Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Untouchable English Class

The problem with Satan is that he has no British sense of humour.

In fact Satan has no sense of humour - like his acolytes.

One of his mouthpieces - The Independent - in fact sacks any columnist displaying any humour.

What happened to the chap with the Maserati or the American girl who found British men sexy?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown however, is in no danger of such a fate.

She has the politically correct looks (do you remember when 'back of a bus' used to be an acceptable phrase?) to allow her to be a primadonna in the media.

On the Channel 4 program on Nigel Farage, this western thinking Muslim issued a fatwa for the media to censure Farage, and give him no coverage, whatever election law might say.

The reason she gave is that she found it really depressing that the English working class - the Untouchable Class to these New Left neo-stalinist, neo politically correct (*) elitists - should be supporting UKIP instead of  'kill all normal people' Labour, run by the alien with the glowing face and eerie eyes, whose

"We shall destroy all the politically incorrect. Not one shall live to write normal history"

dad was so pally with the supporter of Stalin's mass murder of 20-60 million politically incorrect humans.

(*)  The term 'politically correct' used by New Left sociopaths was taken straight from the term 'politically correct' that was used to refer to the evil Stalinist party line.   Its new humanity hating usage is designed to subvert society as a whole rather than concentrating on  Marxist subversion of  normal economics. It seeks to do this through mind control effected by changing language to force people to think differently - as suggested  by Orwell in 1984.  

Stalin's destruction of the human body was quite primitive compared to today's mass scientific destruction of minds, as one can see by the number of people who once thought sodomy was sick but now vote for sodomite fundamentalist political parties (ie the three main ones) and then proudly uttering in the pub "I'm the same as I always was".


  1. There's enough soma addicted people in the electorate - plus any foreigners not entitiled to vote who can still easily vote just by putting their name on a fom pushed through the door - to vote sickos in again.

    1. Fictitious names too can be added to the 'how many votes do you want form'

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