Monday, 27 September 2010


What strange necromancy is afoot? 

Surely dispensing with satan can't be that big a deal.    He's all wind isn't he?

Yet creepy visions, well, from the compliant shape TV keep haunting my mind.

Pictures of people with staring eyes who I can't tell apart, called millipedes or something.

Millibanks, Milibads?  Well whatever, my skin is reacting...what creatures of the dark do we have here in human form?

Tonight I sleep with garlic, the whole works....

It didn't work!!  I awoke with images of faces with an unnatural sheen, like Bin Laden, but these had staring eyes like black orbs.  They were images from yesterday's TV news !

Without even dressing or brushing my teeth I went straight to a dusty copy of 'Okkulte Phanomene Im Lichte der Theologie' (*)  by the little known devil hunter Abbot Weisinger. 

Nowhere could I see any references to this new brand of unearthliness.

I then turned to the older 'Personality and History of Satan' by the Englishman, Robert Brown, no relation to Dan Brown. 

Pages fell out, and as I put one back I was drawn to the Children of Belial - " they knew not Jehovah".  Well, the millipedes were brought up by a godless Marxist, with no allegiance to the faith of their race, let alone to the faith central to the British Constitution.  Also Belial could refer to both human and devil beings.

It awaits then, it would seem, for them to give themselves up to every species of abomination and wickedness.

Don't forget to make a punt if odds appear on Betfair! Well, already you'd get a blank stare if you asked them about reinstating Children's Human Rights, or stopping unwanted homosexual porn channels being automatically downloaded with freeview into normal people's homes, or ads for them popping up when looking up the weather on ITV teletext.

Luckily, the spirit of Belial hasn't had much success, at least on YouTube - most YouTube videos get more hits than millipede videos!!!

(*) Occult Phenonomen in the Light of Theology

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