Friday, 6 August 2010

Let there be Oil Paintings ...

In the beginning, TVs were items of furniture.  The more select ones (like ours) had doors.

Then they popped out of the cabinets - but were still all different with attempts of design.

Now they're all the same!! 
  Black screens all with the same shape plastic frames!

I can't help thinking ol' demon eyes is behind this monstrous imposition of conformity.

Let there be oil paintings instead!! The flat screen could have proper picture frames with roll out paintings when not in use.

Then TVs would have moved from being items of furniture to decorative art hung on the wall!

The more select ones of course could have old masters rolling out when not in use, and nice carved gold frames.

1 comment:

  1. What gets me is the way rafts of porn channels get downloaded automatically in todays TVs.

    As Ofcom or whoever is supposed to be regulating things are not working the Coalition may as well scrap them and save a fortune.