding that everyone should consider this as normal behaviour, just like marching down the streets chanting how proud they are of their bottoms, launching the WMD AIDS, followed by even more exhibitionism, followed by name calling against anyone unimpressed with them is perfectly normal behaviour. The female gays constitute the cunnilingus and dildo cocky know it all sexual minority - all claiming that they come from a Greek island and really pissing off the locals there, not caring of course.


Shoe sniffers are more socially responsible than gays so the Earth should be run by shoe sniffers.



  1. Talking about aliens, there are a few humanoids on earth who like to constantly make fun of humans - they're called humanists.

    One particularly fat one, barely resembling a human, therefore darling of the 'freak show' media, likes to make fun of women because they think sex is about having babies.

  2. The growing BESTIALITY SEX CULT uses exactly the same arguments for 'equality' as the GAY SEX CULT that begat AIDS - the term 'gay' being coined by the cult not from it's usage of meaning 'cheerful' but from one of its then usage of meaning 'licentiousness' or 'loose woman'. Now there you have TRUE SEXUAL EQUALITY.