Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Pope, Journalists, and that "illness"

Only the global village idiot, Peter Tatchell, could dismiss the Catholic Church by suddenly presenting himself as a champion of Islamic 'leaders'.

On TV he claimed that the Pope’s visit was an insult to the many Islamic ‘leaders’ who weren’t each given the same formal invitation - Islamic theology accepts that there are no formal Islamic leaders, meaning those who set themselves up as religious leaders of Islam are usurping Mohammed's authority over Muslims, under the Islamic paradigm.

He also claimed that the Vatican isn’t much of an independent State, so the Queen as Head of State shouldn’t have invited him here!!!

In his attempt at formal reasoning, he seemed to have nothing to say about the Queen as Head of the English Church - thus charged with safeguarding Christianity and the Christian country of Britain (presumably from people like Mr Tatchell). 

The Pope’s visit has, however, highlighted the puzzling claim that we live in a 'secular democracy', despite 74% of people describing themselves as Christian rather than godless (Census figure)!

What do proponents of the 'secular democracy' claim say when presented with the '74 % democracy' argument?  They say that the 74% aren't very good Christians so they don't count, so the country belongs to the godless, ie themselves!   

Britain is a Christian country under British Constitution even without the 74% figure!

It seemed about only 2% of those who turned out were protesters - presenting themselves as 'champions of children' but who support the abolition of the most basic of Human Rights - the right for an orphan to be found a new mummy and daddy, a task made easier in Britain by the banning of any normal person from adoption work in the interests of  satanic justice.

As for the Catholic Church, it is one of the biggest global health care providers, providing nearly a quarter of health care in Africa, running 5,246 hospitals, 17,520 dispensaries, 577 leprosy clinics, and 15,208 houses for the elderly and chronically ill etc. not to mention the central role the Catholic Church and the closely allied Church of England has played over the lifetime of the Realm.

Also, Catholic convents have produced the most exciting and desirable women – Anne Robinson is the exception that proves the rule.

Most importantly, I had a fine education under a Catholic teaching order.  I learnt right from wrong. In particular, that it’s wrong to sexually bully people - like criminalising us if we don’t let anyone into our homes to engage in rather unhygienic, not to mention unspeakably depraved, sexual acts if we do a bit of B&B.

At this point, I’d also like to remind Dr G,  the only person who’s reading this probably, and who keeps suggesting he’s fitter than me, that at school I coxed the rowing team in such a fit manner that our main opponent turned back without even having gone half way. The team from Bovington Army camp had left in humiliation before we’d finished the course and returned!

Also, the Catholic Church has given me great support in my belief that the Modern Cult of Sexual Deviancy and Faecal Sex is not a good thing. My belief stems from the Cult’s production of a global plague that predominantly kills members of the Cult (*), whilst the Cult’s unnatural beliefs and practices have rendered most of the Cult members who are still alive, suicidal or with mental health or personality problems.

If this real life satanic cult’s stranglehold on the West is to be loosened, the Catholic Church has a role.

The Catholic Church has also given me great support in my belief that if King Herod’s massacre of a few hundred babies for political reasons was wrong, then putting millions whilst still alive, topping the Holocaust, through a meat grinder as a retroactive method of contraception can’t be right either – however “hateful” the 'champions of children' above describe this belief.

So what am I leading up to?

Sadness. Sadness that I must criticise the Church.

I was saddened at Benedict telling journalists on his plane that “we know that this [paedophilia] is an illness, that free will does not function where this illness exists”.

Aside from travelling with dodgy company (that also forgot their job was to ask questions) it meant that Benedict can’t accept that priestly power can be corrupted into evil by priests.

The Vatican seems rusty on its theology. It’s true that the completely insane who speak gibberish all the time  are deemed by secular law and theology not to be responsible for their actions.   However, fallen priests were fully aware of the difference between right and wrong. Hell, they’re specially trained to!  They only seemed to think they needed help with the ‘illness’ after they were caught.

Evil comes first. It's a free will choice.  After evil is chosen comes the inability to control. 

Priests have the most real power in the Church because they deal directly with the people. 
They have more power than the Pope to inflict direct personal harm. 

The Church must apply or amend Canon Law to remove all such fallen priests from the priesthood if the Church is to regain the respect of many.   Ideally their conscience should prompt them to ask to be  laicized, as penance to help the reputation of the Church.

It's not as bad as excommunication!

However I believe what the Church really needs is Vatican 3. 

After Vatican 2 we had priests going on sociology courses!!  Social 'Science' is why student loans were introduced! Now it seems to be all about how normal people oppress satan's children!   Like bringing up the subject of personal responsibility.  

Under Vatican 2 even Tony Blair, Champion of Sodomites Abolishing Children's Human Rights, was admitted into the church, without even a "sorry about the past, chaps".

Not only that, I was threatened with excommunication, albeit in a gentle manner, by a Archbishop I shall not name, just because I fancied attending masses like we had at school - with the priest with his back to me so he couldn't see me having a quick snooze.  In fact the IRA got off much better than me from my letter, which was largely asking for them and their supporters to be excommunicated on Canon Law grounds of scandal, so that I wouldn't have to watch Gerry Adams, on TV taking Holy Communion, whilst my ears were throbbing with the pain of that awful noise they play at the start of  TV news..

(*) Apart from in Africa, because of the slave trade, according to some AIDS writers who regard the usual explanations as insults.

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  1. Agree but feel the growth of evil with militant satanism as you might put it, is due to abandonment of both CoE and the Cathlic Church of their evangelical duty.

    The Catholic Church should not fight shy of converting Muslims because of the social terror it creates. Only the minority of Muslim terrorists bomb - most are in full view