Thursday, 23 September 2010

My CD has No Reverse Gear

There's this belief amongst pagans that CDs are better than cassettes which were better than records.

They're not.  Each has advantages and disadvantages which the others don't have.
When records were replaced by audio cassettes, you couldn’t go right to the song you wanted to which you could do before.

You also lost the glossy record covers. The satisfying feel of holding the black shiny disk.  Romantic evenings were also more romantic with records.

If you're listening to someone on a CD it's tough if you missed something, you can't rewind a little bit on most machines.

As for DVDs at least new video cassettes worked - trying to get some Tesco value DVDs to run on my laptop is not relaxing.

CDs aren’t better than cassettes which are better than records and DVDs better than video cassettes.

They’re all different or parallel technologies.

Once upon a time technology progressed. Now it keeps starting from the beginning.

The only progress is that you’re poorer - having had the record, you  had to then buy the cassette and then buy the CD to listen to the same thing. Of course, with recordable DVDs, you have to buy different makes in bulk to find out which one works on your machine. You then need several recordings on different DVD makes for the same film to ensure you can watch it on other players.
Some people  even replace their entire collection of music by an identical collection of music every time the factory wants more money.  Particularly it seems amongst opinion formers who are treated as thinkers.

What we need is for all these technologies to co-exist together - it would boost the economy, and I'd be able to buy a twin cassette player again!

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