Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Gay Mafia Godfather

The ideology behind homosexual legal supremacy goes back to the infamous Dr Weinberg, a self confessed pervert.

Weinberg shocked his peers by claiming normal heterosexuality is a mental illness - not homosexuality as his peers held.

He used the term 'homophobia' to mean the mental illness of being averse to homosexuality and the thought of faecal sex between men.

Today the Law incorporates the ideology that normal heterosexuality is an aberration - particularly notoriously in adoption law where normal attitudes towards children are considered criminal.

Weinberg introduced the term 'homophobia' in his book 'Homosexuality and the Healthy Society' published in 1972. It had the desired effect for him. He became a godlike figure amongst extremist homosexuals.

It was certainly genius marketing for himself.

He taught homosexuals that ordinary heterosexuals were the cause of their problems just as Germans were taught Jews were the cause of their problems.

This resulted in a tide of sociopathological rant and campaigns of vilification for decades, particularly in the States, as strong as any Nazi rally.

Any who they felt opposing them in public positions got the mass harassment treatment until Society learned who was Boss.

Today the word 'homophobia' is used freely within the Establishment and judges have been given guidance fully in tune with the extremist homosexual paradigm for law, individuals, and society - normal judges being seen as bigoted or ignorant idiots in the guidance.

Weinberg also claimed homosexuals seeking to 'go straight' suffered from the illness of homophobia.
Today, homosexuals who oppose extremism are considered not 'real' homosexuals or simply dismissed by the Sexual Nazi movement.

In Britain the heterosexual paradigm for the country was replaced by the extremist homosexual paradigm, through centralised European Directives when Mandelson was a Commissioner.

However, it is Weinberg who can truly be considered the Godfather (or perhaps one might say Satanfather) of the death of Western Law.

Fascination with faeces is still considered a mental illness, and homosexuality may reasonably be considered related to this illness.

The homosexual act as a parody of the procreative act, and which gave birth not to life, but to the worst deadly plague ever, should leave no room for confusion as to the true nature and spiritual nihilism of homosexuality.

Homosexuality is also intimately linked to pederasty or paedophilia. It has been at least since the time of Plato - today most teenage boys have an experience of being preyed upon by an older homosexual. This is why organised perverts seek to make homosexuality 'respectable' by banging on about those who have formed couples. That is, those exhibiting the heterosexual impulse but in a disordered form.

Only a mental patient or sexual nazi could expect anyone to have no issue with homosexuality. Only these use the word 'homophobia'.

Truly the lunatics have taken over the asylum. The most dangerous lunatics of all.

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  1. I thought 'homophobia' was just a slang word for heterosexuality.

    Didn't realize it had been presented as a real phobia by a quack.