Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tax or Axe pervdom!

There was a time when a chap could go his doctor, and see nothing on the waiting room walls but the odd poster of a granny sipping a cup of tea, with advice to drink lots during a flu. Then he could stroll to his Club, and in the gentlemen's washroom maybe see the odd black and white or sepia picture of a damsel in her undergarments, slightly out of focus.  Everything in it's place. A World in order.

Now, NHS waiting rooms are full of porn posters in perfect focus, facing mothers with their children waiting.  One in my doctor's has a naked woman contortionist bending over to put her face up her, er to look up her, er, well..  Now that's a specific porn category about bendy people according to Doctor G, more worldly wise than myself.  The rest all have 'Sex' in large letters scrawled over them.

There was also a time when you could take your aunt to hospital and pass nothing but posters dealing with other people's health problems.  Now, there's Sex Weeks and  Masters of Sex Charities telling us to get involved with the sex lives of unattractive ethnic people with learning difficulties whom we've never even met! 

The NHS has been taken over by the pervs.  This must start at the top, where BMA pimps expect some of the most angelic lady doctors just out of medical school to handle on demand the private parts of men - even foreigners - about the average age of those running the BMA.

It's as safe to take your aunt to any NHS establishment as it is to watch BBC pioneered televison with her, unless you're a family of deviants.

As for the Police, the only criminals being portrayed in Police Station posters now are your granny or aunt, looking unhappy at two coppers kissing each other.  Some posters are adverts for Deviant Sex for This week and Deviant Sex Knows No Bounds for that Week whilst other posters - inspired by ACPO's Zero Tolerance Policy for any criticism of Satan - exhort the Public to report anyone promoting morality, considered to be a hate crime against Satan.

Two ways to handle the endemic Perv Problem in the country would be the Finance Act or a Public Decency Act.

Tax or Axe them!   Whoever they are!!

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  1. I've seen that poster too - I think the sex industry workers just want to show us how sophisticted they are and what creative uses they can make of public funds.