Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dr Who and Parallel Universes and God

Parallel universes are great misery for Dr Who who lost his girl in one.

It doesn't mean they exist though!!

Now it’s been realized for some time that if some values in physics (physical constants) were even just slightly out, the universe would be completely out and we certainly would be out of it, as atoms couldn’t form.

Some 'leading' scientists have claimed that this obviously means that there must obviously be an infinite number of parallel and totally different universes - each with the same laws but different physical constants!!.  And we obviously happen to be in the right one for us in an infinite to one chance. If you want to be really technical that’s actually a transfinite number to one chance.  Transfinite means infinity to a power.  The claim of course doesn’t even include the number of transfinite universes that have different laws anyway ignoring the constants.

They say the reason parallel universes exist is that firstly we're here. No argument about that of course. The second reason however is that it’s obviously easier to believe in an infinite times infinite number of different parallel universes, which we’ll never be able to prove exist, than just to believe in the one we’re in!  

The problem, they say, in believing in just the one universe is that it leads to things like the 'anthropic principle'
(google it, I'm only writing this as I can't sleep and am ready to go back to bed..) and the danger that it could lead to people believing in God (like all the great scientists did in the past, unlike ego trip charlatans of today).

Whether or not the 'anthropic principle' is an argument for the existence of God, the desperation of some to argue the totally absurd as serious science, shows to me how terrified some scientists are that God might exist contrary to their belief. They are ready to sacrifice all integrity just to stop people talking about God. Why?

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  1. Perhaps they don't want God getting the limelight rather than themselves, for they like to be closest to Creation - call them creationists!