Thursday, 9 September 2010

Christian's Shouldn't Burn the Koran - Muslims Should

"It would have been most constructive if a Cathedral were in the building plans for Ground Zero"       
Any spiritual value in the koran was lifted from the bible by Mohammed. Any moral attitude comes from the bible. The power of the koran comes from the Bible. The koran however contains much harm, which is why Muslims should burn it themselves.

To the credit of many Muslims, however, they have left their faith after actually reading the koran.

They've left their faith even after it's been strenuously defended by Western politicians who haven't actually read the koran!

One Muslim on a forum said he left the Faith after reading of the Warlord Mohammed's promises of sexual rewards - part of the carrot and stick approach to deal with reluctant killers.


- Those who stayed at home instead of following him into battle to massacre Christians and Jews would go to Hell. (Chapter 8, Koran)

- Those who followed him and died in battle would have wonderful Palaces in heaven full of virgins to bonk.

(This was the cause of 9/11 - the few real journalists on the Guardian even reported terrorists in Iraq explaining this motivation of theirs.  This also explains of course why terrorists are so ugly - handsome arabs can get girls without having to rely on Mohammed's promises.)

- Those who followed him and lived would share the earthly glory of the victors of battle.

-  Christians and Jews are the vilest people on Earth according to God BECAUSE they are sticking to the Old and New Testaments rather than updating to Mohammed's plagiarising of the Bible, so are eminently killable (Chapter 98 Koran).

(Mohammed's bible puts the humble Warlord as Head of Mankind, God's Second in Command, anyone not believing he's the most special person in creation being human garbage in the eyes of God .)

Surely other decent Muslims should start to hate their faith in Mohammed too?  Those who genuinely follow Islam for spiritual principles and love of good could start their own church, based on the original principles in the bible and anything constructive in the koran, assuming any of them have actually read all the koran.  This church could adapt customs Muslims are comfortable with.

Al 'quaeda represents the real Mohammed.  Everyone knows this.  Only a few people in America are demonstrating about it - such is the fear and intimidation Islam installs.  In fact Islam and the Gay Mafia are the two great pillars of terrorism in society.  No mainstream politician in UK or America would dare attack either Islam or homosexuality.  Terror Lives.

'Moderate' Muslims have created and keep going the infrastructure of Islam.  They are the servants of Al Quaeda.  Technically, in fact, the term 'moderate Muslim' is a contradiction.  All Muslims believe the koran is the speech of God, or else they are not Muslims.  All Muslims are fundamentalists.  Certainly on youtube few Muslims seem to have any problems with the core message of the koran - Islamic Supremacy, religious and political. Expressing shame over 9/11, rather than contempt towards protesters, is not the rule.

Attempts to produce a Modern Islamic Theology explaining away embarrassing bits in the Koran  are generally dismissed amongst Muslims.  This is in sharp contrast to the Catholic Church dismissing embarrassing bits in the Bible as not part of the central message and not relevant to today.

It would have been most constructive if a Cathedral had been fitted into the building plans for Ground Zero.

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  1. There might be a wave of burning this year though according to what I've read - publishers who handle the koran should be pleased