Saturday, 2 October 2010

Britain - A Rogue Illegitimate State ?

"Can 'Modern' Britain be truly regarded as a legitimate State?"
There was a time when the Law was more than just a jumble of statutes.

"It's the Law" was a moral imperative.  Children were taught to obey the Law not just because of its penalties.

The moral authority of the Law came about because it reflected much moral thinking.

In Nazi Germany the Law was hijacked to reflect the immoral thinking of the Nazis. The Law there lost all respect of the civilised world.  Decent people in Nazi Germany were pushed to the fringes and intimidated into silence.

In Britain the Law has been also hijacked to reflect immoral thinking and assorted loony ideologies. 
Police investigate reports of moral assertions brought to their attention and record them as 'hate incidents'. Any unpopular Sunday sermon could bring 'the terror' down onto the Parish.

The Law has lost the respect of decent people who are pushed to the fringes and intimidated into silence.

Under previous British standards and international law Britain has become a Rogue State, in the same qualitative manner as Nazi Germany became.


To make it an offence NOT to allow a man to go into the woman's changing room and expose his penis, if the man wished he were a woman,  is a sign that Britain is hardly a legitimate State in any normal understanding of the term.  Britain is in fact a Lunatic State, divorced from reality.

Under the Gender Recognition Act you just have to tell your doctor that you wish you were a member of the opposite sex and hey presto!  You'd then be able to get your sex changed on all official documents - even if you looked like Sylvester Stallone!  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SEX CHANGE.

Even Common Law is under attack.

Common Law reflects moral thinking even more than Statute Law did. 

The rogue charity, Stonewall, named after criminal events in America (*) has complained that Common Law was not developed by homosexuals and therefore does not reflect the thinking of homosexuals (ie revolutionary homosexuals). 

Well, morality certainly doesn't reflect the thinking of Stonewall.  Stonewall was forefront in the campaign for the abolition of fundamental rights of children, and for adoption charities to be made criminal unless they accepted thinking more deviant than has ever occurred in history -  and history is hardly short of evil.

Morality doesn't fit the thinking of any homosexual nazi. Peter Tatchell openly defends paedophilia with impunity (** ) claiming sex with willing children is fine and proper.


Britain has all the trappings of a Rogue State.  

It is an island State in more ways than one.  Under Ofcom,  whose corruption is widely recognised, and ignored by corrupt/bumbling politicians, it is simply not possible for anyone abroad to phone many public bodies or even relatives in hospital, because of anonymous location, shark rate telephone prefixes.  Where it is possible only the super rich can afford the hyper priced cost of phoning shark rate numbers from abroad.  

It is run  like a Police State with ACPO who makes up the law as they go along. 

Institutionalised corruption of purposes and ignoring of objects represents the normal standard of 'regulation'.

Its citizens are forced to accept every kind of absurdity in a free for all dance ...


Now the concept of charity, of doing good to one's neighbour, used to be reflected in legal Charities.  That also has been swept aside since the hijacked Charity Commissioners started to allow organisations such as Stonewall and other extremist organisations seeking to corrupt the morals of minors, and havens for paedophiles to harass schools, to parade as Charities.


The concept of 'social medicine', that is the killing of millions of unborn babies, mostly for convenience, makes it somewhat difficult to assert Britain is spiritually  healthier than Nazi Germany or King Herod. Probably most men know a woman with deep regret and guilt about an abortion.


Sexual oppression in Britain is not just targeted at children, from the stripping of human rights of orphans to be looked after by normal people and normal adoption agencies, to the sexualisation of children.  Normal adults are intimidated against expressing normal views.   Sexual disorders are considered normal by the State, forcing adults to behave as if such disorders are normal, and to accept pornography in the home via the Media.  


Certainly no Christian can regard Britain as a legitimate State since absolutely corrupt men have converted  "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" to "Give EVERYTHING to Caesar, even what belongs to God ".


The Law has not simply lost moral authority.

It allows the question "Can 'Modern' Britain be truly regarded as a legitimate State?"

(*)  The myth is that Police kept raiding the mafia run Stonewall pub because it was used by homosexuals.  The truth is that it was because it had no licence - raids took place at 'straight' pubs too at the same time.  The attacks on Police at ridiculous hours in the night by drunken deviants are praised now in extremist Britain.

(**) A citizens arrest is probably the only avenue left in this instance.


  1. There's also the culture of being expected to respect everyone's belief apart from one's own - that is, to respect the beliefs that have created the two biggest problems in the world, AIDS and global terrorism.

  2. It's certainly an odd State that raises up and reinforces its enemies and traitors - look at the craziness of the attacks, supported by Cameron and the MoD, by foul vicious immigrants against friendly army banter in the field by Prince Harry.