Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A NEW BRITAIN - from scratch !!!

A tremendous opportunity awaits.

Like the pioneers of America, we face a blank sheet.

Like the owner of a gutted out house, we can build a new interior.

Britain is finished.   Barely a vestige is left. 

We can build anew !!!

Mind you, if the 'Big Society' is to be a part of it then the Charity Commissioners need to be replaced.

Replaced by people who are in tune with the idea of the 'Big Society'!!

The Charity Commissioners thinking is that  "promoting moral and spiritual welfare of the community and religious harmony" means allowing fanatical political organisations like Stonewall, naming themselves after criminal events in America, disowned by many they claim to represent, setting themselves up as charities, to sit on the Government’s face to criminalise real charities whose objects only included children – not themselves!

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  1. Yes, Stonewall you're referring to WAS criminal and it was a MYTH it was about homosexual oppression.

    The raid on mafia run Stonewall Pub was one of a number of raids on places without drinks licences including 'normal' bars.

    Only the homosexuals attacked the police feeling depressed the day after Judy Garland died or something.

    The whole thing was turned into a myth of homosexuals battling oppression, leading of course to Stonewall, terrorist charity, forcing normal adoption agencies to close.

    The myth was easy to promote as in other ways authorities did legally overstep the mark about that time, although those excesses were cleared up.

    Homosexual activists will always be complaining, reality being no obstacle to their claims, which doesn't seem to bother most politicians.